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Pombola is a parliamentary monitoring (PMO) platform; its biggest instances are and
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Stop using Google Analytics' Content Experiments for randomizing pages

All the data that MIT want is being stored in our database, and we're
not using Google Analytics for anything except picking a random variant
of the page.  Using it for randomization also has a few difficulties:

 * It does a redirect after the page load, and sometimes we don't seem
   to be getting that redirect (because of Javascript failures or
   network problems, we assume)

 * There's not a natural goal we can set for the content experiment, so
   we've just been setting 99.5% confidence that one variant increases
   page views across the site as a whole, which is unlikely to happen
   and stop the experiment, but still seems silly.

 * The code in the view is unnecessarily complicated to deal with
   essentially ignoring page views without a utm_expid.

So, this commit switches to picking a variant randomly ourselves, so
there should only be a single page load after clicking the Facebook
latest commit 4f9c2a5b0e
@mhl mhl authored


This web app allows you to store and share information on public figures, especially politicians.

Please see the Operations Manual which covers all aspects of running a Pombola site.

For an overview of the system please see the files in docs/ - especially


Please join the Mzalendo Users Google group for discussion about running Pombola-based websites. This is also where announcements etc will be made.!forum/mzalendo-users

There is also the Poplus mailing list for some of the code used to make the site. This includes MapIt (for the boundaries), PopIt (a person data storage engine that Pombola will be changed to use in the future), and SayIt (a speech data storage system, similarly):!forum/poplus


Please see docs/INSTALL.txt

To change your site's look and feel please see the styling notes.


Please see docs/ file


The Pombola codebase was originally written for the Kenyan site It has since been modified to support other sites around the world, notably several in Africa.

We want the code to be easy to use for other installations, but currently there are some rough edges.

We also intend to replace the core app's models with an external data store. This will be done using PopIt which is a project that we are currently working on.

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