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Exact requirements to be confirmed by @paullenz

evdb commented Feb 8, 2013

Have added suggested steps to planning doc - need to discuss with @paullenz and @mhl before creating tickets.

evdb commented Feb 8, 2013

Initial steps that we'll be pair coding now. Can be extracted into individual tickets later.

Code tickets

  • create a quiz model
  • create a question model (with a fk to quiz)
  • create a stance model (with a fk to quiz, and an fk to the person or org in db)
  • create an answers model that links a question to a stance with a weighting
  • create a response model that represents a visitor’s set of answers for a particular quiz (may need another model to represent all the individual answers). Should have a random token associated that allows response to be shared.
  • hook up the admin system to these models so that they can be managed.
  • create url structure that lets us link to an individual quiz
  • create a view that displays a quiz to a user (all questions on one page, or in sequence??)
  • decide on the algorithm for comparing a user’s response to those of stance
  • create a view that displays results of quiz and lets user share these results.
  • Apply design love to all views.
  • Create page explaining how the scoring was done.
  • Make it clear that we may release aggregate data about responses.

Non-code tickets

  • decide what quiz(es) to run - eg presidential candidates, national parties, some local governor races perhaps.
  • decide stances for each quiz (eg all presidential candidates, or just the front runners. Ditto parties)
  • decide what questions to ask (per quiz)
  • Answer questions on behalf of each stance with a weighting.
  • What additional data should we gather from visitors (name, email, location, dob, gender, etc, etc)
evdb commented Feb 13, 2013

Remaining tasks broken down into separate issues

@evdb evdb closed this Feb 13, 2013
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