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Create, store and share key facts about people and their career histories
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bin Add worker script to call the api worker with a prefix
config Add offline flag which skips external fonts
fixtures Add name field to registration pages
hosting-app Revert "Prevent new instances from being created"
instance-app Add banner about stopping popit development
lib Display which org the membership was on behalf of
public Remove create instance link from homepage
test Revert "Prevent new instances from being created"
version-migrations hotfix - correct the migration script
.gitattributes Make it easier to keep line ending consistent
.gitignore Use bundler rather than gem to install compass.
.jshintignore Use mocha-jshint for linting
.jshintrc Start adding new browser tests using zombie
.travis.yml Run a full 'make' on travis before running tests Update changelog
Gemfile Use bundler rather than gem to install compass.
Gemfile.lock Use bundler rather than gem to install compass.
LICENSE.txt Documentation updates and improvements.
Makefile Use mocha-jshint for linting Always use address
Vagrantfile Update vagrant provisioning script
app.js Enable secure cookies
npm-shrinkwrap.json Update popit-api
package.json Explicitly specify the required jshint version
production-server.js Enable strict checks
server.js Split up the app from the server


PopIt helps you create and maintain reusable fundamental 'who's who' open data about politicians, to help power projects that need such data. It has various features that make it a better choice than just opening a blank database and dumping the names you can find in.

Why use PopIt?

How can I use PopIt?

How can I set up a PopIt server myself?

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