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PHP interface to the PopIt API
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PHP SDK to connect to the PopIt API. You can create, read, update and delete any items from PopIt using the SDK.

How do I use this when I want to...

First, you'll need to import the PopIt class and instantiate it


$popit = new PopIt(array(
    'instanceName' => 'Instance name',
    'user' => 'User Name',
    'password' => 'Password',
    'hostName' => 'Host name',
    'version' => 'API Version',
  • instanceName Name of the instance you created. There can be more than one for one installation.
  • hostName The Hostname of the PopIt server, without http://.
  • version The version of the PopIt API. Since there may be changes in the way you access the data in PopIt you want to have a stable API version. We recommend that you use the latest version, if possible.
  • user Your username. You will not be able to add, update or delete anything if you haven't provided your username and password.
  • password The password for the user.

create something?

The SDK lets you easily create a new item by name. This can be a persons, organizations or memberships. There may be other options that you can find in the PopIt API documentation.

$person = $popit->add("persons", array('name' => 'Test User'));

// get the id of the newly created item
$id = $person['_id'];

read something

If you want to get a single item from PopIt, use get([entity name], [id])

# you need a valid ID for example from the create process.
$result = $popit->get("persons", "4ffdfbcba90a340d49004796");

To get all Items from a kind, use get([entity name]).

$result = $popit->get("persons");

update something?

To update data of an item, use update([entity name], [id], [updated data]).

$result = $popit->update("persons", "4fe8b18dd4bd081b6b000204", array('name' => 'New name'));

delete something?

To delete an item, use delete([entity name], [id]).

$popit->delete("persons", "4ffdfbcba90a340d49004796");

get an error?

Check the exception message for the error details and trace.


  • PHP CURL Extension
  • PHP JSON Extension


Much of this documentation has been carried over from

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