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Project Layout

Because the PopIt project uses two servers which share some common code the layout is slightly different to the default Node/Express layout.

Folder structure

The top level of the popit directory contains the following files and folders:

package.json     # project specification for both apps
server.js        # entry points to both the apps
./config         # Configuration for both apps
./docs           # General documentation, like this file
./fixtures       # precanned data - for tests etc
./hosting-app    # the hosting app
./instance-app   # the instance app
./lib            # code common to both apps
./node_modules   # NPM install folder
./public         # CSS, JS etc, common to both apps
./tests          # tests

More details on the less obvious entries:

Shared public assets

All the CSS, images and JavaScript is in one place as there is such an overlap between the two sites. The CSS is actually generated from SASS, which is in ./public/sass by running compass compile in the ./public dir.

There is a production ready minified copy of the public dir called public-production. The content in this is generated by running make public-production - which complies the SCSS to CSS (using Compass), merges the JS and minifies it all (using requirejs).

The results of this process stored in the repo - this is deliberate as it means that it is easier to deploy the code without having to run the build step. It also means that if different dev setups generate different minified assets this will be detected.

node_modules and package.json

These apply to both apps. It didn't seem desirable to separate them as the apps are so similar and it would be a chore to maintain them separately.

App folders

Each app has its own folder with the usual sub folders:


Note that many of the require statements will refer to files one level above the app folder, so there may be more ../ than normal :)


In each app folder there is a views folder that contains the templates. There is also a folders in views called info. Any template put in there will be served when requested at a url like /info/foobar - which would serve the info/foobar.jade template. This is useful for privacy policies etc.

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