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extend ../layout
block title
| Add position
append css_loading
link(rel='stylesheet', href='', type='text/css', media='screen', charset='utf-8')
append javascript_loading
$(function() {
source: '/autocomplete/position_title',
source: '/autocomplete/organisation_name',
search: function(event, ui) {
$('#org_help_text').text('New organisation with this name will be created');
select: function(event, ui) {
$('#org_help_text').text('Existing organisation will be used');
$('input[name=organisation_name]').val( ui.item.label );
$('input[name=organisation_slug]').val( ui.item.value );
return false;
block content
h1 Create a new position
p <strong>Job title</strong> and <strong>Organisation name</strong> will
| autocomplete to existing entries. If you don't use the autocompleted option
| a new title or organisation will be created.
form(method="post", action="")
label Job title
input(name="title", value=position.title)
//- if locals.show_person
//- #position_new_person_name
//- label Person Name
//- input(name="person_name",
//- #position_new_person_slug
//- label Person Slug
//- input(name="person_slug", value=person.slug)
if locals.show_organisation
label New Organisation Name
input(type='text', name="organisation_name",
input(type='hidden', name="organisation_slug", value=organisation.slug)
#org_help_text Enter name above to search
input(type="submit", class="btn", value="Create new position")
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