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Commits on Apr 29, 2015
  1. @chrismytton

    Display which org the membership was on behalf of

    chrismytton authored
    If a membership has an on_behalf_of_id property then use this to
    retrieve the organization that the membership was on behalf of.
Commits on Apr 22, 2015
  1. @chrismytton

    Merge pull request #371 from mysociety/mocha

    chrismytton authored
    Switch to Mocha test framework
  2. @chrismytton
  3. @chrismytton

    Start and stop test app server at top level

    chrismytton authored
    Mocha allows you to put before and after blocks outside describe blocks,
    which makes them run globally. This means that the app server is started
    before the tests are run, then shutdown at the end. This makes it easier
    to write UI tests without having to worry about starting and stopping
    the server in each test.
  4. @chrismytton

    Rewrite browser tests using new zombie API

    chrismytton authored
    Also rename the test so it's an actual test for the homepage.
  5. @chrismytton
  6. @chrismytton

    Remove migration tool and related code

    chrismytton authored
    Now that Every Politician exists we no longer need the migration tool.
    The implementation is buggy and the tests don't consistently pass under
    mocha, so now seems like the perfect opportunity to get rid of it.
  7. @chrismytton
  8. @chrismytton

    Use latest mocha release

    chrismytton authored
  9. @chrismytton

    Remove nodeunit from package.json

    chrismytton authored
    We've switched to mocha now, so nodeunit is no longer needed.
  10. @chrismytton

    Run a full 'make' on travis before running tests

    chrismytton authored
    This ensures that the node_modules are installed correctly, as that's no
    longer done as part of `make test`
  11. @chrismytton

    Use mocha-jshint for linting

    chrismytton authored
    Rather than manually running jshint from the Makefile before the tests
    are run we instead run it as part of the tests so the output is inline
    with the rest of the tests, rather than separate.
  12. @chrismytton

    Remove cruft from the Makefile

    chrismytton authored
    There's a lot of unused bits of the Makefile so remove them in an
    attempt to make it easier to comprehend.
  13. @chrismytton

    Port test/auth.js to mocha

    chrismytton authored
  14. @chrismytton

    Remove old test files

    chrismytton authored
  15. @chrismytton

    Fix failing zombie.js tests

    chrismytton authored
    The pre-packaged assets were returning a 404 for some reason. In the
    future we should definitely run the tests against the compressed
    production assets. But for now we need to run them against the
    development version to make the tests pass.
  16. @chrismytton

    Fix broken test

    chrismytton authored
    This was causing jshint to fail.
  17. @chrismytton

    Upgrade to zombie.js 3.1.1

    chrismytton authored
  18. @struan @chrismytton

    Start adding new browser tests using zombie

    struan authored chrismytton committed
    Add a simple test for zombie to make sure it works
  19. @chrismytton

    Try and speed up tests

    chrismytton authored chrismytton committed
  20. @chrismytton

    Delete test databases in parallel

    chrismytton authored chrismytton committed
    I can't see any good reason to delete the test databases in series,
    hopefully this change will speed up running the tests and avoid
  21. @chrismytton

    Run jshint against mocha's test directory

    chrismytton authored chrismytton committed
  22. @chrismytton

    Remove old nodeunit package and tests

    chrismytton authored chrismytton committed
    These have been superseded by the mocha tests in ./test
  23. @chrismytton

    Switch make test-unit to run mocha

    chrismytton authored chrismytton committed
  24. @chrismytton

    Convert all unit tests to mocha syntax

    chrismytton authored chrismytton committed
    This is a direct translation of the tests in tests/unit from nodeunit
    format to mocha format.
    The are all passing when NODE_ENV=testing
  25. @chrismytton

    Add mocha and supertest to devDependencies

    chrismytton authored chrismytton committed
    Mocha is the test runner that we're switching to, supertest allows
    testing node http applications headlessly.
  26. @chrismytton
  27. @wrightmartin @chrismytton

    use a darker header style on homepage

    wrightmartin authored chrismytton committed
  28. @wrightmartin @chrismytton

    Coded and styled new homepage

    wrightmartin authored chrismytton committed
  29. @wrightmartin @chrismytton

    remove old styles

    wrightmartin authored chrismytton committed
  30. @wrightmartin @chrismytton

    switch brand colour to mysociety blue

    wrightmartin authored chrismytton committed
  31. @chrismytton

    Don't redirect the homepage for popit

    chrismytton authored chrismytton committed
    It's confusing and masks the real problem, which is that the homepage
    doesn't have proper signposting to documentation and help. Hopefully by
    removing the redirect we can see what the real problem with the homepage
    is(/was?) and fix that instead.
Commits on Apr 20, 2015
  1. @chrismytton

    Update popit-api

    chrismytton authored
  2. @chrismytton

    Upgrade popit-api

    chrismytton authored
  3. @chrismytton

    Merge pull request #825 from mysociety/fix-image-colour-bug

    chrismytton authored
    Update image-proxy to 0.0.6
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