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Reporting speeches from public meetings
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Spoke is a PhoneGap project to upload audio of speeches to SayIt. It fetches a list of speakers from a SayIt instance, records audio whilst you select who is speaking, and then uploads the audio to SayIt when finished. SayIt then uses the speaker metadata to split the audio up into separate speeches.


Documentation (a work in progress) can be found at:


The mobile app uses PhoneGap to run in Android and iOS. The main code can be found in phonegap/www which is then symlinked into the right places from phonegap/android/assets and ios for the Android and iOS versions respectively. You should be able to open the Eclipse project in phonegap/android or the XCode project in ios/spoke.xcodeproj to run the app in the right simulator or on a connected device.

App Testing

Tests for the app can be found in phonegap/www/spec.html which you can just open in your browser locally to run (they use Jasmine).