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7b6ae77 @dracos Remove most of uml-tests directory.
dracos authored
1 Tests that used to be tested here
2 =================================
4 Set up steps:
5 data in parldata (was rsync, could be done with symlink now?)
6 svn co
7 ./ --members (also had "--from=2009-10-01 --to=2009-10-31" but not sure that's honoured)
8 ./ --wrans --debates --westminhall --wms --lordsdebates --ni --scotland --scotwrans --scotqs --standing --from=2009-10-01 --to=2009-10-31
9 ./ sincefile
11 /user/?pg=join&ret=%2F
12 h2 Join TheyWorkForYou
13 form action=/user/, inputs firstname lastname em password password2 postcode url
14 POST /user with different passwords
16 /glossary/
17 div class=leters
19 /search/
20 form#search-form, input name=s id=s
21 /search?s=her+excellency+the+President+of+India
22 dl#searchresults dt == Prime Minister: Engagements
23 dd "In view of this week's state visit"
25 /mps/ table.people a => fetch
26 a "Email me whenever" => form action=/alert/ method=post hidden pid=10278
27 submit form, look for nearly done message, check email, follow link
29 /ni/?id=2009-10-13.5.13
30 div.speech a=='Margaret Ritchie', div.main 'energy efficiency is but one element in the alleviation of fuel poverty'
31 /debates/?id=2009-10-29a.548.0
32 div.speech a=='David Taylor', div.main 'common areas where consumers potentially are not getting'
33 /lords/?id=2009-10-27a.1100.6
34 div.speech a=='Baroness Thornton', div.main 'concerned about the health information on labels on alcoholic drinks'
35 /whall/?id=2009-10-27a.47.0
36 div.speech a=='Chris Mole', div.main 'undermine the basic affordability of the dualling of the line'
37 /sp/?id=2009-10-28.20531.0
38 div.speech a=='Fiona Hyslop', div.main 'have focused in particular on lower-income families'
40 /postcode/?pc=EH8+9NB
41 h2 "Denis Murphy"
43 /
44 h4/li are:
45 ("The most recent Commons debates", "Business Before Questions"),
46 ("The most recent Lords debates", "Africa: Water Shortages — Question"),
47 ("The most recent Westminster Hall debates", "[Sir Nicholas Winterton in the Chair] — Oil and Gas"),
48 ("The most recent Written Answers","Work and Pensions"),
49 ("The most recent Written Ministerial Statements", "House of LordsEU: Justice and Home Affairs CouncilGlobal Entrepreneurship WeekLondon Underground") ]
51 /postcode/?pc=EH8+9NB
52 Test cookie has eppc=EH89NB'
53 /
54 a href=/mp/ link has Sheila Gilmore in it
55 /user/changepc/
56 form action=/postcode/ contains "Your current postcode: EH89NB", a href=/user/changepc/?forget=t
57 /postcode/?pc=CB2%208RP&submit=GO
58 h2 Bridget Prentice
59 /user/changepc/?forget=t
60 strong Enter your UK postcode:
62 /mp/gordon_brown/kirkcaldy_and_cowdenbeath
64 /scotland/
65 h3/h4 text "Busiest Scottish Parliament debates from the most recent week", next 'Scottish Economy (103 speeches)'
66 h3 "Some recent written answers", next next contains 2[0-9]\s+October\s+2009
68 ni/
69 h3/h4 text "Busiest debates from the most recent month", next "Private Members’ Business"
71 /wales/
72 h3 "We need you!"
74 /mps/
75 Contains 1 Diane Abbott link
76 Contains 1 Richard Younger-Ross
78 /msps/
79 Contains 1 Brian Adam link, and 1 John Wilson
81 /mlas/
82 Contains >=200 links in table.people
84 /spwrans/?id=2009-10-26.S3W-27797.h
85 first class speaker labour speaker, is Sarah Boyack, speech "To ask the Scottish Executive how many properties it has disposed of in the last two years to which section 68 of the Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009 could have been applied."
86 first class speaker scottish national party, is John Swinney, speech "No core Scottish Government-owned buildings, to which section 68 of the Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009 could have been applied, have been sold by the Scottish Government in the last two years."
6621d39 @mhl Add some notes on the deployment via the mysociety scripts
mhl authored
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