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Commits on May 12, 2017
  1. individial policies for topics

    struan committed Feb 28, 2017
    Allow cases where we don't want all the policies in a set, or we want to
    create a custom list of policies.
  2. tests for topics pages

    struan committed Feb 28, 2017
  3. display topics on the front page

    struan committed Feb 24, 2017
    admin interface to select front page topics, plus basic front page
  4. search action for topics

    struan committed Feb 23, 2017
    Add a search_string to a topic and associated action for searching for
    more content on TWFY.
  5. admin interface for topics

    struan committed Feb 23, 2017
    Allow editing of topics titles/descriptions and also associating debates
    and policy sets with them
  6. move topic definitions into database

    struan committed Feb 21, 2017
    Store the, name, description,  list of policy sets and debates that
    are associated with a topic in the database.
  7. simplify vagrant setup

    struan committed Mar 14, 2017
    Don't use puphet and instead just use our scripts plus some extra things
    in Vagrantfile.
  8. simplify logic on divisions page

    struan committed May 10, 2017
    Bail out early if we are missing things and don't check for things that
    are definitely going to be there.
  9. improve majority vote description if person vote description unhelpful

    struan committed Apr 18, 2017
    In cases where the person vote doesn't use our vote descriptions then
    use it in the majority vote description.
    Also use a full description if we haven't got a vote description as it
    is a bit clearer.
  10. highlight single MP's vote on division result page

    struan committed Apr 18, 2017
    If the ID of an MP is passed in to the division result page their vote
    will be highlighted first and then the results of all MPs.
  11. Display all voting issues if asked for missing one

    struan committed May 12, 2017
    If a missing votint position is requested, most likely becuase of a typo
    then revert to displaying all voting positions rather than erroring.
Commits on May 8, 2017
Commits on May 4, 2017
Commits on May 3, 2017
  1. Revert "Add survey banner for JRCT"

    jacksonj04 committed May 3, 2017
    This reverts commit 32a388d.
Commits on Apr 19, 2017
  1. handle division before or after user's MP was in Parliament

    struan committed Apr 18, 2017
    Display a sentence to say that the division happened before or after the
    MP's term
  2. recent divisions pages tests

    struan committed Mar 22, 2017
  3. individual division results page

    struan committed Apr 7, 2017
    Page with our description of the vote, summary results, user's MP's vote
    as well as the complete list of votes, linked to the recent votes page.
  4. top level recent division page for commons

    struan committed Mar 1, 2017
    Add a page to the main nav for the Commons that displays the more
    recent votes, with summary results and, if possible, how the user's MP
  5. store vote totals and result for divisions

    struan committed Mar 1, 2017
    Because we are going to be displaying summary information about votes
    next to them calculate the summary details (votes for/against etc) as we
    import the vote data rather than have to do it on the fly. At also
    avoids having to right some fairly awful SQL in order to calculate
    things on the fly.
    As vote data only comes in via one script there should be no
    problem with consistency.
Commits on Apr 12, 2017
  1. custom Facebook share button for tracking MP voting record shares

    struan committed Apr 11, 2017
    It's not possible to subscribe to share events using FB.Event so roll
    our own code to launch the share dialog using FB.ui. This means we can
    hook in Google Analytics to the response handler.
    Fixes #1238
Commits on Apr 6, 2017
  1. add MP recent votes disclaimer

    struan committed Apr 6, 2017
    To make sure people know it's not every recent vote and to link to the
    relevant page on PublicWhip
  2. extract common vote footer text out to partial

    struan committed Apr 6, 2017
  3. tests for MP recent votes page

    struan committed Feb 27, 2017
  4. Page to display an MP's recent votes

    struan committed Feb 3, 2017
    Show the last 20 votes of an MP ordered by date.
  5. add a recent votes method to Divisions

    struan committed Feb 3, 2017
    Gets the most recent N votes by a member.
    This also refactors out the code to add plain english descriptions of
    votes into a separate method so it can be used in more than one place.
Commits on Apr 5, 2017
  1. Photo update from admin web photo upload interface.

    Matthew Somerville committed Apr 5, 2017