Add MP's Positions on national issues obtained via DemocracyClub #36

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As part of the Democracy Club process we asked for candidates positions on a range of major issues (i.e ) . Many of them became MPs, so we have structured data for many of their answers.

We could make MP pages more useful simply by adding these as a list of statements, such as:

"Disagrees with the statement 'Even if Iran develops a nuclear weapon, Britain should not support any military action against Iran'"

We don't have this data for all MPs, but we could allow those who didn't do the survey at the time of the election to do it now.

Later on it might become possible to compare statements against voting behaviour, but that would not be within the scope of this phase of work.

Jedidiah was assigned May 29, 2012


mhl commented May 29, 2012

Assigning to @Jedidiah, since this relates to redesigning the MP pages.

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