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Backwards Incompatible Changes

  • The memory_global_by_current_allocated views were renamed to memory_global_by_current_bytes for consistency with the other memory views
  • The ps_setup_enable_consumers procedure was renamed to ps_setup_disable_consumer for naming consistency (everything is now singular, not plural)
  • The format_time function displayed values in minutes incorrectly, it now rounds to minutes, and uses an 'm' suffix, like the rest of the units


  • The beginnings of a mysql-test suite have been added
  • The innodb_lock_waits/x$innodb_lock_waits views were improved (Contributions by both Jesper Wisborg Krogh and Mark Matthews)
    ** Added the wait_started, wait_age, waiting_trx_started waiting_trx_age, waiting_trx_rows_locked and waiting_trx_rows_modified columns for waiting transactions
    ** Added the blocking_trx_started, blocking_trx_age, blocking_trx_rows_locked and blocking_trx_rows_modified for blocking transactions
    ** Order the result set so the oldest lock waits are first
    ** The waiting_table and waiting_index were always the same as the blocking_table and blocking_index. So the blocking_% columns have been removed and the waiting_% columns have been renamed to locked_%
    ** The waiting_lock_type and blocking_lock_type were also always the same. So these were removed and replaced with a single locked_type column
    ** Renamed the waiting_thread and blocking_thread to waiting_pid and blocking_pid respectively to avoid confusion with the threads from the Performance Schema.
  • Added the sys_get_config function, used to get configuration parameters from the sys_config table - primarily from other sys objects, but can be used individually (Contributed by Jesper Wisborg Krogh)
  • Add an option to generate_sql_file.sh to generate a mysql_install_db / mysqld --initialize format friendly file
  • Added the ps_is_thread_instrumented function, to check whether a specified thread is instrumented within Performance Schema
  • Added the ps_is_consumer_enabled function, to check whether a specified consumer is enabled within Performance Schema (Contributed by Jesper Wisborg Krogh)
  • Added some further replacements to the format_path function (slave_load_tmpdir, innodb_data_home_dir, innodb_log_group_home_dir and innodb_undo_directory)

Bug Fixes

  • The 5.6 host_summary and x$host_summary views incorrectly had the column with COUNT(DISTINCT accounts.user) named unique_hosts instead of unique_users (Contributed by Jesper Wisborg Krogh)
  • Both the format_time and format_bytes took a BIGINT as input, and output VARCHAR, but BIGINT could be too small for aggregated values for the inputs. Now both functions both use TEXT as their input (Issue #34, Issue #38)
  • The format_time function displayed values in minutes incorrectly, it now rounds to minutes, and uses an 'm' suffix, like the rest of the units
  • The sys_config related triggers had no DEFINER clause set
  • The ps_setup_disable_thread procedure always disabled the current thread and was ignoring the connection id given as an argument (Contributed by Jesper Wisborg Krogh)
  • The ps_trace_thread procedure had an incorrect calculation of how long the procedure has been running (Contributed by Jesper Wisborg Krogh)

Implementation Details

Various changes were made to allow better generation of integration sql files:

  • The formatting for all comments has been standardized on -- line comments. C-style /* comments / have been removed
    Issue #35 had one instance of this resolved in this release (contributed by Joe Grasse), but the entire code base has now been done
  • Each object has been created within it's own file. No longer do x$ views live with their non-x$ counterparts
  • DELIMITERs were standardized to $$