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@MarkLeith MarkLeith released this Sep 11, 2015 · 44 commits to master since this release


  • The format_bytes function now shows no decimal places when outputting a simple bytes value
  • The processlist/x$processlist views where improved, changes include:
    • The pid and program_name of the connection are shown, if set within the performance_schema.session_connect_attrs table (Contributed by Daniël van Eeden)
    • Issue #50 - The current statement progress is reported via the new stage progress reporting within Performance Schema stages within 5.7 (such as ALTER TABLE progress reporting)
    • Issue #60 - A new statement_latency column was added to all versions, which reports the current statement latency with picosecond precision from the performance_schema.events_statements_current table, when enabled
    • Some transaction information was exposed, with the trx_latency (for the current or last transaction depending on trx_state), trx_state (ACTIVE, COMMITTED, ROLLED BACK), and trx_autocommit (YES/NO) columns
  • A new metrics view has been added. On 5.7 this provides a union view of the performance_schema.global_status and information_schema.innodb_metrics tables, along with P_S memory and the current time, as a single metrics output. On 5.6 it provides a union view of the information_schema.global_status and information_schema.innodb_metrics tables, along with the current time. (Contributed by Jesper Wisborg Krogh)
  • New session/x$session views have been added, which give the same output as the processlist view counterparts, but filtered to only show foreground connections (Contributed by Morgan Tocker)
  • A new session_ssl_status view was added, which shows the SSL version, ciper and session resuse statistics for each connection (Contributed by Daniël van Eeden)
  • A new schema_auto_increment_columns view was added, that shows statistics on each auto_incrment within the instance, including the auto_increment_ratio, so you can easily monitor how full specific auto_increment columns are (Contributed by Shlomi Noach)
  • A new schema_redundant_indexes view was added, that shows indexes made redundant (or duplicated) by other more dominant indexes. Also includes the the helper view x$schema_flattened_keys. (Contributed by Shlomi Noach)
  • New schema_table_lock_waits/x$schema_table_lock_waits views have been added, which show any sessions that are waiting for table level metadata locks, and the sessions that are blocking them. Resolves Git Issue #57, inspired by the suggestion from Daniël van Eeden
  • The innodb_lock_waits view had the following columns added to it, following a manually merged contribution from Shlomi Noach for a similar view
    • wait_age_secs - the current row lock wait time in seconds
    • sql_kill_blocking_query - the "KILL QUERY <connection_id>" command to run to kill the blocking session current statement
    • sql_kill_blocking_connection - the "KILL <connection_id" command to run to kill the blocking session
  • A new table_exists procedure was added, which checks for the existence of table, and if it exists, returns the type (BASE TABLE, VIEW, TEMPORARY) (Contributed by Jesper Wisborg Krogh)
  • A new execute_prepared_stmt() procedure was added, which takes a SQL statement as an input variable and executes it as a prepared statement (Contributed by Jesper Wisborg Krogh)
  • A new statement_performance_analyzer() procedure was added, that allows reporting on the statements that are have been running over snapshot periods (Contributed by Jesper Wisborg Krogh)
  • A new diagnostics() procedure was added, which creates a large diagnostics report based upon most of the new instrumentation now available, computed over a configurable number of snapshot intervals (Contributed by Jesper Wisborg Krogh)
  • A 5.7 specific ps_trace_thread() procedure was added, which now shows the hierarchy of transactions and stored routines, as well as statements, stages and waits, if enabled
  • Added a new ps_thread_account() stored function, that returns the "user@host" account for a given Performance Schema thread id
  • Added a new ps_thread_trx_info() stored function which outputs, for a given thread id, the transactions, and statements that those transactions have executed, as a JSON object
  • Added new list_add() and list_drop() stored functions, that take a string csv list, and either add or remove items from that list respectively. Can be used to easily update variables that take such lists, like sql_mode.
  • The ps_thread_id stored function now returns the thread id for the current connection if NULL is passed for the in_connection_id parameter
  • Added a new version_major() stored function, which returns the major version of MySQL Server (Contributed by Jesper Wisborg Krogh)
  • Added a new version_minor() stored function, which returns the minor (release series) version of MySQL Server (Contributed by Jesper Wisborg Krogh)
  • Added a new version_patch() stored function, which returns the patch release version of MySQL Server (Contributed by Jesper Wisborg Krogh)
  • The ps_is_account_enabled function was updated to take a VARCHAR(32) user input on 5.7, as a part of WL#2284
  • The script had a number of improvements:
    • Generated files are now output in to a "gen" directory, that is ignored by git
    • Added using a new default "mysql.sys@localhost" user (that has the account locked) for the MySQL 5.7+ integration as the DEFINER for all objects
    • Added a warning to the top of the generated integration file to also submit changes to the sys project
    • Improved the the option of skipping binary logs, so that all routines can load as well - those that used SET sql_log_bin will now select a warning when being used instead of setting the option

Bug Fixes

  • Git Issue #51 - Fixed the script to also replace the definer in the before_setup.sql output
  • Git Issue #52 - Removed apostrophe from the format_statement function comment because TOAD no likey
  • Git Issue #56 - Installation failed on 5.6 with ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY enabled
  • Git Issue #76 - Fixes for the new show_compatibility_56 variable. 5.7 versions of the format_path() function and ps_check_lost_instrumentation view were added, that use performance_schema.global_status/global_variables instead of information_schema.global_status/global_variables
  • Git Issue #79 - Fixed grammar within statements_with_runtimes_in_95th_percentile view descriptions
  • Oracle Bug #21484593 / Oracle Bug #21281955 - The format_path() function incorrectly took and returned a VARCHAR(260) instead of VARCHAR(512) (as the underlying is exposed as in Performance Schema) causing sporadic test failures
  • Oracle Bug #21550271 - Fixed the ps_setup_reset_to_default for 5.7 with the addition of the new history column on the performance_schema.setup_actors table
  • Oracle Bug #21550054 - It is possible that the views can show data that overflows when aggregating very large values, reset all statistics before each test to ensure no overflows
  • Oracle Bug #21647101 - Fixed the ps_is_instrument_default_enabed and ps_is_instrument_default_timed to take in to account the new instruments added within 5.7
  • MySQL Bug #77848 - Added the missing
  • Fixed the ps_setup_reset_to_default() procedure to also set the new ENABLED column within performance_schema.setup_actors within 5.7
  • The user_summary_by_file_io/x$user_summary_by_file_io and host_summary_by_file_io/x$host_summary_by_file_io tables were incorrectly aggregating all wait events, not just wait/io/file/%

Implementation Details

  • Tests were improved via 5.7 integration
  • Template files were added for stored procedures and functions
  • Improved the procedure in tests to be able to reset the sys_config table completely (including the set_by column to NULL). The triggers can now be set to not update the column by setting the @sys.ignore_sys_config_triggers user variable to true
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