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MySQL Workbench has been developed by a small team of great developers
in the MySQL group at Oracle Corporation, starting from a personal project
of Development Director Mike Zinner (DBDesigner 4).
Mike Zinner <> - development director, UI design
Mike Lischke <> - team lead, Windows, Mac OS X, UI architecture, frontend/backend, parsers, usability, testing
Miguel Tadeu <> - Linux, Windows, backend, packaging, admin part, python
Milosz Bodzek <> - migration, sync/diff, forward/reverse engineering, backend, python
Marcin Szalowicz <> - Linux, Mac OS X, frontend/backend, SQL IDE, python
Marcin Marek <> - Windows, Linux, frontend/backend, JSON support
Johannes Taxacher <>
Armando Lopez Valencia <>
Rafael Bedoy <>
Former team members:
Alfredo Kojima, Rene Ramirez, Sergio de la Cruz, Alexander Musienko, Sergei Tkachenko, Maksym Yehorov