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Version 5.2.46 :
Functionality Added or Changed:
* New role functionality was added. It is now is possible to add
schemas.*, tables.*, and *.*, and to assign privileges to each
object. Before it was only possible to add individual tables when
defining roles. (Bug #11761640, Bug #54153)
* The auto-completion feature was improved. For example, it now
includes the parsing of aliases and subqueries for SELECT
Bugs Fixed:
* Microsoft Windows: In an EER Diagram, the circles at each end of a
relationship line were rendered as different sizes. (Bug #12628088,
Bug #54663)
* Closing a table's properties window from within the EER Model
diagram window would crash MySQL Workbench. (Bug #16185134, Bug
* An SQL syntax error would be reported when a comment was added to
an INDEX. (Bug #15991038, Bug #67835)
* Functionality (such as Copy to Clipboard) was missing from the
right-click context-menu of the Schema browser when multiple
columns were selected. (Bug #14834245, Bug #67417)
* The Show Filter table listing for Export MySQL Table Objects is now
sorted alphabetically. (Bug #14706782, Bug #66712)
* The Bulk Data Transfer migration step would fail if too many tables
were being migrated, because too many arguments were being passed
to the command-line. This table listing is now saved to a new file
named wb_tables_to_migrate.txt, which is now read during the
migration process. (Bug #14588167, Bug #66611)
* MySQL Workbench could crash (segmentation fault) at startup if a
configuration file was corrupt. (Bug #14622471, Bug #66776)
* Creating a table in a schema that had a "-" in the schema name
would emit an error about an "unknown column", and fail to create
the table. (Bug #14632271, Bug #66815)
* Sometimes the Create Table... dialog in the Object Browser would
emit an error instead of creating the table, after pressing Apply.
(Bug #14520406, Bug #66169)
* On Linux, the right-click context menu would differentiate between
unselected and selected rows, when called from within the SQL
editor results view panel. This menu is now consistent. (Bug
#14539036, Bug #66308)
* Changes to a table that a view referenced would cause an error
while attempting to edit the view. This fix allows MySQL Workbench
to work around the underlying bug, which is MySQL bug #61718. (Bug
#14526308, Bug #66502)
* On Mac OS X, and in the table editor, the schema name was changed
from a dropdown-box to a simple label. (Bug #14456213)
* Right-clicking on a tab name did not show the New Tab, Save tab,
Close other tabs, and Copy path to clipboard options. (Bug
#14171956, Bug #65455)
* Selecting the server engine default within the Alter Table window
would generate an error. (Bug #14076198, Bug #65101)
* On Linux, the Edit, Preferences menu did not wrap properly, and was
too narrow so it would hide (cut) text. (Bug #14070969, Bug #64917)
* On Microsoft Windows, holding down Shift with the Spacebar would
not enter a space. (Bug #13919870, Bug #64820)
* Changes to File, Document Properties for a Model were not detected
or saved by MySQL Workbench. A Save prompt is now generated. (Bug
* On Linux, clicking Apply Changes when the cursor focus was in a
data cell, the data content was not saved. (Bug #12922070, Bug
* The EER diagram Arrange, Center Diagram Content option would hide
objects from the diagram. (Bug #12898144)
* If MySQL Workbench crashed when an EER diagram was being created,
after restarting MySQL Workbench the EER diagram would be listed as
"unsaved" but would not open. And it could not be deleted from the
diagram list. (Bug #12642422, Bug #61444)
* After selecting multiple objects and choosing delete, then choosing
keep when prompted to delete or keep the selected objects, the
relationship lines were still deleted. MySQL Workbench now asks if
the relationship columns should be deleted or kept. (Bug #12565850,
Bug #61113)
* Under certain circumstances, synchronizing a database to a model
would remove the mandatory relationships. (Bug #11834230, Bug
* Changes made to a database schema while the Database, Synchronize
Model wizard was active, would throw an exception. (Bug #11765036,
Bug #57948)
* On Linux, a warning will now warn you after attempting to close the
SQL Editor when unsaved INSERT changes still exist.
Also, all platforms (Linux, Mac OS X, Windows) are now consistent,
and will also warn you after attempting to close MySQL Workbench
with any unsaved changes. (Bug #11758193, Bug #50363)
* The Default Schema setting was ignored by the Reverse Engineer
Database wizard. (Bug #11757887, Bug #50002)
Version 5.2.45 (2012-12-27):
Functionality Added or Changed:
* Models: Copy, Cut, and Paste options were added to the context menu
(right-click) of the Columns list in the models table editor. These
options can be used between models. (Bug #13029519, Bug #62503)
* A Copy Selected button was added to the Server Status panel of the
Server Administration window. It copies the query of the selected
connection to the clipboard. (Bug #14799336, Bug #66728)
* The Control + / keyboard shortcut was added to comment/uncomment
lines while editing SQL queries. (Bug #14803414, Bug #67002)
* An Import Recordset from CSV File option was added to the SQL
Editor and model insert tabs. This import functionality parses a
file with comma-separated values. (Bug #14079606, Bug #65252)
Bugs Fixed:
* Linux: Right-dragging saved connections, models, and MySQL Server
instances on the home screen could crash MySQL Workbench. (Bug
* Linux: Executing MySQL Workbench from the command-line would print
stdout twice. (Bug #14565095, Bug #66590)
* Mac OS X: The results window from executing an SQL query could be
empty. A workaround was to resize the results window. (Bug
#14520361, Bug #66446)
* Mac OS X: Closing MySQL Workbench after executing and making
changes with the Alter Table tool would not prompt the user with
the save dialog. (Bug #14456136)
* Mac OS X: On Mac OS X, the default column name and column type
model preferences did not function. Note that this feature does not
function on Linux. (Bug #14399236, Bug #66090)
* Mac OS X: The ability to select multiple columns in the models
table editor did not function on Mac OS X. It is now possible to
use Shift, Command, and mouse dragging. (Bug #11766291, Bug #59372)
* Microsoft Windows; Models: After opening and then closing a model
file from the file manager, attempts to open a different model file
would fail to load the model. (Bug #14791573, Bug #67312)
* Microsoft Windows; Models: Model files (*.mwb) would not load MySQL
Workbench after being double-clicked in Windows Explorer. (Bug
* Microsoft Windows: Pressing Control + A in the table editor on a
table field would select all table entities instead of the text in
the field. (Bug #15884658, Bug #67610)
* Microsoft Windows: Clicking on the Schema and Schema Objects column
headers within Server Administration, Data Export would properly
sort in descending order, but would not sort in ascending order
when clicked again. (Bug #15849616, Bug #67518)
* Microsoft Windows: Renaming an EER Diagram would crash MySQL
Workbench. (Bug #14799722, Bug #66818)
* Microsoft Windows: The Enter key would not create newlines within
the table column comment dialogue. (Bug #14829617, Bug #67320)
* Microsoft Windows: Queries surrounded by parenthesis would not
display results in the view tab. (Bug #14651969, Bug #66887)
* Microsoft Windows: Right-clicking on a database name in the schema
browser and choosing Set as Default Schema would add a
strikethrough to the chosen database name. (Bug #14663690, Bug
* Microsoft Windows: The Explain button would not display the results
in the Explain tab. (Bug #14702591, Bug #67059)
* Microsoft Windows: The Id and Time columns within the Server
Administration, Server Status, Connections panel would not sort
properly, as they were sorted as ASCII values instead of
Additionally, miscellaneous sorting improvements were implemented.
(Bug #14612413, Bug #15953190, Bug #66768, Bug #67786)
* Microsoft Windows: A model would fail to load when opened from the
Microsoft Windows 7 taskbar if a different model was already open.
(Bug #14621880, Bug #66799)
* Microsoft Windows: Control + H did not invoke the replacement
function. (Bug #14520920, Bug #66422)
* Microsoft Windows: After using the schema search filter in the
object browser, right-clicking on a filtered schema would generate
a context menu with invalid options. (Bug #14521006, Bug #66346)
* Microsoft Windows: Find and Replace would not function properly
while using '_' as a replacement character. (Bug #14499088, Bug
* Microsoft Windows: The Explain Current Statement option would not
function. A workaround is to manually prepend EXPLAIN to your
query. (Bug #14483518, Bug #66157)
* Microsoft Windows: Control + A would not always select data from
cells in the query results tab. (Bug #13891109, Bug #64723)
* Microsoft Windows: The default plugin directory in the
configuration tab was set as a Linux style path such as "/usr/",
but it is now based on the OS aware BASEDIR value. (Bug #11764440,
Bug #57271)
* MySQL Server 5.6: The SHA-256 Authentication Plugin is now
supported. (Bug #14786561, Bug #67155)
* MySQL Server 5.6: MySQL Workbench would alter the mysql.* system
tables for tasks such as account management, instead of using the
corresponding account manipulation statements. This would conflict
with GTID usage as of MySQL Server 5.6. (Bug #14786531, Bug #67150)
option is now supported. An expired password indicator, and an
Expire Password button to expire the current password, were added.
(Bug #14786564, Bug #67157)
* MySQL Server 5.6: MySQL Workbench now supports MySQL Server 5.6
configuration options. (Bug #14786556, Bug #67153)
* MySQL Server 5.6: The SQL Editor would emit invalid syntax errors
with MySQL 5.6 queries. For example, GET DIAGNOSTICS queries would
return "syntax error, unexpected IDENT_QUOTED, expecting ':'". (Bug
#14786599, Bug #14786604, Bug #14786615, Bug #67163, Bug #67164,
Bug #67168)
* MySQL Server 5.6: MySQL Workbench would not allow passwords to be
created or changed for user accounts that utilize the SHA-256
Authentication Plugin, which exists as of MySQL Server 5.6.6. (Bug
#14786567, Bug #14786558, Bug #67158, Bug #67154)
* MySQL Server 5.6: The partition count definition was limited to
1-10 as a drop-down selector in MySQL Workbench. This option is now
a text field, which accommodates the 8192 partition limit in MySQL
Server 5.6. (Bug #14786614, Bug #67166)
* MySQL Server 5.6: A DDL related parsing error would be generated
while attempting to update an existing routine that contained a
DateTime variable type with precision. This feature is specific to
MySQL Server 5.6. (Bug #14684874, Bug #14545075)
* MySQL Server 5.6: Creating a standard user with MySQL Server 5.6
would sometimes fail, and emit an error that referred to an unknown
mysql_native_password plugin. (Bug #14574998, Bug #66638)
* MySQL Server 5.6: The MySQL Workbench UI now supports the extended
TIMESTAMP and DATETIME features that MySQL Server 5.6 offers. Both
the initial and on-update values can now be defined for these
types, and the fractional-second granularity is also now supported.
(Bug #67165, Bug #67169, Bug #14786605, Bug #14786616)
* MySQL Server 5.6: All MySQL Server 5.6 system variables were listed
under the Other tab instead of their proper location. For example,
gtid_done is now listed under the Replication tab. (Bug #67170, Bug
* MySQL Server 5.6: Creating a standard MySQL Server 5.6 user account
in MySQL Workbench would fail, and emit an error related to the
msyql_native_auth plugin. (Bug #67151, Bug #14786542)
* MySQL Server 5.6: The creation of a username and password will now
utilize the Password Validation Plugin in MySQL 5.6. This option is
available within the Server Administration section, under the
Security Options tab. (Bug #67152, Bug #67161, Bug #14786551, Bug
* Migration: Migrating a Microsoft SQL Server database would fail if
nvarchar(max) was used. These are now converted to LONGTEXT. (Bug
#14780416, Bug #67289)
* Migration: From within the Manual Editing section of the database
migration procedure, viewing Migration Problems after All Objects
would continue to display information from All Objects. (Bug
#14761792, Bug #67229)
* Migration: Migrating from MySQL Server 5.0 to MySQL Server 5.6
could fail. The migration tool now supports MySQL Server 4.1 and
above as the source database. MySQL Server 5.1 and above are
supported as the target database. (Bug #14647426, Bug #66861)
* Models: Switching from a table column tab to a different tab, and
then back to the column tab, would add an empty column named
"tablenamecol". This empty column would be added to the table
unless Escape was pressed. (Bug #14768685, Bug #67235)
* Models: Model notes could not be saved. The Apply Changes button is
available again. (Bug #14813462, Bug #67211)
* Models: Synchronizing a model with a database could crash MySQL
Workbench by causing a segmentation fault. (Bug #14588524, Bug
* Models: While executing the Synchronize Model with Database wizard,
invalid trigger related errors could be emitted even though the
definitions were correct. (Bug #14498358, Bug #65982)
* Models: Forward Engineering a model with users and roles could
generate invalid SQL, because the username was not escaped within
the generated GRANT statements. (Bug #14396930, Bug #66070)
* Models: The File, Import, Import DBDesigner4 Model feature would
fail to function. (Bug #13548113, Bug #63878)
* Models: Sometimes a modified stored procedure would not be flagged
as modified while synchronizing a model. (Bug #13364922, Bug
* Models: The ability to open model files from older versions of
MySQL Workbench has been improved. (Bug #12747012, Bug #61703)
* Models: Pressing Cancel in either the Create EER Model from
Existing Database or Create EER Model from SQL Script dialogs would
still open a Model tab. (Bug #11757140, Bug #49145)
* Models: When editing an EER diagram, the Cut context menu option
follows Delete behavior by also deleting the schema object. It will
now only remove it from the EER canvas. And a new Remove option was
added that also only removes an object from the EER canvas. (Bug
#11761492, Bug #53994)
* Under certain circumstances, comments could interfere with the
execution of SQL statements. (Bug #15960066, Bug #67747)
* Saving script files did not function properly with the clipboard.
Content pasted from the clipboard was not saved. (Bug #15837775,
Bug #67462)
* Clearing the output window while a query was running could cause
MySQL Workbench to crash after the query finished. (Bug #15891884,
Bug #67618)
* Having sql_mode set to PAD_CHAR_TO_FULL_LENGTH causes the routine
functionality to fail, as MySQL Workbench is not designed for this
setting. A connection specific sql_mode option was added, and it
can be set from the Advanced tab in the Connection Editor. It
defaults to "". (Bug #14845656)
* The following scenario would crash workbench: open a table, insert
a new row of data, close the table, open a different table via
double-click, then press Save Changes. (Bug #14829570, Bug #67237)
* Added DbMySQLQuery->affectedRows, fixed MySQLResult->firstRow, and
added a Splitter control to the Python binding for mforms. (Bug
#14799403, Bug #66804)
* MySQL Workbench would fail to interpret C-style comments, such as
/*! MySQL-specific code */. For more information about comment
usage in MySQL, see Comment Syntax. (Bug #14807602, Bug #67203)
* Opening a connection using Open connection to Start Querying from
the MySQL Workbench home screen could crash MySQL Workbench. (Bug
#14803527, Bug #67074)
* Procedures were always included in the exported SQL, even if
excluded via a filter or configuration setting. (Bug #14758896, Bug
* An error tooltip would sometimes fail to be displayed while
hovering the mouse pointer over an error marker in the SQL editor.
(Bug #14705012, Bug #67067)
* The Select Objects to Forward Engineer filter was ignored while
executing Forward Engineer to Database. All tables were exported.
(Bug #14696609, Bug #67031)
* A model could not be synchronized if a field contained a comment
with a single quote. (Bug #14582241, Bug #66680)
* A crash could occur after switching tables in the EER Diagram tab
while the Privileges was open, or while adding roles to the active
table. (Bug #14645542, Bug #66869)
* The bundled ChangeLog listing was outdated. (Bug #14547966, Bug
* In the MySQL Workbench Scripting Shell, an exception is now thrown
while attempting to use input() or read from stdin. (Bug #14520741,
Bug #66452)
* The non-functional comments box was removed from the schema editor.
(Bug #14548126, Bug #66553)
* An exception would be generated when executing Forward Engineer
without a MySQL Server connection. (Bug #14574987, Bug #66648)
* Lower level changes, such as a newly created TRIGGER, would not be
visible after the object browser was refreshed. (Bug #14551801, Bug
* The mouse scroll would not function while viewing the Options File
in the Server Administration panel. (Bug #14388344)
* Unlike the Server Administration panel (since 5.2.35), the SQL
Editor did not support syntax that utilized the authentication
plugins. (Bug #14356470)
* The Server Access Management interface would not allow a password
to be set as an empty string. (Bug #14278189, Bug #65739)
* The Limit Connectivity to Hosts Matching option did not allow an IP
with a Subnet Mask because "/" was considered an invalid character.
(Bug #14207793, Bug #65583)
* Having multiple connections with TCP/IP over SSH could cause MySQL
Workbench to not connect when exceeding MaxAuthTries. This may
happen if an encryption type is unknown. The bundled paramiko
library (on Mac OS X, and Windows) was updated to version,
which helps solve this problem, as it adds known support for
OpenSSL keys. (Bug #13919914, Bug #64802)
* Multiple instances of MySQL Workbench will no longer open the same
database model file. Doing so caused problems with features such as
auto save and file locking. (Bug #13864687, Bug #64639)
* An SSL connection required a client certificate. (Bug #13851229,
Bug #61266)
* A new General, SQL Editor option was added. Enabling Create new
tabs as Query tabs instead of File (disabled by default) causes new
SQL Editor tabs to default as Query tabs instead of SQL File tabs.
File tabs include additional options, and prompt to be saved when
the tab closed. (Bug #13492434, Bug #14541178, Bug #62929, Bug
* Changing a foreign key column to be nullable now deselects the
mandatory checkbox. If all foreign key columns are set to NOT NULL,
then the mandatory checkbox value will be selected. (Bug #13252655,
Bug #62737)
* The Start Command Line Client feature would fail to connect with
SSH connections. (Bug #12612343, Bug #61325)
* A Refresh Rate option was added to the Server Administration,
Server Status window. The refresh rate defaults to "Don't Refresh"
and includes options ranging from 0.5 to 30 seconds. (Bug
#11926869, Bug #60546)
* It was not possible to sort schemas for exporting. (Bug #11926862,
Bug #60566)
* Changes to the DEFINER clause were not detected by the Alter Table
wizard when altering this clause was the only change. (Bug
#11829867, Bug #60164)
* Importing a saved connection that used an SSH tunnel would throw an
exception, and fail to import the connection. (Bug #11765909, Bug
* When foreign keys are added, existing indexes are now used instead
of always creating new indexes. (Bug #11760834, Bug #53277)
* Attempting to open MySQL Doc Library while it was already opened
would generate an error. (Bug #11763691, Bug #56432)
* The ALTER ROUTINE functionality would not detect stored procedure
changes when only the case changed. This check was
case-insensitive. (Bug #65277, Bug #14136994)
Version 5.2.44 (2012-09-27):
Functionality Added or Changed:
* Updated the bundled MySQL Utilities to version 1.1.0, which
includes the new mysqluc console.
* Added native migration support for PostgreSQL and Sybase ASE.
Bugs Fixed:
* After right-clicking on a non-empty field in the SQL editor, and
choosing Copy Row Content, pasting the row into an empty row (by
right-clicking and choosing Paste Row) would not increment the row
id when it was appropriate to do so. (Bug #14587186, Bug #66668)
* When a table from Microsoft SQL Server was migrated to MySQL, TEXT
columns were mapped to VARCHAR(16). They are now mapped to LONGTEXT
because Microsoft SQL Server TEXT columns have a maximum length of
2^31 - 1. (Bug #14556732, Bug #66584)
* The MySQL Workbench Data Export feature would fail to recognize
tables that contained accented characters in the table's name. (Bug
#14504342, Bug #66421)
* The object browser would not update the column order after a table
was altered. (Bug #14495629, Bug #66232)
* On Mac OS X systems with the Retina display, the mouse cursor would
register incorrect mouse coordinates. (Bug #14396939, Bug #65607)
* Entering the caret ("^") character inside the SQL editor, followed
by any other character, could cause MySQL Workbench to hang. This
was a Scintilla bug that is now fixed. (Bug #13930994, Bug #64848)
* After choosing Alter Table, pressing Apply would cause MySQL
Workbench to display "Preparing..." in the output panel, but it now
displays "No changes detected." (Bug #13497239, Bug #63604)
* When synchronizing a model to a database after changing a field
definition from NOT NULL DEFAULT x to NULL DEFAULT NULL, the model
synchronization would correctly generate the SQL. But after
executing this SQL and resynchronizing, MySQL Workbench would
report that the table needed to be updated. (Bug #12756728, Bug
Version 5.2.43 (2012-09-12):
Functionality Added or Changed:
* The default object/relationship notation for new models will now be
taken from the last notation selected by the user. This is chosen
via Model, Relationship Notation. (Bug #49997, Bug #11757883)
Bugs Fixed:
* It was possible for a custom plugin to cause MySQL Workbench to
crash. (Bug #14595613, Bug #65817)
* After editing and closing an EER diagram, double-clicking on one of
the diagram tables could generate an exception. (Bug #14587490, Bug
* MySQL Workbench would sometimes crash at startup due to a race
condition. The logged error included "Invoke or BeginInvoke cannot
be called on a control until the window handle has been created."
(Bug #14526134, Bug #66130)
* Clicking Browse after the Target Creation Options stage of the
database migration wizard would generate an error. (Bug #14520838,
Bug #66271)
* Passing in the -nologo argument while starting MySQL Workbench
would cause a crash. (Bug #14527014)
* Right-clicking and choosing Edit Table Data while multiple schemas
are selected could cause the activity animation icon to remain
active and/or crash MySQL Workbench. (Bug #14524139, Bug #66022)
* A semicolon at the end of a single lined SQL comment would be
treated as a delimiter, and cause the SQL query to not execute.
(Bug #14529811, Bug #66505)
* Dropping multiple objects at the same time was not possible.
Selecting multiple objects, right-clicking on one of the selected
objects, and then choosing the Drop n Object option would generate
SQL that deleted only one of the selected objects. (Bug #14538863)
* Migrating a Microsoft SQL Server table that contained both NULL and
non-null values in a DATETIME column would fail to import properly.
(Bug #14509484, Bug #66359)
* Migrating from a remote SQL Server 2008 database to a local MySQL
database would fail at the Fetch Schemata List stage of the
database migration wizard, as it was unable to connect to the
source database. (Bug #14498549, Bug #66030)
* On Mac OS X, code signing was added to MySQL Workbench so it will
now load when this condition is required. (Bug #14457847, Bug
* The object browser did not display foreign keys. A workaround was
to view them via the Alter Table interface. (Bug #14483668, Bug
* Objects in the schema tree, such as tables, were not listed
alphabetically after edits were made. (Bug #14483610, Bug #66209)
* Selecting a view in the object browser would sometimes insert the
view into the table listing. (Bug #14483526, Bug #66158)
* On Linux, the mysql-workbench-bin executable is no longer installed
under /usr/bin/ because it cannot be executed directly. It was
moved to /usr/lib*/mysql-workbench/. (Bug #14485725, Bug #66322)
* On Microsoft Windows, MySQL Workbench would crash after attempting
to export a model as a PNG, SVN, or PDF. (Bug #14483735, Bug
* On Fedora 17, autoconf would not detect the altlr which is antlr3-C
version 3.4. (Bug #14495924, Bug #66325)
* The database export feature would not always export the correct
databases if some database names were clicked while others checked
the selection checkbox. This feature now only takes into account
the checkboxes. (Bug #14495660, Bug #66376)
* Under certain conditions, synchronizing a model would generate SQL
statements that dropped a schema before altering it. (Bug
#14495165, Bug #66083)
* Right-clicking on a table and selecting Copy Insert Statement would
generate SQL with the columns sorted in alphabetical order. The SQL
is now generated in the order listed in the database. (Bug
#14508845, Bug #66419)
* With the Slovenian keyboard layout chosen, pressing Control + /
would not toggle commenting. (Bug #14504877, Bug #66131)
* Synchronizing a model could crash if the model had an invalid
foreign key. (Bug #14498436, Bug #66020)
* Synchronizing a restored EER model with the Model and Database
Differences, Update Model Only configuration option enabled for all
tables would cause MySQL Workbench to crash. (Bug #14510962, Bug
* The Select Schemata step of the Reverse Engineer Database wizard
would not display the underscore character correctly. Instead it
would appear as an underline to the next character. (Bug #14467930,
Bug #66248)
* On Microsoft Windows, the behavior of Control + Enter was changed
back to the previous behavior, which is to execute the statement
that contains the cursor, instead of the last statement in the SQL
editor, or the current statement if the cursor is at the beginning.
(Bug #14396992, Bug #66025)
* After exporting a schema, and unselecting the schema, exporting a
new schema would export both the current and previously exported
schema. (Bug #14388355)
* On a table with a multiple field foreign key, attempts to remove
one of these fields would fail. The associated checkboxes can now
be used with success. (Bug #14415483, Bug #66171)
* Expanding a view object from within the schema viewer would
immediately collapse, and it would only expand with subsequent
attempts. (Bug #14404189)
* A warning message was added when a user attempts to delete an index
that belongs to a foreign key. (Bug #14359329, Bug #65972)
* The default database while applying changes to users and privileges
is now set to mysql. (Bug #14359266, Bug #65959)
* Exporting a table that contained views could fail to export. (Bug
#14359349, Bug #65780)
* The --enable-maintainer-mode autoconf option was not available.
(Bug #14329365, Bug #65900)
* MySQL Workbench could execute queries from the wrong tab after tabs
were moved (reordered). (Bug #14221754, Bug #65557)
* The vertical scrollbar in the table definition window would appear
incorrect after clicking a NN (Not Null) checkbox on one of the
column definitions. (Bug #14221022, Bug #65500)
* Choosing the Edit in New Window context menu on a routine would not
open a new window. (Bug #14171776, Bug #65520)
* On Linux, pressing the Enter key after typing a file name would not
save the file while doing so in the SQL editor file save dialogue.
(Bug #14124900, Bug #64945)
* On Mac OS X, new tabs could not be closed (via the [x]) if ten or
more tabs were already open, and if the total MySQL Workbench
window width exceeded around 1200px. (Bug #14127281, Bug #65186)
* Executing from mysql.utilities.parser import GeneralQueryLog from
within the MySQL Workbench scripting shell would result in an
error. (Bug #14128312)
* The MySQL Export wizard would not escape hardcoded newlines in the
generated SQL, but they are now escaped. For example, a \n now
remains as \n in the exported query, when before it was expanded.
(Bug #14124914, Bug #65222)
* On Linux, tables that are present are now marked with a black point
in the diagram editor. (Bug #14107656, Bug #65210)
* On Mac OS X, hiding a window pane (such as the snippets) would
cause the window pane to remain hidden, even after restarting MySQL
Workbench. (Bug #14017268, Bug #65138)
* The Plugins, Objects, Create Multiple Tables feature did not
function on Microsoft Windows, and only created one table on Linux.
(Bug #14026694, Bug #14026709)
* Exported "Excel Spreadsheet" files were exported with the ".xls"
extension, instead of the ".xml" extension. (Bug #13970552, Bug
* MySQL Workbench was unable to edit the lc_time_names variable. (Bug
#13939985, Bug #64880)
* Under certain conditions, MySQL Workbench would generate invalid
SQL when dealing with foreign keys. (Bug #13865784, Bug #14486006,
Bug #64601, Bug #66285)
* While editing a model, right-clicking on a user and choosing Copy
SQL to Clipboard would not function. (Bug #13742855)
* After setting an EER diagram marker, modifying the zoom, and then
setting a marker, the markers would not be created. (Bug #13742896)
* On Linux, the WB_FORCE_SYSTEM_COLORS environment variable was
added. Enabling this variable (with a value of 1) will disable
MySQL Workbench from using its own color scheme. Example usage:
export WB_FORCE_SYSTEM_COLORS=1. This is useful for certain
conditions, like when using the HighContrastInverse or GnomishDark
system themes. (Bug #13608244, Bug #64013)
* MySQL Workbench would yield incorrect results while displaying
results from the MAX function on a bit field. (Bug #13496747, Bug
* Table data could not be edited if the primary key was a binary
field. (Bug #13418610, Bug #63198)
* Multiple objects would remain selected after adding a new table
within the Create new EER Model wizard. (Bug #12933282)
* The Forward Engineering wizard did not utilize the Use Default
Schema setting that is set in the Manage Connections configuration
table. (Bug #12757331, Bug #61786)
* Passwords are now removed if they are no longer used by other
connections when a particular connection is deleted. (Bug
#12627613, Bug #61322)
* Deleting a connection would not immediately delete the connection
from MySQL Workbench. (Bug #12642474, Bug #61445)
* The Treat BINARY/VARBINARY as nonbinary character string preference
for SQL Queries did not function. (Bug #12612409)
* When a routine contained CONCAT with a number as an argument, MySQL
Workbench would return it as a BLOB. (Bug #11763872, Bug #56642)
* On Mac OS X, the Server Status tool would fail to find the server.
(Bug #11766286, Bug #59365)
* MySQL Workbench would not export data when using a remote server
connection through SSL with certificates. (Bug #11766196, Bug
* On Mac OS X, the window to set up a Standard TCP/IP over SSH
connection contained incorrect descriptions. And the dialogue now
behaves more intelligently. (Bug #11761555, Bug #54061)
* The error icon would continue to be displayed in the SQL editor
after deleting a character to create the error, and then adding it
back. This only affected multiline SQL statements. (Bug #11763319,
Bug #56015)
* The Tab key would not navigate field values in the Set remote
configuration parameters dialogue of the Server Administration
panel. (Bug #11757375, Bug #49413)
* Closing MySQL Workbench while an unsaved model was open would
prompt the user with a "MySQL Workbench has stopped working" error,
with a Close button. MySQL Workbench now prompts to either save or
close. (Bug #61802, Bug #12912241)
* While using the Forward Engineer wizard, any change detected in a
connection option now clears the "Stored connection" field. (Bug
#49921, Bug #11757818)
Version 5.2.42 (2012-08-13):
Bugs Fixed:
* The Reformat DDL for Views configuration option would generate
invalid SQL syntax if the expression contained an even number of
parts that were very long. (Bug #14396953, Bug #66068)
* There was a typographical error in the "Rename" dialogue that
prompts a user to rename unsupported foreign key names that
originate from old model files. (Bug #14399185, Bug #66113)
* The Search on server button would create an additional Search on
server button each time it was pressed. (Bug #14395153)
* Data modeling would not allow table edits, and repeated attempts to
do so would crash MySQL Workbench. (Bug #14374169, Bug #66013)
* After upgrading to MySQL Workbench 5.2.41, MySQL Workbench would
freeze if the initial load involved a connection without a saved
password. (Bug #14383570, Bug #66016)
* MySQL Workbench would sometimes crash after populating a model.
(Bug #14211444, Bug #65423)
* On Microsoft Windows XP, the width of the line number column would
display a maximum of four characters. It now displays additional
characters, such as the number "10000". (Bug #14079497, Bug #65259)
* Undoing the last four changes via the history tab would only undo
the last three changes. (Bug #14026666)
* Entering the caret ("^") character inside the SQL editor, followed
by any other character, could cause MySQL Workbench to hang. This
was a Scintilla bug that is now fixed. (Bug #13930994, Bug #64848)
* On Microsoft Windows, the Enter key would not create newlines
within the table column comment dialogue. This was a Scintilla bug
that is now fixed. (Bug #13891121, Bug #64714)
* On Microsoft Windows, certain conditions would allow the model
overview pane to shrink, and only display a small portion of the
diagram information. (Bug #13877323, Bug #64640)
* Synchronizing a model after adding a column to the model would not
add the new column to the syncronized database. (Bug #13891063, Bug
* Models that were temporarily saved as "Unsaved models" could not be
deleted. (Bug #13742833)
* On Mac OS X, attempts to store a password into the keychain could
result in an error. (Bug #13387025, Bug #62279)
* A signal statement in a stored procedure was not supported, and
would report a syntax error. (Bug #11763874, Bug #56644)
* Using \func would prevent the Apply changes to data option to
function, and instead "Pending changes" error message windows would
be displayed. (Bug #62061, Bug #12844298)
* On Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit, MySQL Workbench could freeze. (Bug #65331,
Bug #14120708)
* Expanding the tree view for a database with a large number of
tables (tested 30,000) would crash MySQL Workbench. (Bug #66036,
Bug #14383521)
* In the SQL Editor, the cursor would inappropriately flash. This was
fixed while moving to the native Scintilla control. (Bug #61752,
Bug #12757202)
Version 5.2.41 (2012-07-25):
Functionality Added or Changed:
* Added a new Data Import/Restore option to select the default schema
to import to, and a button to create a new schema in case a dump is
being imported from a single file. (Bug #13539030, Bug #63853)
* A word wrapping option was added to the SQL Editor. (Bug #11765583,
Bug #58566)
* The Diagram object tooltip now displays the column comments. (Bug
#11765060, Bug #57977)
* A Global Privileges tab was added to the Server Administration
interface. It allows adding and editing individual global user
privileges. (Bug #11761628, Bug #54141)
* Basic code completion functionality has been implemented. (Bug
#11760500, Bug #13813099, Bug #52917, Bug #64525)
* The model wizards now remember the last connection that was added.
(Bug #56515, Bug #11763761)
* MySQL Workbench added a migration wizard, which will migrate ODBC
compliant databases to MySQL. (Bug #54731, Bug #11762168)
Bugs Fixed:
* The Search on Server option would not function, and instead it
generated errors when searching MySQL Server 5.1. This option is
now only available when connecting to MySQL Server 5.5 or greater.
(Bug #14404138)
* MySQL Workbench was not compatable with alocal versions greater
than 1.11.1. Compiling would generate errors related to
AC_RUN_IFELSE usage, as opposed to the preferred AC_LANG_SOURCE.
(Bug #14329354, Bug #65898)
* A snippets file could not be created. (Bug #14278287, Bug #65734)
* On Microsoft Windows 64-bit, closing MySQL Workbench from within
the SQL editor could cause a crash. (Bug #14307316)
* The option to control specific user privileges is now available
with MySQL Workbench. Before it was only possible to edit the roles
(e.g., DBManager) but now the specific privileges (e.g., RELOAD)
can also be modified. (Bug #14226955, Bug #65677)
* It is now possible to select a range of rows using the shift key.
And on Mac OS X, the command key will now allow the selection of
individual rows (Bug #14177386, Bug #65569)
* Comments and collation controls are now disabled until a column in
the column editor is selected. Before it was always available, so
invalid entries would attempt to be created, which would result in
an error. (Bug #14177412, Bug #65574)
* MySQL Workbench would not load with Ubuntu 11.10. (Bug #14058886,
Bug #63626)
* An orphaned privileges tab would be shown in the table editor when
switching tables. Now only the current privilege tab is displayed.
(Bug #14102537, Bug #65182)
* The Edit, Find, Find and Replace operation was slow. (Bug
#14079480, Bug #65262)
* Having a schema without a name in a model would cause MySQL
Workbench to crash. (Bug #14017357, Bug #65119)
* Several exposed DbMySQL methods (such as makeSQLExportScript) were
problematic, and have been replaced by the DbMySQLRE and DbMySQLFE
modules. (Bug #13971951, Bug #62596)
* MySQL Workbench would fail to compile with automake 1.11.2 or
greater, due to the pkglib_DATA reference. (Bug #13972001, Bug
* Using the '%' character within environment variables could cause
MySQL Workbench to crash. (Bug #13989371, Bug #65056)
* The SQL Beautifier feature would remove DISTINCT from inner
queries. (Bug #13970596, Bug #64932)
* Creating and then synchronizing a table in a model with a DOUBLE
typed column would generate invalid SQL, thus generating an
"Invalid SQL syntax" error. (Bug #13970484, Bug #64990)
* MySQL Workbench would crash while multiple model routines were
opened. (Bug #13970497)
* The SQL Beautifier would delete WITH ROLLUP if it was contained
within a subquery. (Bug #13919924, Bug #64796)
* The Replace All option would not function when the replacement
string was empty. (Bug #13919875, Bug #64818)
* A new Copy Row (tab separated) option was added to the result set
context menu within the SQL editor. A comma separated variant of
this option already existed. (Bug #13884753, Bug #64724)
* Certain conditions would cause privilege related problems and emit
errors such as "Incorrect Value Entered" when creating a table in
one tab, altering it in another, then going back to the original
tab. (Bug #13877873, Bug #64591)
* Passing a grt.classes.db_query_EditableResultset object to
getattr() could cause a crash. (Bug #13893388, Bug #64777)
* On Linux and Mac OS X, it was not possible to select/copy multiple
rows from within the result set grid. (Bug #13895191)
* Input elements are now correctly disabled until an editable row in
the column editor is selected. Therefore, invalid values are no
longer set in the model. (Bug #13812811, Bug #64550)
* Inputting invalid SQL would remain designated as such, even after
the SQL was corrected. (Bug #13820997, Bug #64481)
* Internal log tables are now excluded while exporting a the MySQL
database. The excluded tables are mysql.schema, mysql.apply_status,
mysql.general_log, and mysql.slow_log. (Bug #13837725)
* Using Paste Row after Copy Row Data within the SQL editor would
insert rows with extra apostrophes. For example, 'hello' would
become ''hello''. (Bug #13840070, Bug #64630)
* Closing an SQL Editor tab that had a Find/Replace dialog box open,
then subsequently closing the Find/Replace dialog box would crash
MySQL Workbench. (Bug #13816167, Bug #64569)
* Changing the Default Collation of a schema after changing its name
would reset the schema name to "new_schema". (Bug #13799456, Bug
* The Edit table data SQL editor option would not properly display or
save Unicode characters. (Bug #13790645, Bug #64447)
* On Mac OS X, the color dropdown in the object tool would not
display the color properly. It instead showed the color code, and
would not apply the color to the object. (Bug #13742905)
* All editor tabs now prompt to save data when these tabs are closed.
Before, only the main tabs (like the SQL Editor) would prompt for
to save. (Bug #13788071, Bug #64462)
* Opening the Scripting Shell window, followed by selecting then
closing the snippet tab, would cause MySQL Workbench to crash. (Bug
* If Plugins, Utilities, Indent Selected Lines is used while a row is
selected, then MySQL Workbench would delete the selected row. (Bug
* The Match Case search option did not function. (Bug #13790397)
* On Mac OS X, the Option key did not behave like a standard Mac OX
application. For example, Option + Delete would delete one
character instead of one word. (Bug #13702376, Bug #64217)
* Added version dependent keyword list support for syntax
highlighting. Supports MySQL Server 5.0, 5.1, 5.5, and 5.6 (Bug
* On Mac OS X, and while working with mixed-case table names, a
foreign key could not be assigned to link two InnoDB tables
together. (Bug #13639162, Bug #64109)
* Quickly executing the same query multiple times would cause MySQL
Workbench to use an excessive amount of memory and CPU. (Bug
#13642999, Bug #64077)
* After right-clicking on a value in the SQL editor and choosing Open
Value in Viewer, selecting the text would insert extra new lines
into the clipboard. (Bug #13538942, Bug #63753)
* The Model, Model Options, Diagram, Hide Captions option could not
be altered (disabled) and would remain checked (enabled). (Bug
#13571857, Bug #63937)
* MySQL Workbench would allow the creation of multiple foreign keys
across multiple tables but with the same foreign key name.
Synchronization would then emit a "Can't create table" error. (Bug
#13548236, Bug #13500447, Bug #63642, Bug #62960)
* The Object Browser now manages procedures and functions separately,
when before they could not co-exist with the same name. They remain
under the routines group but have separate icons and menu options.
(Bug #13548213, Bug #13730415, Bug #63849)
* Plugins, Utilities, Execute query would freeze MySQL Workbench if
the query resulted in 1000 or more rows. (Bug #13470781)
* The Server Administration, Server logs, General Log Table option
would not function, and only show a Try again button. (Bug
* While editing in the Edit Table tab, Control + A would also select
diagram objects. (Bug #13519852, Bug #63758)
* A "Removed corrupt column definition for Foreign key" error would
sometimes be emitted while editing a table with foreign keys. (Bug
#13519797, Bug #63772)
* OpenGL determination at startup has been disabled, and instead this
check is performed while creating diagrams. The system could fail
at startup, so now MySQL Workbench avoids this startup trouble and
can better fall back to software rendering if necessary.
MySQL Workbench would also silently fail to load if "Microsoft
Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package" was not available. This is
now checked and reported to the user. (Bug #13512714, Bug #61969)
* The Open Value in Editor SQL editor option did not work with INT or
NULL values. (Bug #13492493, Bug #62934)
* The Move to a group context option for database connections would
cause saved connections below the target connection (that is being
added to a group) to disappear. (Bug #13470318)
* After synchronizing a database, refreshing a model would not
refresh the stored procedure information. (Bug #13418563, Bug
* The info and session tabs within the MySQL connection interface
would not display any information. (Bug #13466537)
* The Options tab within the SQL Editor would always display an empty
AUTO_INCREMENT value for tables using InnoDB. (Bug #13463458, Bug
* After making changes to a model, then closing the window, clicking
Cancel on the unsaved changes warning/dialogue would close MySQL
Workbench. Now the model window remains open. (Bug #13463465, Bug
* On Mac OS X, Command + A would not select all results from the
result set. (Bug #13463374, Bug #63461)
* A query such as "SELECT * FROM SomeTable PROCEDURE analyse()" would
only work if "limit rows" was disabled in the preferences. The
MySQL Workbench query parsing has been extended to support this
type of query. (Bug #13344686, Bug #62964)
* The MySQL Workbench bug reporting form (MySQL Bugs: Report) did not
allow pasting content into the form. (Bug #13344751, Bug #62928)
* "MariaDB" has been change to "Aria" within MySQL Workbench. (Bug
#13252479, Bug #62903)
* On Microsoft Windows, Server Administration, Server logs, Slow Log
File would display an error instead of showing the slow query log.
(Bug #13026572)
* Routine groups on the diagram was not updated after adding new
routines to the group. (Bug #13029520, Bug #62496)
* Right-clicking on Catalog tree within the Model, Diagram context
would display an empty line. (Bug #13025389)
* MySQL Workbench would crash after clicking EER links and options
multiple times. (Bug #13024949)
* Clicking between routines with different comments would not update
the description editor with information from the selected object.
(Bug #13025359)
* The Connection Method option within the Edit Table Data window was
partially hidden. (Bug #13025670)
* Detection of a connection to the local machine based on the IP
address has been removed. There is now a selection between
localhost, remote host, and db host on the initial New Server
Instance page. Selecting localhost will let the wizard know that it
is local, as otherwise the full path is now required, which for
example allows to be used as a remote host to support
port forwarding. (Bug #12890503, Bug #62119)
* The View, Home option did not function. (Bug #12879850)
* The sorting options within the Inserts Editor window did not
function. (Bug #12884134)
* The MySQL Workbench window can now be resized to 1024x710. (Bug
#12632406, Bug #60762)
* A confirmation dialog was added that warns users about attempts to
edit stub tables, and it describes why these will be ignored by
both synchronization and forward engineering. The dialog includes
an option to either keep editing it as stub object, or to clear the
stub flag and make the table appear in generated SQL. (Bug
#12616360, Bug #61309)
* User Defined Types (UDT) could not be deleted when they were not
referenced elsewhere. (Bug #12671629, Bug #61530)
* The synchronization wizard now allows the possibility to force
synchronization of schemas that are thought to have been renamed.
Otherwise, MySQL Workbench will recreate the schema from scratch.
(Bug #12565644, Bug #61211)
* The EER Diagram zoom feature would not function. (Bug #12346981,
Bug #60807)
* The Partitions tab within the Alter table context menu would not
show all of the available partitions. (Bug #11933015, Bug #60235)
* On Mac OS X, having a large number of databases (1,000+) could
cause performance issues where MySQL Workbench would load in
several minutes, as opposed to a few seconds. (Bug #11869432, Bug
* MySQL Workbench would not allow a user to delete a saved server
instance that contained an incorrect password. This incorrect
password can now be deleted. (Bug #11765337, Bug #58295)
* The Synchronize Model operation would use an excessive amount of
memory. (Bug #11762726, Bug #55355)
* MySQL Workbench would freeze while attempting to search and replace
with a large number of strings, such as over 100,000. (Bug
#11762890, Bug #55539)
* A new Model: MySQL preference was added for Forward Engineering and
Synchronization to configure SQL_MODE. (Bug #11761659, Bug #54173)
* The Synchronization wizard has been changed to allow forcing
synchronization of schemas that have the same name but an
unexpected "last known name", which would cause a confusing
scenario of the target database being recreated from scratch. (Bug
#11756969, Bug #48962)
* Under certain conditions, adding a foreign key could generate
invalid SQL code. (Bug #64539, Bug #13872284)
* A crash would occur if trigger code referred to tables in a schema
different from the one where it is contained. (Bug #60041, Bug
* On Mac OS X, MySQL Workbench would crash when changing database
engines if a database included a table with uppercase characters.
(Bug #65376, Bug #14117038)
* The Copy Column Names to Clipboard option could crash MySQL
Workbench. (Bug #64881, Bug #13970600)
* MySQL Workbench now respects case-sensitivity when
lower_case_table_names = 2. (Bug #60618, Bug #11926851)
* Closing MySQL Workbench while editing SQL Scripts will now prompt
the user to save the edits. (Bug #61037, Bug #62959, Bug #12546710,
Bug #13344705)
* The zoom feature (in or out) could cause a fatal error. (Bug
#65247, Bug #14136870)
* On Microsoft Windows, MySQL Workbench would ignore the system's
font setting, but now uses it when MySQL Workbench is initialized.
(Bug #62105, Bug #12872840)
* On Ubuntu 12.04, MySQL Workbench would not load. (Bug #64956, Bug
* MySQL Workbench would sometimes repeat a warning during a
successful action that followed the action with the warning. (Bug
#62454, Bug #13014873)
* Deleting an EER diagram would cause MySQL Workbench to hang. (Bug
#65174, Bug #14102990)
* While editing an EER diagram, and click-dragging the mouse cursor,
the cursor now remains in the same place it was originally clicked.
(Bug #64487, Bug #13813199)
* New or updated trigger content would disappear from the SQL Editor
GUI, as it was required to reopen the table editor to see the
changes. (Bug #65411, Bug #14137775)
* Loading large files (over 100MB) using File, Open SQL Script...
would fail to load the script, and throw an out of memory exception
while halting operation.
Now, MySQL Workbench warns users if a file exceeding 100MB is
attempted to be loaded, and no longer crashes when running out of
memory but instead reports that the file was unable to be loaded.
(Bug #55312, Bug #60780, Bug #61363, Bug #64186, Bug #11762687, Bug
#12339717, Bug #12627645, Bug #13790375)
* If a view contains a row that is too long to be represented as a
table column, it will now be substituted with an alias column in a
placeholder table, similar to how mysqldump behaves. Before it
could generate invalid SQL, and fail to synchronize the model. (Bug
#63807, Bug #13538955)
* Using File, Export, Forward Engineer SQL CREATE Script would remove
delimiters statements if the Omit Schema Qualifier in Object Names
option was selected. (Bug #63742, Bug #13520528)
* MySQL Workbench now uses the MySQL Server limit for maximum comment
lengths while using the forward engineering wizard. Before it would
truncate comments to 60 characters, which was a MySQL Server limit
before version 5.5.3.
From the MySQL Server 5.5.3 changelog: the maximum length of table
comments was extended from 60 to 2048 characters. The maximum
length of column comments was extended from 255 to 1024 characters.
Index definitions now can include a comment of up to 1024
characters. (Bug #62207, Bug #12904170)
* Adding a trigger with the Alter Table, Trigger interface now warns
the user if the inputted trigger statement was invalid. Before,
MySQL Workbench would output "No changes to object were detected."
if the SQL was valid, but without a CREATE TRIGGER statement. (Bug
#61712, Bug #12908810)
* Synchronizing a model would drop, and then re-add, indexes and
foreign keys if the order of these indexes and foreign keys were
different. This could happen because MySQL Workbench would add
UNIQUE indexes in the order added by the user, whereas the MySQL
Server puts them first. (Bug #60230, Bug #11829807)
* When altering a table with uppercase letters in the table name,
MySQL Workbench would automatically convert the table name to
lowercase. (Bug #64072, Bug #13639292)
Version 5.2.40 (2012-05-16):
Functionality Added or Changed:
* The File, Export, Forward Engineer SQL ... wizards now have the
option to use the same configuration settings from the last time
Forward Engineer SQL ... was used. (Bug #34977, Bug #11748058)
* The SQL editor tab now displays the selected database in the
header. (Bug #50932, Bug #11758694)
Bugs Fixed:
* On Microsoft Windows, the mysqlrplshow MySQL Utility was missing.
(Bug #13773189)
* Within the SQL Editor, MySQL Workbench would freeze after choosing
Replace All when the find field was empty. (Bug #13744385)
* On Microsoft Windows XP, performing a database export could cause
MySQL Workbench to crash while using the Export to Self-Contained
File option with a UNC path. (Bug #13701996, Bug #64267)
* On Mac OS X, the schema sidebar was missing a horizontal scrollbar.
(Bug #13596326, Bug #64000)
* Inserting a snippet into the SQL Editor could insert incorrect
characters. (Bug #13466559)
* MySQL Workbench would generate invalid SQL while using the
Partitioning tab when altering a table. (Bug #64396, Bug #13788180)
* The Data Export option would not use the current date in the folder
name containing the exported data. (Bug #63893, Bug #13571760)
* Database, Synchronize Model would not update the view after a new
field was added. (Bug #62569, Bug #13051152)
* On Microsoft Windows, the MySQL Workbench installer would sometimes
not detect where VISUAL C++ 2010 was installed.
A workaround is to append CPP_100_RUNTIMES to the eCustomProperties
property in the .msi file. (Bug #62141, Bug #12872805)
* After a connection has timed out, clicking Reconnect to DBMS would
freeze MySQL Workbench. (Bug #64467, Bug #13840041)
* On Mac OS X, expanding the schema for a remote database from within
the SQL Editor tab would crash, if the SQL editor tab was closed
before the tables were done being fetched. (Bug #63589, Bug
* On Mac OS X, when viewing the results of a query that would
normally exceed the window width, the last column would have a
width of one character if the column type was numeric. (Bug #62588,
Bug #13365052)
* Within the Database, Synchronize With Any Source wizard,
synchronizing a model from a Live Database Server source to a Model
Schemata destination would crash after the Retrieve Object
Information step. (Bug #64553, Bug #13812932)
* Password-based SSH authentication would still check the key-based
authentication files within .ssh/ before prompting for a password.
(Bug #60024, Bug #12672238)
* The minimum size of the MySQL Workbench window has been lowered to
980x600 pixels, although officially the minimum screen resolution
requirement remains at 1280Ã1024. (Bug #63519, Bug #13463411)
* MySQL Workbench would not build with GLib 2.3x+, as only glib.h can
be included directly. (Bug #63705, Bug #13500364)
* Copying SQL to the clipboard could cause MySQL Workbench to hang or
crash if the table comments contained Unicode characters that
exceeded the buffer size. (Bug #64611, Bug #13840045)
* While using MySQL Workbench to adjust a Users and Privileges role
with a MySQL Server version prior to 5.1.6, an unhandled exception
would result from MySQL Workbench attempting to access the
mysql.event table. (Bug #63149, Bug #13496657)
* A query like SELECT foo+1 FROM bar could cause a crash. (Bug
#64051, Bug #13629089)
* Scrolling the mouse wheel now only scrolls the focused window. (Bug
#61480, Bug #12661387)
* On Fedora Linux version 16 and greater, the service command is now
used to start and stop the MySQL Server, instead of
/etc/init.d/mysqld. (Bug #63777, Bug #13519817)
* MySQL Workbench would prompt a user for the password to reconnect
to a MySQL server that had lost the connection, and this password
dialogue would not have focus yet still showed as the top window
with a blinking cursor. To reduce confusion, this password window
is no longer the top window. (Bug #62003, Bug #12918370)
* On Windows XP, attempts to copy values from multiple cells would
fail, and not insert values into the clipboard. (Bug #64281, Bug
* The Open value in viewer window did not open with SELECT queries
that used the cast function. (Bug #63874, Bug #13548148)
* The following sequence would crash MySQL Workbench: Database,
Reverse Engineer to generate an EER diagram, then Database,
Synchronize with Any Source, and then a mouse-click would cause the
crash. (Bug #61876, Bug #12912593)
* The following sequence could crash MySQL Workbench: "Open a model",
"Synchronize the model with a remote database", "Modify the model",
and then "Synchronize the model" a second time. (Bug #63943, Bug
* The Control + a key combination would not select all of the text
within a window. (Bug #63752, Bug #13511244)
* SELECT queries could crash MySQL Workbench during the validation
stage of the SQL Editor. (Bug #64435, Bug #13788133)
* The _idx suffix is now added to foreign keys as they are created.
And MySQL Workbench checks for duplicate named foreign keys if a
document is loaded from a previous version of MySQL Workbench. And
if duplicates are found, then the user is given the choice of
renaming them. (Bug #60705, Bug #58135, Bug #12621452, Bug
* Queries that explicitly set RESTRICT will now synchronize properly
with those that do not, because RESTRICT is the default behavior in
MySQL. (Bug #62432, Bug #13491535)
Version 5.2.39 (2012-04-10):
Functionality Added or Changed:
* Updated the bundled MySQL Utilities to version 1.0.5.
Version 5.2.38 (2012-02-23):
Functionality Added or Changed:
* The width of the "Reference column" drop-down selector is now set
to the widest entry. (Bug #53278, Bug #11760835)
Bugs Fixed:
* On Linux, the result set window would not display properly. (Bug
* While editing Limit Connectivity to Host Matching within the Server
Administration, Users and Privileges, Login window, the Apply
button would not be available until one of the other three Users
and Privileges fields was changed. (Bug #13470424)
* Comments that spanned multiple lines and included stored procedures
with comments that were surrounded by conditional comments would
not be handled properly, as MySQL Workbench would end the outer
comment unconditionally when the first inner comment was finished.
(Bug #13490118)
* On Microsoft Windows with the "classic mode" theme set, MySQL
Workbench buttons were difficult to read. (Bug #13470583)
* Generating a DBDoc report with both HTML Detailed Frames and
Include DDL code for objects enabled would cause MySQL Workbench to
stall. (Bug #13471637)
* The Plugins, Utilities, Execute Query Into Text Output feature
would duplicate the first column, and fill it with NULL values.
(Bug #13470770)
* Scripting Shell would fail to continue running after a breakpoint.
Clicking Execute Script after a breakpoint now continues execution
of the script. (Bug #13470397)
* The Scripting shell window lost focus after opening and closing a
tab. (Bug #13470451)
* On Microsoft Windows, using the Manage Server Instances menu to
delete server instances could cause MySQL Workbench to generate an
internal error while closing the Manage Server Instances window.
(Bug #13466083)
* For Microsoft Windows, the Download Prerequisites link within the
MySQL Workbench installer now directly links to the prerequisites
manual page. (Bug #13448582)
* On Linux, MySQL Workbench .mwb files would be detected as Zip
files. (Bug #13466584)
* The SQL Editor Execute the Explain Command... feature did not
function properly, and would return zero results. (Bug #13466571)
* Using the Open Connection to Start Querying dialog with a new (not
stored) connection would cause MySQL Workbench to crash. (Bug
* The editor tabs would not update after a user was added. (Bug
* On Linux, while saving a new model with a note, the Save to File
dialogue would not prompt to name the file. (Bug #12933345)
* It was possible for MySQL Workbench to generate a pop-up window
underneath a different pop-up window, thus requiring a restart of
MySQL Workbench when the bottom pop-up was required to be closed
first. (Bug #12927510)
* Under the File menu, using the Print to PDF... and Print to PS
File... options for a model would crash MySQL Workbench. (Bug
* Dumping a schema via the Data export and restore option now prompts
for a correct password, as needed. Before it would simply fail to
export. (Bug #12903967)
* Opening a Server Administration tab for a server instance that has
remote management via SSH enabled would result in an error, and
fail to load. (Bug #63857, Bug #13655999)
* Within Server Administration, Users and Privileges, selecting Add
Account after sorting the users would insert the new user into the
list alphabetically, yet open the bottom user entry into the
editor. (Bug #63951, Bug #13702340)
* On Linux, the Object Info panel within the SQL editor would not
show information about the object, and would instead remain empty.
(Bug #63960, Bug #13608228)
* On Linux and Mac OS X, the Replace All search feature would hang,
and not function properly. (Bug #63764, Bug #13520443)
* Query, Commit Result Edits and Query, Discard Result Edits could
result in "Unrecognized command" errors, and not function properly.
(Bug #63744, Bug #13511195)
* On Microsoft Windows, tab titles were difficult to read on systems
with dark backgrounds. (Bug #63715, Bug #13500349)
* The search box within the MySQL Workbench toolbar did not perform
searches. (Bug #61825, Bug #12757354)
* On Microsoft Windows, the Open in viewer menu could be blank while
viewing results. (Bug #63873, Bug #13548115)
* Closing a tab could result in an unhandled exception. (Bug #64152,
Bug #13655860)
* Choosing the Open value in Editor option would scroll the result
set to the top. Selecting this option no longer refreshes the
results, so the selected row remains intact. (Bug #63860, Bug
* Executing a query after reordering multiple editor tabs would make
the inactive editor tab active, and execute that query. (Bug
#63866, Bug #13542154)
* On Microsoft Windows, changing or deleting a row or column within a
model, could cause a crash. (Bug #63056, Bug #13344572)
* The object editor could leak memory and crash MySQL Workbench while
handling notifications. (Bug #63025, Bug #13492608)
* MySQL Workbench would highlight the MySQL 5.6 reserved words name,
type, and types. (Bug #62775, Bug #13252599)
* Clicking the foreign keys tab within the Alter table context could
crash MySQL Workbench. (Bug #63050, Bug #13492730)
* Recovery of the last state using either the Auto-save feature, or
the Save snapshot of open editors on close option, would sometimes
load improperly by creating an empty schema and/or crash while
closing opened SQL editor tabs. (Bug #61950, Bug #12917371)
* Exporting a model to a CSV file could crash MySQL Workbench. (Bug
#63883, Bug #13685708)
* Double-clicking on a table within the EER diagram editor would
sometimes crash MySQL Workbench. (Bug #62451, Bug #13014823)
* Selecting and editing multiple indexes or foreign keys would crash
MySQL Workbench. (Bug #61863, Bug #62057, Bug #12757370, Bug
* On Mac OS X 10.7+, the "Open File" panel would attempt to show
hidden files, which would fail and cause no files to be shown.
MySQL Workbench no longer attempts to display hidden files on Mac
OS X. (Bug #62172, Bug #12912085)
* Pressing the Control + Enter key combination within the SQL editor
would generate a recoverable error. (Bug #62169, Bug #12927292)
* If the charset/collation is set to use the default value, then
DEFAULT will now be inserted as the charset/collation name within
generated queries. (Bug #61202, Bug #12622649)
* Plugins, Utilities, Reformat SQL Query would mangle queries by
removing the first SELECT statement if a subquery clause was
present. (Bug #60311, Bug #12613662)
* Pasting a query with \r line endings instead of \r\n or \n could
cause MySQL Workbench to mangle the query. Line endings are now
normalized after pasting, like they already were while loading
files. (Bug #56334, Bug #11763603)
* On Microsoft Windows, rapidly repeating a query could emit an
error. (Bug #56776, Bug #11763997)
* The main schema information found within the object browser now
updates after a table is altered, and collapses the expanded
details. And selecting an object now reloads the data, which means
the current (altered) data is displayed. (Bug #63828, Bug
* MySQL Workbench would not work with paramiko 1.7+. (Bug #63750, Bug
* MySQL Workbench did not test for and use the gl.pc pkgconfig files
if present, to determine the location of GL/{gl,glx}.h and (Bug #63818, Bug #13538964)
* MySQL Workbench would fail to compile under certain PCRE setups,
like when pcre.h existed within /usr/include/pcre/. (Bug #63819,
Bug #13538971)
* Moving the placeholder row (an empty row) around within the table
editor would crash MySQL Workbench. The placeholder row can no
longer be moved. (Bug #64122, Bug #13629953)
* Choosing the Close All But This option within the routines manager
would freeze MySQL Workbench. (Bug #64133, Bug #13630602)
* When viewing the foreign key definition window of the Alter Table
editor, the restrict foreign key option did not display for either
the update or delete actions, and instead the value would appear
empty. (Bug #63978, Bug #13596254)
* On Mac OS X, opening files saved from previous versions of MySQL
Workbench would result in an empty window, without data being
loaded. (Bug #63932, Bug #13571842)
* On Microsoft Windows, the Routines editor would insert extra line
endings. (Bug #55006, Bug #11762414)
* The Server Status window would incorrectly sort options. Numeric
fields are now sorted numerically (e.g., 1300 is now after 500).
(Bug #61659, Bug #12698865)
* The File, Open SQL Script, Files of Type dialogue would incorrectly
give the option to open files with the .dbquery suffix, instead of
.qbquery. (Bug #63861, Bug #13541769)
* A query similar to the following would crash MySQL Workbench:
select c.* from actor c where actor_id=38 (Bug #63940, Bug
* The Beautify Query feature incorrectly formatted statements
containing the UNION clause, which left the query with syntax
errors. (Bug #64120, Bug #13629967)
* After clicking Apply to alter a table where changes are not being
made, the output window says "Preparing..." and does not
automatically change to "No changes detected" until the window is
clicked. (Bug #63842, Bug #13548232)
* MySQL Workbench would freeze when a SELECT statement was executed
on a table without private keys, and that included at least one
UNIQUE NOT NULL column. (Bug #63867, Bug #13542546)
* On Linux, right-clicking on a table and choosing the Alter Table
feature would perform no function.
A workaround was to delete all XML nodes from
de like:
<child internal-child="selection">
<object class="GtkTreeSelection" id="treeview-selection5"/>
* Queries containing a UNION are now excluded from the automatic
addition of the LIMIT clause, when the Limit Rows preference is
enabled. (Bug #62524, Bug #13029474)
* After a connection has timed out, clicking Reconnect to DBMS would
freeze MySQL Workbench. (Bug #61722, Bug #12725314)
* The Beautify Query wizard would remove spaces from MySQL date
function parameter values that contain INTERVAL. (Bug #61021, Bug
* MySQL Workbench would crash while opening an existing EER model,
after a file failed to open. (Bug #63841, Bug #13539006)
* Individual model settings are now respected. Before they would be
ignored in favor of the global settings. (Bug #61771, Bug
* While attempting to synchronize a database to any source, the
Execute button to perform the synchronization was missing. Only the
Go Back and Close buttons were shown. The Execute button is now
standardized for all database synchronization options. (Bug #62130,
Bug #12872823)
* On Microsoft Windows, and when called from the home screen, opening
and immediately closing the Manage Server Instances window would
result in an unhandled exception. (Bug #63927, Bug #13571816)
* On Mac OS X, exporting a database that has a stored procedure
resulted in an unhandled exception. (Bug #63653, Bug #13476062)
* A pop-up window is no longer generated when selecting an inactive
server from within the Server Administration panel. (Bug #61810,
Bug #12757347)
* On Microsoft Windows, using Alt based key shortcut combinations
would not always work. (Bug #54119, Bug #11761607)
* The dialog windows now remain in front, even when another part of
MySQL Workbench is clicked. (Bug #48692, Bug #11756737)
* MySQL Workbench now detects duplicated trigger names while using
the Model,Validation, (MySQL)->Validate all and Model, Validation
(MySQL), Check integrity sequences. (Bug #44063, Bug #11752780)
* Running a SELECT statement and attempting to alias the only column
selected would result in a crash. (Bug #64123, Bug #13629962)
* When right-clicking on a table that has triggers, and then choosing
Create Statement to either send the statement to the clipboard or
SQL editor, the trigger creation statement is written before the
table creation statement. (Bug #61698, Bug #12756722)
* MySQL Workbench would crash after the following sequence:
Synchronize Model With Database, Fetch Object Info, Continue. (Bug
#63746, Bug #13591854)
* MySQL Workbench would emit an error (error code: 1064) with queries
using WITH ROLLUP. (Bug #57178, Bug #11764355)
* MySQL Workbench would not behave correctly with ON UPDATE
CURRENT_TIMESTAMP as a default value, while synchronizing models,
and would update the field. (Bug #61087, Bug #12546735)
* When a table had columns like DOUBLE(M,D), the data model
synchronization would discard the (M,D) specification, and convert
the columns to DOUBLE(11). (Bug #61165, Bug #12565933)
* Tables without an engine set were treated as though they were
unable to support foreign keys. Therefore, the foreign key
declaration would be missing after forward engineering these
A workaround is to explicitly set the table engine to InnoDB. (Bug
#63934, Bug #13562926)
Version 5.2.37 (2011-12-26):
Functionality Added or Changed:
* The SQL editor now automatically fetches table data. (Bug #63590,
Bug #13500202)
Bugs Fixed:
* Under Server Administration, the location of the configuration file
was not visible. It is now shown within the configuration file
label. (Bug #14017264, Bug #65033)
* The SQL editor would open a table in read-only mode when opened
from either the Edit Table Data link via the home screen, or if the
schema tree was not expanded. (Bug #13466131)
* On Mac OS X, the File, Open Recent feature would open the incorrect
script. (Bug #13028666)
* Viewing the Server Logs on a MySQL server after it has been
stopped, resulted in an unhandled exception. (Bug #12908134)
* Pasting from the clipboard would not work in the hostname and
related fields. Users are now able to paste values into these
fields. (Bug #11753997, Bug #45528)
* Options unrelated to the SQL Editor would be available under the
View menu while a SQL editor window was open. (Bug #11763150, Bug
* On Mac OS X, clicking Apply within the Alter Table dialogue on a
table with foreign constraints would crash MySQL Workbench. (Bug
#62042, Bug #12844307)
* Invalid SQL was generated when a schema name contained a dot. Table
names are now enclosed in quotes. (Bug #63710, Bug #13500360)
* MySQL Workbench required the Andale Mono font. (Bug #61782, Bug
* The export feature would sometimes fail when exporting tables with
stored procedures, and with Dump Stored Procedures checked. And
also having Export as Dump Project Folder selected would result in
an unhandled exception. (Bug #57500, Bug #11764642)
* The Help, Check for Updates feature did not function properly. (Bug
#63534, Bug #13463399)
* The SQL editor would not load under certain circumstances. The
check for restoring split positions was corrected to solve this
issue. (Bug #63582, Bug #13490891)
* The password prompt dialog is no longer the topmost window over all
open applications on a system, but now it's only the topmost MySQL
Workbench window. (Bug #63499, Bug #13496347)
* MySQL Workbench now quotes table names in generated SQL queries,
when the table name contains characters that would break the SQL
statement. (Bug #63600, Bug #13497088)
* Generating a list of tables and views was slow, when compared to
the previous MySQL Workbench version. (Bug #63633, Bug #13485667)
* The field editor would hang when large text values were shown. (Bug
#63606, Bug #13485779)
* MySQL Workbench would sometimes be unable to save changes that were
only to comments. It used a hard limit, but now uses the MySQL
Server limit for maximum comment lengths. For example, it would
compare the first 60 characters of a table comment change, and
generate an error if the change did not affect the first 60
From the MySQL Server 5.5.3 changelog: the maximum length of table
comments was extended from 60 to 2048 characters. The maximum
length of column comments was extended from 255 to 1024 characters.
Index definitions now can include a comment of up to 1024
characters. (Bug #61626, Bug #12694146)
* MySQL Workbench would generate an exception after editing and then
closing a table tab within the EER diagram window. (Bug #63591, Bug
* Creating a foreign key using the Place a relationship using
existing columns EER option would crash MySQL Workbench. (Bug
#63629, Bug #13480328)
* Exporting a database that has a stored procedure, resulted in an
unhandled exception. (Bug #63653, Bug #13476062)
* The user administration panel did not fit on systems using a
1024x768 screen resolution. (Bug #62341, Bug #12967541)
* Changing a schema name with routines present would prepend and
append invalid delimiters. (Bug #63624, Bug #13470435)
* MySQL Workbench could freeze while importing a dump. (Bug #63669,
Bug #13485795)
* Case changes to ENUM values were not recognized by MySQL Workbench.
(Bug #60478, Bug #11889204)
* Database synchronization would sometimes confuse similar table and
routine names. (Bug #61028, Bug #12656879)
* Altering the case of a table name caused an error, when that was
the only change and the SQL Identifiers are Case Sensitive option
was set to true. (Bug #58808, Bug #11765806)
* The Forward engineering feature now preserves case for schema
names, even on case-insensitive systems. Before it would create
lowercase variants of the schema names on these systems. (Bug
#56237, Bug #11763520)
* Within the Database, Forward Engineer dialogue for a Model, the
DROP Objects Before Each CREATE Object option was ignored if the
Export MySQL Table Objects option was not selected. (Bug #59200,
Bug #11766157)
* The Forward engineer feature would sometimes create invalid SQL
syntax for old MySQL Workbench files with deleted routines and
roles. (Bug #53973, Bug #11761473)
Version 5.2.36 (2011-12-03):
Functionality Added or Changed:
* The Edit, Format, Beautify Query feature no longer quotes column
names. (Bug #13030351)
* The Database, Synchronize Model... dialogue now creates a schema if
one does not already exist. (Bug #45025, Bug #11753561)
* New entries to the error log are now shown when restarting the
MySQL server.
When log_output is set to FILE, the log files are now displayed in
the MySQL Workbench log page. (Bug #52445, Bug #11760073)
* MySQL Workbench did not support the .dbquery file extension. (Bug
#54321, Bug #11761795)
* The export result set dialog has been redesigned, and now saves the
previously used settings. (Bug #60490, Bug #11889185)
* Indexes are now shown within the schema tree. And indexed columns
are also indicated within the table information panel. (Bug #61295,
Bug #12616367)
* The auto_increment information is now displayed within the SQL
editor. (Bug #60933, Bug #12402845)
* The query and associated results are no longer displayed in
separate tabs, but they are now viewable within a single interface.
(Bug #60624, Bug #11926853)
* Added the ability to edit data from a result set after executing a
query. If MySQL Workbench determines that a returned result cannot
be edited, then a read-only icon will be displayed, and hovering
over the icon reveals a tooltip that explains why it cannot be
edited. (Bug #56794, Bug #11764013)
* If only one server instance is defined, then the Server
administration, Manage security option will now automatically
connect to it, instead of prompting to choose a server instance.
(Bug #61451, Bug #12647697)
* The edit context menus, such as Edit Table Data, now open as new
tabs. Before they reused (overwrote) the same tab. (Bug #61774, Bug
* Added the Copy Inserts to Clipboard option to the Plugins, Objects
menu. (Bug #54036, Bug #11761531)
* The Overview tab was removed, in favor of the new schema layout.
(Bug #53323, Bug #11760879)
* The SQL Editor history tab now auto-scrolls to the bottom, so that
the most recent entry is visible. (Bug #49317, Bug #11757294)
* Added a new format to the SQL Editor for export, which is identical
to the XML generated by the mysql --xml command. It's titled XML
(mysql format). (Bug #49305, Bug #11757284)
* The SQL snippets interface been redesigned and relocated to its own
sidebar. Its display may also be toggled. (Bug #50069, Bug
* On the SQL Editor tabs, right-clicking a tab now offers the
following options: New Tab, Save Tab, Close Tab, Close Other Tabs,
and Copy Path to Clipboard. (Bug #60883, Bug #12399369)
* Additional Export data types were added to the SQL Browser, which
now includes JSON, Excel spreadsheet, and MySQL formatted XML. (Bug
#56808, Bug #11764024)
* The SQL editor windows did not have maximize or minimize buttons,
but these windows are now opened in configurable tabs. (Bug #60606,
Bug #12617245)
* SQL snippets can now be edited, and then saved. (Bug #58879, Bug
* A Paste Row context option was added to the Edit Table Data menu of
the Object browser. (Bug #58169, Bug #11765228)
* Added the ability to copy Status and System Variables to the
clipboard. (Bug #49074, Bug #11757074)
* The Overview tab was replaced, in favor of the new schema tree
view. (Bug #56795, Bug #11764014)
* Tab spacing is now defined as 4 on the Linux and Mac platforms, to
be consistent with Windows. (Bug #58867, Bug #11765862)
* The Alter table option defaulted to Table view, but now uses the
new table editor. (Bug #55050, Bug #11762454)
* Added a input field to filter the schema list in the Object
Browser. (Bug #55162, Bug #11762554)
* Added toolbar buttons to toggle the sidebars and bottom panel of
the SQL Editor. (Bug #53714, Bug #11761243)
* The table view within the Object Browser has changed. The table
view includes another level of grouping, which includes Columns,
Indexes, Foreign Keys, and Triggers. Before, only the columns were
listed. (Bug #53504, Bug #11761050)
* The table information window within the Object Browser has been
expanded to include foreign keys, triggers, indexes, and data
types. (Bug #53502, Bug #11761048)
Bugs Fixed:
* Tables would be listed as Fetching... after pressing the Reconnect
DB button. (Bug #13040104)
* While administrating a server instance, importing a project folder
will result in an "Import from Disk" error after the following
sequence: Data Export and restore, Export to Dump project folder,
with Dump views and Dump stored routines... checked, then exporting
a schema with views and/or routines, opening the SQL Editor and
dropping the exported schema, then clicking Import to Disk within
the server administrator. (Bug #13025419)
* After right-clicking a cell within the insert grid of the model
table editor, an unhandled exception was generated on Microsoft
Windows, and a fatal error on Mac OS X. (Bug #13029647)
* The Manage Security window initially shows the first connection as
selected, but it is not. (Bug #13026478)
* While using the import/restore feature of the server instance
administration area, views and routines were not imported. (Bug
* A previously selected object could not be dragged, as it would
instead enter "Edit Name" mode after the second click. (Bug
* Within a diagram view, the Edit, Find, Find advanced option was
unrecognized and performed no function. (Bug #12884864)
* Pressing Refresh within the Slow Query Log tab resulted in an
unhandled exception. (Bug #12928308)
* New server instances created by the Manage Server Instance wizard
would send the incorrect service name to the MySQL admin. The
command is now constructed at run time using the service name from
the server instance profile. (Bug #12567371)
* The Alter Table... option did not function on tables with triggers.
(Bug #12546727, Bug #61110)
* Selecting a schema with a large number of tables (e.g., 200+) would
indicate that the schema was empty. (Bug #49291, Bug #11757270)
* Right-clicking on a row within the Inserts tab could crash MySQL
Workbench. (Bug #62583, Bug #13365077)
* Altering and saving a routine twice, reverting, and then clicking
Apply would crash MySQL Workbench (Bug #62979, Bug #13492510)
* The Alter Routine wizard would report that a routine was
successfully updated, although the routine would remain unchanged.
(Bug #62527, Bug #13029468)
* While double clicking an arrow to expand a table from within the
object browser, to see its columns, the arrow disappeared and the
table could not be expanded. (Bug #61124, Bug #12736804)
* On Linux, MySQL Workbench would fail to open, because it could not
load the MySQL Diff Reporting module. (Bug #61304, Bug #12613921)
* On Microsoft Windows, and with the Show Live Schema Overview
preference disabled, MySQL Workbench would emit an error while
attempting to open a Database Connection. (Bug #62407, Bug
* Selecting and dragging tables to the diagram area would fail. A
workaround was to collapse the table list first and then drag it
over, although it was only possible to drag a single table. (Bug
#62267, Bug #13013851)
* On Microsoft Windows 7, some MySQL Workbench buttons would be
difficult to read due to incompatible background colors with the
"Windows classic Style" scheme. (Bug #61685, Bug #12711145)
* MySQL Workbench would sometimes crash while in Forward Engineering
mode. (Bug #60950, Bug #12572071)
* If a schema within the schema panel was clicked, then a table was
also clicked (dropped down) within the schema, then the panel
containing Actions, Schemas, and details would expand to fill half
of the view window, and the size could not be adjusted. (Bug
#60692, Bug #12587848)
* The Server Administrator did not function with MySQL Server 5.0.
And although MySQL Workbench does not officially support MySQL
Server 5.0, this functionality now works. (Bug #62549, Bug
* Using MySQL Workbench could result in an unhandled exception, with
the message "Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is
often an indication that other memory is corrupt." (Bug #56034, Bug
* The Generate INSERT Statements for Tables option would not generate
INSERT statements for BLOG columns. (Bug #60657, Bug #12565791)
* Pressing Execute after double clicking and editing a field in
select all mode, resulted in an unhandled exception. (Bug #61279,
Bug #12627523)
* The Reconnect to DBMS toolbar option would not reconnect after
unchecking the Safe Updates preference. A workaround is to uncheck
this option, then restart MySQL Workbench. (Bug #62448, Bug
* MySQL Workbench did not fully adhere to locale settings, which
could result in unhandled exceptions. (Bug #56869, Bug #11764077)
* MySQL Workbench could crash while restoring large files. (Bug
#61365, Bug #12627685)
* Pressing Esc once now escapes out of edit mode within the row
editor. Before, it had to be pressed twice. (Bug #60131, Bug
* Exporting SQL for tables that included comments would generate
invalid SQL statements. A comma was missing immediately before the
COMMENT. (Bug #61393, Bug #12627762)
* Auto-scrolling for the SQL output and history windows was added.
(Bug #55865, Bug #11763183)
* MySQL Workbench would allow the creation of foreign keys on tables
using engines that do not support them. A warning is now emitted if
this is attempted. (Bug #57875, Bug #11764972)
* Open diagram tabs from a saved MySQL Workbench state were not saved
properly. (Bug #60515, Bug #12617096)
* Switching between two logins for a single database connection
required the password to be reentered with each switch. (Bug
#62052, Bug #12921420)
* Server Administration, Manage Import/Export would return an error
about the dump module. (Bug #58098, Bug #11765164)
* The Create Routine... feature would report that it created a
routine, but it did not, and the error was revealed in the output
window. (Bug #62624, Bug #13362190)
* The Foreign Keys tab of the Alter Table wizard only created an
index, without the foreign key. (Bug #56818, Bug #11764033)
* On Linux, viewing the embedded documentation required the
python-sqlite2 package. (Bug #60336, Bug #11874507)
* Closing MySQL Workbench would not prompt to save unsaved work from
modified SQL files and windows. (Bug #60557, Bug #11926868)
* On Linux and Mac OS X, using Tab and Shift+Tab to jump to
next/previous fields has been added to the query result view. It
had previously only worked on Windows. Additionally, the Escape key
will now cancel editing of the current cell, and PageUp/PageDown
scrolls one page up and down in the result set. (Bug #60865, Bug
* A query history date would incorrectly change when a history entry,
other than the last one, was selected when the query was executed.
(Bug #62642, Bug #13104635)
* On Microsoft Windows, the EER diagram search did not work across
multiple pages. (Bug #61957, Bug #12818216)
* On Linux, the Database, Generate Catalog Diff Report... model
option was disabled. (Bug #62040, Bug #12844314)
* The Configuration File path within the Server Administration panel
is now read-only, when before it would temporarily set the path.
This path should be set via the profile setting instead. (Bug
#62252, Bug #12922746)
* The Users and Privileges window did not scale to low screen
resolutions like 1024x768. It does now, although MySQL Workbench
still has an official minimum screen resolution of 1280x800. (Bug
#61518, Bug #12661556)
* On Ubuntu 11.10, MySQL Workbench would freeze at the startup splash
screen. (Bug #62347, Bug #13099521)
* On Microsoft Windows, upgrading MySQL Workbench required MySQL
Workbench to be run as a user with Administrator rights. (Bug
#62709, Bug #13116366)
* The Advanced Export Options preferences were not saved, and would
reset after restarting MySQL Workbench. (Bug #60497, Bug #11889197)
* The Clear script output and Close this script tab buttons are now
disabled in non-script tabs. (Bug #61318, Bug #12616331)
* An unhandled exception might be emitted after modifying an EER
diagram, with a popup window reading "MySQL Workbench has
encountered a problem - Queue empty." (Bug #62651, Bug #13079826)
* MySQL Workbench would not recognize the active schema with case
insensitive servers. As a result, an active schema within the
Object browser would be unselected after a USE statement was
executed. (Bug #61641, Bug #12711143)
* The File, Open Recent feature would open the incorrect script. (Bug
#61856, Bug #12912374)
* Repeatedly refreshing a schema resulted in an unhandled exception.
(Bug #61892, Bug #12762893)
* Expanding then collapsing the query results window within the SQL
editor, yielded a different appearance. (Bug #62371, Bug #13007096)
* The SQL editor output tab did not report the number of affected
rows. (Bug #60535, Bug #12617147)
* Fixed Data export so that routines and views are only exported when
they are selected. In addition, individual views may now be
selected for export. (Bug #61937, Bug #12949918)
* After setting a default schema, choosing Refresh all while the
schema information is "fetching" would result in an unhandled
exception. (Bug #62086, Bug #12913399)
* Using Alter routine to make changes would sometimes crash after
clicking Apply. (Bug #63076, Bug #13340307)
* On Mac OS X, Command+W will now close the active script editor tab,
and Command+Shift+W will now close the active connection tab. This
is now consistent with behavior on other operating systems. Before,
the Command+W combination closed the active connection tab. (Bug
#60253, Bug #11829750)
* Executing a slow query would not notify the user that the query was
running. The new SQL editor interface does show the progress. (Bug
#61231, Bug #12589710)
* Tab panels within Server Administration would not fresh properly.
(Bug #61452, Bug #12647731)
* Opening model files while using a MySQL Workbench version that was
installed over a previous MySQL Workbench installation would
sometimes cause permission issues. The workarounds included running
MySQL Workbench with administrator privileges, or removing the
installation folder before upgrading. (Bug #62703, Bug #13323929)
* Manipulating multiple SQL editor tabs would sometimes result in
uncaught exceptions. (Bug #60764, Bug #12621640)
* MySQL Workbench would crash when attempting to use Alter Table or
Create Table from within the context menu. (Bug #60760, Bug
* After opening a saved model file, the Control+T shortcut would not
work from within a query window. (Bug #61379, Bug #12627716)
* On Linux, code folding for stored procedures and loops did not work
properly within the SQL editor. (Bug #61302, Bug #12612394)
* The Synchronize model with Database wizard would not properly
handle case-sensitive table names. (Bug #60523, Bug #12617135)
* The default schema selection would be lost after synchronizing a
model. (Bug #60975, Bug #12621744)
* File, Export, Forward Engineer SQL CREATE Script would append an
extra space to TINYINT(1) after converting it from BOOL. (Bug
#61696, Bug #12711138)
* A Download Prerequisites link is now displayed when prerequisites,
such as the "Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package" requirement,
are not met. Before, the link was not visible. (Bug #61897, Bug
* Opening Management, Server Logs would generate an unhandled
exception when using table-based logging, while the general log was
empty. (Bug #62123, Bug #12872836)
* Creating a server instance using unicode characters worked, but an
error would be generated while attempting to open them. (Bug
#63100, Bug #13350556)
* Fixed a typo, where "database" was misspelled as "dabase" within
the DBDesigner description. (Bug #62250, Bug #12912465)
* Connection and query tabs can now be reordered, by dragging and
dropping with the mouse pointer. (Bug #60409, Bug #11865602)
* When hovering the mouse pointer over a table figure on a diagram,
the foreign key tooltip would hide the table column names. (Bug
#61055, Bug #12546715)
* Factory snippet files were fixed, to include proper line-endings
for all platforms. (Bug #60643, Bug #12621434)
* The USE statement is now properly quoted. For example, an invalid
USE query would be generated if a schema contained a - character.
(Bug #59882, Bug #11766711)
* The Finish button was inactive (grayed out) for the Edit Table Data
dialog, if the database contained exactly one table. (Bug #52833,
Bug #11760422)
* Copying a table column would lose the data type, when only the
column line number was selected instead of the data type or field
name. (Bug #59285, Bug #11905520)
* On Microsoft Windows, the Find option (Control+F) for the SQL
editor was not available. (Bug #61233, Bug #12622697)
* Editor windows would sometimes lose focus, but they are now docked
within the main application window, which eliminated this problem.
(Bug #55923, Bug #11763235)
* Enabling the Limit Rows SQL editor preference would cause invalid
SQL syntax with SELECT INTO statements. (Bug #58732, Bug #11765738)
* If a table cannot be edited (e.g., no Primary key), then MySQL
Workbench now notifies users of the reason, when before the edit
option was simply not available. (Bug #51563, Bug #11759263)
* Within a server instance administration panel, setting Export to
Self-Contained File to an invalid path resulted in an unhandled
exception. (Bug #59246, Bug #11766194)
* Closing and opening the SQL Editor now sets the last used schema as
the default, instead of the schema specified within the connection.
(Bug #51454, Bug #51026, Bug #11759165, Bug #11758776)
* The Find feature (search) was replaced with a panel, which offers
more consistent behavior across platforms. The Find and Replace
feature is also now a panel, instead of a pop-up window. (Bug
#54765, Bug #11762197)
* The Auto-save feature would behave with unpredictable results, by
opening up an incorrect number of windows when MySQL Workbench was
next loaded. (Bug #62192, Bug #12907612)
* The Copy Row Content option would throw an unexpected exception,
from within a model.
In addition, the Paste Row option was added. (Bug #60116, Bug
* A triple-click was required to change the Referenced column of a
foreign key, while editing a table within an EER diagram. (Bug
#50725, Bug #11758512)
* Within the Routine Editor, opening multiple Apply SQL Script to
Database dialogues and then executing one, except for the last one
opened, would crash MySQL Workbench. (Bug #61988, Bug #12918227)
* When viewing text at a size greater than 100% (such as 125%), some
text field labels would be partially hidden. (Bug #58408, Bug
* The Object editors (such as Alter Table, Alter View, and Alter
Routine) now open as tabs, instead of separate wizard windows. (Bug
#61422, Bug #12642157)
* Fixed a crash bug, which would happen on exit. (Bug #60733, Bug
* Importing a dump would misquote the --defaults-extra-file option,
which would cause the import to fail. (Bug #61910, Bug #12912786)
* The Output tab of the SQL editor now adjusts whitespace characters,
as to display queries on a single line. (Bug #58989, Bug #11765966)
* Broken views (e.g., a column no longer exists) are now displayed as
broken within the schema tree view. (Bug #56701, Bug #11763928)
* On Linux, the previously set window positions and sizes were not
saved by MySQL Workbench. These settings are now saved upon
closing, and used when MySQL Workbench is loaded. (Bug #54025, Bug
* On Mac OS X, switching from the Model tab to the EER Diagram tab
caused an error sound. (Bug #61809, Bug #12757337)
Version 5.2.35 (2011-09-23):
Functionality Added or Changed:
* On Microsoft Windows, the standard (common) keyboard and mouse
shortcuts that control zoom were not fully implemented. Usage:
Control++ to zoom in, Control+- to zoom out, and Control+/ to reset
to 100%. (Bug #57463, Bug #11764608)
* The Copy Insert Template to Clipboard option was added to the Model
View. For more information, see A Table on an EER Diagram. (Bug
#54887, Bug #11762310)
* The query history is now saved between Workbench sessions. (Bug
#51388, Bug #11759102)
* Usernames and schemas can now be sorted. (Bug #55318, Bug
Bugs Fixed:
* The Administrator now allows various authentication plugins (such
as Windows Auth, PAM) to create user accounts.
The dropdown for the authentication method will only be displayed
if MySQL Workbench detects that additional authentication plugins
are enabled by the server. (Bug #12899893)
* The unused Start MySQL Utilities Shell for Connection connection
menu item was removed. (Bug #12898126)
* MySQL Workbench would sometimes crash after opening multiple EER
diagrams. (Bug #12875254)
* The Create EER Model from Existing Data Base process would
incorrectly report that the schema was empty. (Bug #12875126)
* On Mac OS X, disabling the Enable data changes commit wizard
preference setting would not disable the wizard. (Bug #61354, Bug
* MySQL Workbench would not load the configuration options with
MariaDB due to version number differences between MariaDB and
MySQL. (Bug #61219, Bug #12605404)
* Closing MySQL Workbench would not prompt to save SQL Editor scratch
tabs. (Bug #58899, Bug #11765889)
* The is_enabled() method was added to the mforms View class. (Bug
#62140, Bug #12860149)
* The database connection splash screen would freeze after opening a
server administration instance. It would work perfectly the second
time. (Bug #61693, Bug #12756623)
* It was not possible to drop multiple selected tables or schemas.
(Bug #55688, Bug #11763027)
* Creating, then selecting or removing user accounts with invalid
hosts (such as '%', including the single quotes) resulted in an
unhandled exception. (Bug #61244, Bug #12580053)
* MySQL Workbench crashed with a segmentation fault after the
connection step of a model synchronization. (Bug #61822, Bug
* Under certain circumstances, closing a query window would not
prompt to save the query. (Bug #61160, Bug #12565971)
* Create EER Model, Schema Privileges, Add Role, Privileges, and then
Uncheck All Privileges caused MySQL Workbench to crash. (Bug
#61308, Bug #12613935)
* MySQL Workbench would not connect to multiple database connections
when the sql_history folder was too large. A workaround was to
delete the sql_history folder. (Bug #59520, Bug #11766417)
* The MySQL Workbench SE MySQL Bug Reporter linked to
instead of (Bug #60364, Bug #11872318)
* The Synchronize with Any Source option reversed the 'destination'
and 'source' database names within the generated SQL statement.
(Bug #62189, Bug #12921676)
* The SQL Editor History could not be saved when the username
contained Unicode characters. This was due to MySQL Workbench
attempting to save files using an invalid file path. (Bug #59215,
Bug #12403539)
* On Microsoft Windows, expensive queries caused MySQL Workbench to
be unresponsive after other applications were made active, and the
MySQL Workbench wizard was running. This meant that the main MySQL
Workbench window could not be selected. (Bug #61122, Bug #12543271)
* The SQL Editor Output, History window contained escaped characters.
For example, a "'" was written as "&apos;". (Bug #61345, Bug
* On Microsoft Windows, a MySQL Workbench Unexpected Error dialogue
is generated when using two SQL Editor windows each with their own
database connection to the same server. (Bug #61367, Bug #12612181)
* On Microsoft Windows, the following scenario generated an error and
a bogus SQL editor tab upon MySQL Workbench restoration: Having
multiple open SQL Editor tabs, closing the first, and then closing
the database connection (while the Auto-save scripts interval
option is enabled). (Bug #60569, Bug #12617215)
* On Mac OS X, the Operation in progress dialogue would stall when
using database connections from older versions of MySQL Workbench.
The workaround was to move the mouse. (Bug #61416, Bug #12627853)
* On Linux, the Reverse Engineer Database, Select Objects to Reverse
Engineer dialogue contained a menu titled label. (Bug #61327, Bug
* MySQL Workbench would not compile with GNU C Compiler (GCC) version
4.6. (Bug #60603, Bug #12617226)
* The Find Plugin in Web Repository option was removed from the MySQL
Doc Library action. (Bug #61305, Bug #12613922)
* On Mac OS X, an unchanged MWB file would prompt to save after
exiting, and then crash after selecting Yes. (Bug #61547, Bug
* On Mac OS X, connecting to remote servers using SSH tunnels failed
to connect. The workaround was to manually test the connection
first, via the Manage Connections menu. (Bug #61537, Bug #12674397)
* The Management, Server Logs, Slow Query Log view resulted in an
unhandled exception after the initial Newest button usage. (Bug
#58810, Bug #11765808)
* The SQL Editor Overview tab did not refresh after a schema was
deleted. (Bug #61314, Bug #12616355)
* The Object Browser now automatically refreshes after an object is
changed. (Bug #56704, Bug #11763930)
* MySQL Workbench would crash when pressing Apply to an empty SQL
field under the Review the SQL Script to be Applied to the Database
form, the second time, after selecting Go Back. (Bug #61632, Bug
* On Microsoft Windows, installation of 5.2.34 over 5.2.33 would
sometimes fail due to file collisions, and would then crash at
startup. (Bug #61296, Bug #12600117)
* Copy Insert to Clipboard now updates the MySQL Workbench status to
say âThe table schema.table has no records for insert statementsâ
when no inserts are defined for the table. (Bug #54887, Bug
* Viewing the Admin Management option Server Logs with an empty TABLE
resulted in an unhandled exception. (Bug #61523, Bug #12674989)
* On Ubuntu Linux, MySQL Workbench crashed with a segmentation fault
when executing the View, Output combination twice. (Bug #61303, Bug
* The query beautifier added superfluous identifier quote characters
to the end of some queries. (Bug #60576, Bug #11926859)
Version 5.2.34 (2011-05-26):
Functionality Added or Changed:
* Canceling a query used to work by dropping the connection. Now only
the query itself is canceled. (Bug #12394153)
* Added the ability to see differences of compared schema objects,
when the database synchronization wizard is executed. (Bug #42844,
Bug #11751838)
* MySQL Workbench now writes the wb.log file in the .mysql/workbench
directory rather than in ~ (your home directory). (Bug #60930, Bug
* On Windows, it is possible to open multiple models, but it was not
clear that enabling this preference requires a MySQL Workbench
restart. The check box tooltip now indicates this. (Bug #59400, Bug
* A Check for Updates feature was added. (Bug #56612, Bug #11763846)
* Toggle Page Guides is no longer available. (Bug #49927, Bug
* In diagram mode, display of triggers for tables was re-enabled.
(Bug #57956, Bug #11765044)
* If a column value is too long to display, an ellipsis (...) is
displayed at the end to indicate that there is more data. (Bug
#55976, Bug #11763283)
* If MySQL Workbench finds that .NET is not installed, it now
provides a link for the user to get the .NET installer. (Bug
#55145, Bug #11762538)
* The SQL Editor can now wrap long text lines. This is controllable
per editor instance using its context menu. By default, line
wrapping is off. (Bug #50569, Bug #11758372)
* MySQL Workbench now shows query execution time and query warnings.
(Bug #51199, Bug #11758933, Bug #58333, Bug #11765373)
* The Check for updates... menu item that was removed several
releases ago has been restored. (Bug #60488, Bug #11879029)
Bugs Fixed:
* A SHOW WARNINGS query would return zero results, even when warnings
existed. (Bug #59221, Bug #11766174)
* On Ubuntu Linux 11.04+, part of the main MySQL Workbench menu would
be hidden when utilizing the Ubuntu Unity display handler.
Therefore, the Unity style menus have been disabled. (Bug #61256,
Bug #12581792)
* Fixed a possible crash when selecting File, Export, Forward
Engineer SQL CREATE Script, and followed by the browse button. (Bug
#60626, Bug #12617320)
* On Mac OS X, the Shift+Alt + Arrow combination selected individual
characters instead of words. (Bug #50085, Bug #11757963)
* These query beautifier problems were corrected:
+ Queries containing table aliases were mishandled.
+ Spaces between table names and table aliases were incorrectly
(Bug #60742, Bug #11883490, Bug #12327013)
* The live schema tree did not update properly to reflect
modifications to schema objects. (Bug #50424, Bug #11758248)
* MySQL Workbench could crash while applying an SQL script to a
database. (Bug #60966, Bug #12608789)
* Create EER Model from SQL Script reported a syntax error when
importing legal SQL scripts. (Bug #59577, Bug #11766464)
* In the Python workbench shell, files with a nonsupported execution
generated a warning and could not be run. (Bug #60815, Bug
* Refreshing the Object Browser collapsed the browser tree. (Bug
#60887, Bug #12366813)
* Clicking the Manage Security link in the MySQL Workbench Home
screen opened the Admin screen in the Startup tab rather than the
Accounts tab and produced an error. (Bug #59389, Bug #11766302)
* Some MWB files created in MySQL Workbench 5.1 could not be loaded
in 5.2. (Bug #59862, Bug #11766695)
* Executing an SQL script using the scripting shell is not supported,
but attempts to do so resulted in a MySQL Workbench crash rather
than an error. (Bug #60977, Bug #12402780)
* MySQL Workbench lost the connection to the server for long-running
queries (more than 600 seconds). (Bug #60103, Bug #11766876)
* For data browsing, the Fetch All option sometimes disappeared. (Bug
#49403, Bug #11757365)
* A memory leak occurred during diagram manipulation. (Bug #55719,
Bug #11763054)
* On Windows, opening a second instance of MySQL Workbench resulted
in an error. (Bug #59128, Bug #11766090)
* Selecting the Create Multiple Tables menu item resulted in an
error. (Bug #59586, Bug #11766473)
* MySQL Workbench displayed superfluous error messages after the user
interrupted a query. (Bug #59323, Bug #11766255)
* MySQL Workbench sometimes looked for my.ini in the wrong directory.
(Bug #60076, Bug #11766855)
* With a large table displayed in the SQL Editor object browser,
keyboard shortcuts for the table information display were not
working, and the information was not formatted properly. (Bug
#54191, Bug #11761676)
* After loading a model, zoom levels saved with bookmarks were not
always used correctly. (Bug #50816, Bug #11758594)
* MySQL Workbench tries to determine whether it can use Aero, but did
not correctly check the platform. On Windows Server 2003, a call
was made to a non-existing DLL, causing a .NET crash. (Bug #60412,
Bug #11872360)
* A problem running MySQL Utilities under the KDE console was fixed.
(Bug #59427, Bug #12430837)
* When a schema was dropped in the Object Browser view using the
context menu, the view was not refreshed properly. (Bug #60688, Bug
* When the SQL statement history file became large enough, MySQL
Workbench encountered allocation errors attempting to add to it.
(Bug #58778, Bug #12409656)
* If a connection name contained a ':' character, it did not work.
(Bug #60700, Bug #12325493)
* Dragging tables from the catalog to an EER diagram failed. (Bug
#47028, Bug #11755277)
* MySQL Workbench crashed if it was unable to locate a required DLL
due to security blocking. Now it displays instructions to the user
how to perform unblocking. (Bug #60658, Bug #12545324)
* Control+Z in the Model Editor did not always refresh the screen
correctly. (Bug #59661, Bug #11766531)
* After using the column headers of the User Accounts list to sort
the accounts by User or From Host, then selecting various accounts
in turn, the selected accounts often did not match the account
being displayed in the corresponding Login, Administrative Roles,
or Account Limits tabs. (Bug #59391, Bug #11766304)
* MySQL Workbench did not assign a correct tab name when opening an
SQL script from the recent file list menu. (Bug #60610, Bug
* Some color schemes made options difficult to read. (Bug #60826, Bug
* Exporting a record set to a file resulted in invalid INSERT
statements if the table contained a column named key because the
column name was not quoted properly. (Bug #59787, Bug #11766638)
* EER Diagram Catalog Tree schema folders did not stay collapsed when
moving tables from a schema to the Diagram. (Bug #55088, Bug
* Using the Description Editor to update a table description did not
update the Comments column of the Model Overview window. (Bug
#55235, Bug #11762621)
* Actions that should open a web page did not work. (Bug #54827, Bug
* Opening a connection from the list of recently used connections
caused the user interface to become unresponsive while wanting for
the connection to open. Now a âConnecting, please waitâ message
appears and there is a Cancel button to enable the connection
request to be canceled. (Bug #48912, Bug #11756924)
* Several crashes occurred under KDE with certain GTK+ themes. (Bug
#60640, Bug #11926917)
* It was not possible to import a dump if MySQL Workbench was
installed in a directory having a name that contained spaces. (Bug
#59737, Bug #11766595)
* On Windows, a packaging error for the Zip file distribution led to
spurious GRT Shell warnings at MySQL Workbench startup. (Bug
#49813, Bug #11757719)
* Items from the SQL Editor history were not always available to be
copied into the SQL script. (Bug #59807, Bug #1766651)
* When the user closed the main window with a connection active,
MySQL Workbench did not terminate the connection. This lead to
Aborted_clients errors on the server side. (Bug #58944, Bug
* On Linux, MySQL Workbench was overly aggressive about reading
schema information from INFORMATION_SCHEMA, leading to slowdowns
when connecting to the MySQL server. Now information is read only
for the default schema. (Bug #60644, Bug #11926793)
* The Users column in the Schema Privileges tab was not sortable.
(Bug #59138, Bug #11766100)
* Multiple USE statements to change databases in the SQL Editor
caused MySQL Workbench to crash. (Bug #60856, Bug #12358480)
* When double-clicking tables in a model diagram, tabs were
mismanaged such that the proper set of tabs did not remain
available. (Bug #57349, Bug #11764509)
* For SQL Editor tabs where the connection had no name, connection
information was not shown. Now MySQL Workbench displays the host
name (up to 21 characters). (Bug #49058, Bug #11757060)
* Connection sorting was lost after a status refresh. (Bug #59355,
Bug #11766279)
* On Mac OS X, two-finger scrolling did not work in query windows.
(Bug #53678, Bug #11761211)
* Output from the routine editor added excessive blank lines between
routine definitions. (Bug #60205, Bug #11874345)
* The SQL statement generated by clicking an item in the action pane
failed to include the qualifying database name. (Bug #60562, Bug
* MySQL Workbench could crash trying to display result sets that
contained binary data. (Bug #60588, Bug #12385959)
* New server instances were not always displayed in the Server
Administration list. (Bug #60684, Bug #11933087)
* The Administrator panel would not load for large process ID values
of the MySQL server. (Bug #60505, Bug #12397312)
* Forward Engineer SQL Script wizard wrote incomplete output. (Bug
#60751, Bug #12329302)
* MySQL Workbench failed to compile on Gentoo Linux. (Bug #60358, Bug
* MySQL Workbench could not view the server logs if the server was
configured with log output set to 'TABLE,FILE'. (Bug #60853, Bug
* File import operations failed with these errors:
Error executing task: 'module' object has no attribute
Error executing task local variable 'p1' referenced before
(Bug #60982, Bug #12430815)
* Changing connection parameters in Synchronize Model resulted in an
error message. (Bug #60771, Bug #12329285)
* On Mac OS X, Option+Delete functioned as Undo rather than deleting
the word to the left of the cursor. (Bug #57184, Bug #11764360)
* Record set export to a file failed unless the file name was given
as an absolute path name. (Bug #60256, Bug #11874435)
* Stored procedures could not be opened from the objects tree if the
SQL Delimiter had been changed to the ';' character. Now the label
for this option in the Preferences dialog has been changed to Non
Standard SQL Delimiter to better reflect its actual meaning. The
tooltip has also been changed to be more descriptive. In addition,
if an Alter <object>... operation fails due to a parse error, the
retrieved DDL code is shown as is in the SQL editor. (Bug #60354,
Bug #11889184)
* For import and export command operations using a Unix socket file,
MySQL Workbench added an incorrect --pipe option to the command.
(Bug #60756, Bug #12325422)
* Find did not work in Query tabs. (Bug #60787, Bug #12347063)
* It was not possible to view or edit long text lines with the inline
editor. (Bug #52087, Bug #11759751)
* The TRIGGER privilege could not be assigned at the schema level.
(Bug #52977, Bug #11760556)
* Query results could not be saved to a directory for which the name
contained Japanese characters. (Bug #60438)
* Exporting query results after entering a file path name did not
work. (Bug #60438, Bug #11868335)
* Multiple-selection copy did not work. (Bug #60410, Bug #11865601)
* Attempting to connect to a nonexistent server put MySQL Workbench
in a nonresponsive state. (Bug #60329, Bug #11834154)
* Clicking a user name to obtain details caused MySQL Workbench to
crash if the name contained an apostrope. (Bug #60473, Bug
* When database connections had process IDs with large values, the
connection tab displayed an error box rather than process
information. (Bug #60192, Bug #12397794)
* Control+S did not save models or SQL Editor scripts. When opening
an SQL script, it did not display the file name. (Bug #60594, Bug
* MySQL Workbench crashed trying to execute some CREATE TABLE
statements. (Bug #60475, Bug #12356405)
* Opening a connection twice resulted in unexpected errors when
executing queries on the connection. (Bug #58835)
* The description given in the Workbench Preferences dialog for the
--safe-updates option was incorrect. (Bug #59370, Bug #11766289)
Version 5.2.33b (2011-03-21):
Bugs Fixed:
* Creating a relationship broke the model file due to the index and
foreign key having the same name. (Bug #60564, Bug #11926856)
* Attempting to open a saved model produced this error:
Error unserializing GRT Data. Expected Type db.mysql.Column, but got
(Bug #60369, Bug #11840427)
Version 5.2.33 (2011-03-11):
Bugs Fixed:
* The Reformat SQL Query option would sometimes fail, and emit an
error. (Bug #58856, Bug #11765852)
* MySQL Workbench would incorrectly report that the MySQL server had
stopped. (Bug #51146, Bug #11758886)
* The query beautifier failed for queries containing subqueries. (Bug
#58835, Bug #11765832)
* The ability to synchronize non-model sources was added. (Bug
#60009, Bug #11766805)
* It was not possible to forward engineer a model, or synchronize it
with a live model. (Bug #60396, Bug #11850052)
* In the Administrator, when Manage Security was selected, an error
message was displayed in the status bar. It was not then possible
to see and therefore manage user privileges. (Bug #60370, Bug
* In the Users and Privileges task of the Administrator, it was not
possible to sort the users alphabetically. (Bug #56456, Bug
Version 5.2.32 (2011-03-05):
Functionality Added or Changed:
* Changing the default schema now modifies the selected schema name
to be bold. (Bug #57710, Bug #11764836)
* In the SQL Editor, in the event of a crash, the content and state
of script tabs was lost if not previously saved. MySQL Workbench
now autosaves the content and state of the SQL Editor. (Bug #57667,
Bug #11764794)
* MySQL Workbench has been improved so that an errors are more
clearly identified if they occur when synchronizing with a live
server, or forward engineering to a live server. (Bug #55158, Bug
Bugs Fixed:
* These query beautifier problems were corrected:
+ Aggregate function text was deleted.
+ In the SQL Editor, the beautifier did not process functions
such as COUNT() or NOW() or correctly. It rendered the
function with additional spaces, causing a syntax error.
(Bug #60070, Bug #11766850, Bug #59450, Bug #11766354, Bug #58714,
Bug #11765722)
* Dropping a table from the Object Browser did not remove the table's
icon. (Bug #52878, Bug #11760462)
* Primary and foreign keys are now displayed with different icons.
(Bug #53503, Bug #11761049)
* MySQL Workbench crashed when closing the query results tab in the
SQL Editor. (Bug #59774, Bug #11766626)
* In the SQL Editor, switching between query tabs did not switch the
associated results panel. (Bug #57486, Bug #11764628)
* The text in the SQL Editor was not anti-aliased, which hindered
readability by causing the text to visually conflict with
anti-aliased text elsewhere in MySQL Workbench. (Bug #54059, Bug
* When deleting a recursive foreign key constraint, the primary key
was also mistakenly deleted. (Bug #59668, Bug #11766538)
* In the SQL Editor, if a '`' (grave accent) character was entered,
any subsequently entered control keys such as the arrow keys or the
backspace key failed to function correctly. (Bug #59528, Bug
* Generated scripts did not manage connection variables cleanly. For
example, the autocommit state was not preserved by the script
produced by forward engineering an SQL CREATE script. The script
switched off autocommit, but did not then restore it correctly to
its previous state. (Bug #58998, Bug #11765974)
* When synchronizing a model with a server, indexes were
unnecessarily dropped and recreated. (Bug #58238, Bug #11765284)
* Forward engineering a model containing two schema resulted in a
generated script that contained incorrect SQL:
DELIMITER ;USE `Schema2` ;
The DELIMITER and USE statements should not have appeared on the
same line. (Bug #58117, Bug #11765180)
* In the Columns tab of the table editor, copying and pasting the
Datatype field using Control+C and Control+V resulted in the text
âtable_copy1â being pasted, rather than the copied datatype. (Bug
#56501, Bug #11763749)
* When forward engineering a model, the generated script resulted in
SQL errors when executed on the server. This happened when the
following options were selected:
+ DROP Objects Before Each CREATE Object
+ Omit Schema Qualifier in Object Names
+ Generate Separate CREATE INDEX Statements
+ Generate INSERT Statements for Tables
(Bug #54836, Bug #11762262)
* The generated alter script contained erroneous statements adding
and deleting indexes and foreign keys. (Bug #54180, Bug #11761666)
* In the EER Diagram view, clicking a table to edit its details
sometimes resulted in this error:
Cannot access a disposed object.
Object name: 'DockedWindowPlugin'
(Bug #59559, Bug #11766448)
* When a model was forward engineered, the primary keys were not
created in the generated script. (Bug #58926, Bug #11765913)
* When exporting a model, if the Skip Creation of FOREIGN KEYS option
was selected, indexes were not created. (Bug #56389, Bug #11763649)
* In the EER Diagram view, MySQL Workbench crashed on selecting a new
table. This happened if the Privileges tab was open for the
currently selected table. (Bug #59535, Bug #11766431)
* In the Administrator, when making a backup with the
--single-transaction option enabled, the --lock-tables option was
erroneously still enabled. (Bug #58562, Bug #11765579)
* Attempting to create a new server instance resulted in this error
We are sorry for the inconvenience but an unexpected exception has
been raised by one of the MySQL Workbench modules. In order to fix
this issue we would kindly ask you to file a bug report. You can
do that by pressing the [Report Bug] button below.
(Bug #59578, Bug #11766465)
* At startup, MySQL Workbench displayed a blank screen if it had
previously been closed after using the menu item Help, System Info,
and then clicking the main application window close button. (Bug
#55764, Bug #11763097)
* On Microsoft Windows, if the Windows Firewall application was not
running, installation of MySQL Workbench would halt with an error
dialog indicating that it was unable to connect to the firewall.
(Bug #53603, Bug #11761143)
* There were numerous locations within MySQL Workbench where the
availability of context-sensitive menus (right-clicking) was
expected and useful, but not available. (Bug #49622, Bug #11757556)
* On Windows, the Python debugger stopped the script being executed
in MySQL Workbench after about one second. It then displayed the
message "abort" in the output pane. (Bug #58960, Bug #11765943)
* On Microsoft Windows 7, if a user profile launched MySQL Workbench,
it crashed if additional user profiles attempted to launch it. The
first instance needed to be closed before another user profile was
able to run MySQL Workbench. (Bug #59913, Bug #11766733)
* On the Home screen, right-clicking a connection and selecting Start
Command Line Client produced this error:
Error calling
PyWbUtils.startCommandLineClientForConnection: see
output for details
Message: Error executing plugin
error calling
File "C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Workbench 5.2 CE\modules
\", line 96, in
schema = conn.parameterValues["schema"].replace("\\",
"\\\\").replace('"', '\\"')
AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'replace'
(Bug #59638, Bug #11766510)
* When running MySQL Workbench with the arguments â-script [FILE.lua]
-quit-when-doneâ, it crashed with this message:
[MySQL Workbench Unexpected Error]
MySQL Workbench has encountered a problem
Cannot access released / disposed object.
Object name: "MainForm".
(Bug #57570, Bug #11764708)
* Trying to create a relationship between two tables, created in a
plugin, produced this error:
MySQL Workbench has encountered a problem
Es wurde versucht, im geschützten Speicher zu lesen oder zu schreiben. Dies ist
ein Hinweis darauf, dass anderer Speicher beschädigt ist.
(Bug #58554, Bug #11765571)
* In the SQL Editor, when editing table data, this error dialog was
Either schema or table is not selected.
Each time the dialog was acknowledged, it was subsequently
redisplayed, preventing further progress. (Bug #57127, Bug
* Attempting to create a new user with MySQL Workbench failed with
this error:
Unhandled exception: Error adding account accountName@%:
(Bug #59000)
* The collapsed state of Workbench Central, on the Home screen, was
not saved between MySQL Workbench sessions. If after collapsing
Workbench Central to save vertical space, the application was
exited and restarted, Workbench Central was drawn in the expanded
state. (Bug #59399)
* Forward engineering a table containing a multiple-line comment
resulted in this error:
ERROR 1105 (HY000) at line 97: Too long comment for table 'motd'
(Bug #38597)
* Running the version of mysqldump supplied with the MySQL Server
package resulted in this error:
Operation failed with exitcode -1073741819
(Bug #59411)
* SQL Editor did not load certain text files correctly, and inserted
erroneous empty lines between text. (Bug #58850)
Version 5.2.31a (2010-12-13):
Functionality Added or Changed:
* It was not possible to launch the MySQL Command Line Client from
the SQL Editor. MySQL Workbench has been changed so that it is now
possible to launch a MySQL Command Line Client from the Home
screen. This can be done through the context-sensitive menu
available for items listed in the connections list on the Home
screen. (Bug #56631)
Bugs Fixed:
* SQL Editor did not load certain text files correctly, and inserted
erroneous empty lines between text. (Bug #58850)
* Opening the Snippets tab in the SQL Editor caused MySQL Workbench
to crash with the error:
** Message: query.explain built-in command is being overwritten
mysql-workbench-bin: /usr/include/boost/smart_ptr/shared_ptr.hpp:418: T*
boost::shared_ptr< <template-parameter-1-1> >::operator->() const [with T = Sql_
Assertion `px != 0' failed.
(Bug #58833)
* MySQL Workbench closed silently when the User Defined Types Editor
dialog was closed using the close button on the window frame, or by
pressing Alt+F4. (Bug #58846)
* An unexpected error was generated when attempting to modify the
script created in the Forward Engineer to Database wizard. (Bug
Version 5.2.31 (2010-12-08):
Functionality Added or Changed:
* The query execution time was added to the query result status bar.
(Bug #53509, Bug #11761054)
* Edit, Format, Un/Comment Selection was added. (Bug #55278, Bug
* MySQL Workbench has been changed so that holding the spacebar while
in the EER Diagram view temporarily changes the cursor to the hand
tool. When the spacebar is released the cursor reverts to the tool
that was selected prior to the spacebar having been pressed. (Bug
Bugs Fixed:
* MySQL Workbench would not detect invalid values while they were
entered into the properties editor. (Bug #11749933)
* These query beautifier problems were corrected:
+ When the beautifier was used on a query that performed a join
with the USING keyword, the table name was concatenated with
that keyword.
+ The beautifier did not recognize the optional AS keyword in
table references. When AS was used with a table alias, the
beautifier concatenated that keyword and the alias, which
caused any references to the original alias to fail.
+ Using the beautifier on a query containing USING resulted in
an invalid query being generated. This was due to missing
spaces around USING.
+ Using the beautifier on a query resulted in an unhandled
+ If a query was partially selected, and then the beautifier was
run, the results were unpredictable. Problems included
exceptions, duplicated tokens, and incorrect indentation.
+ When the beautifier was run on code containing several
statements, the code was incorrectly formatted.
+ A query containing a CASE keyword was not handled correctly.
+ The beautifier converted certain tokens to uppercase that
should not have been converted.
+ When attempting to beautify a CREATE INDEX query, the
beautifier removed part of the query.
+ If a query was written in the SQL Query tab, and then
highlighted using the cursor, the beautifier failed with an
unhandled exception on calls to beautify, uppercase, or
lowercase functions.
+ Using the beautifier on a CREATE TABLE statement resulted in
an unhandled exception.
(Bug #58598, Bug #58569, Bug #58347, Bug #58565, Bug #58359, Bug
#58367, Bug #58361, Bug #58360, Bug #58357, Bug #58358, Bug #58356)
* In the SQL Editor, when entering a hex value into an INTEGER
column, the hex value was automatically quoted as a string, causing
it to be evaluated to 0. (Bug #58045)
* Generated INSERT statements did not include quote characters for
TEXT or DATE columns. (Bug #54910)
* When exporting a record set using the SQL INSERT statements file
format, a number of issues were found:
+ The first line contained the executed SELECT statement as a
comment but the LIMIT syntax was located in a new line. This
resulted in the LIMIT part of the statement not being
commented out.
+ Strings following the VALUES keyword were not quoted.
+ The INSERT statements contained the text âtableâ in place of
the actual table name.
+ Existing files were overwritten without prompting the user.
(Bug #58377, Bug #56950)
* In the SQL Editor, selecting the default database where the server
contained only a single database had no effect. To avoid a âNo
database selectedâ error, the database had to be selected in a
script using the USE statement. (Bug #58274)
* A script file that was converted to the cp850 character set was
truncated on loading into the SQL Editor. (Bug #57636)
* In the SQL Editor, an out of memory exception occurred when
exporting a large record set in the CSV file format. (Bug #55889)
* In the SQL Editor, when viewing table data where the number of
columns was such that some columns were offscreen, if the End key
was pressed to go to the last column in the row, the data grid did
not scroll accordingly, so the column containing the cursor was not
visible without manually scrolling. (Bug #54753)
* Results for queries on rows that contained a null byte (\0) were
truncated at the null byte character when displayed in the SQL
Editor results pane. (Bug #58099)
* In the SQL Editor, it was not possible to create a foreign key
relationship between two tables. (Bug #55399)
* It was not possible to add a comment for a Layer using the Object
Editor. MySQL Workbench has been updated so that it is possible to
add a comment for a layer using the Object Editor. (Bug #50668)
* In the Model Overview, if a diagram had a title that wrapped to two
lines or more, the second line was truncated due to lack of space
in the panel. Now MySQL Workbench includes a scrollbar should the
diagram titles not fit within the standard panel. (Bug #54952)
* MySQL Workbench permitted an AUTO_INCREMENT column to be assigned a
default value in the Table Editor, resulting in invalid DDL being
generated. (Bug #49279)
* For a column of type TIMESTAMP, the menu items Default
CURRENT_TIMESTAMP in the context-sensitive menu of the Columns tab
of the Table Editor were grayed out. This occurred where a
preceding column of type TIMESTAMP was allocated an explicit
default value. MySQL Workbench should not have prevented setting a
value using the context-sensitive menu for the second defined
column in this case. (Bug #57665)
* Forward engineering a model failed with a duplicate column name
error when the EER diagram contained a view consisting of tables
joined using the JOIN ... USING syntax. (Bug #57329)
* In the Role Editor, the âDrag object from the catalog tree to
assign privilegesâ text label was out of date. The label should
have read âDrag objects from Physical Schemata section to assign
privilegesâ. (Bug #56321)
* In the Reverse Engineer Database wizard, the ability to select the
default schema on the Connection Options page was superfluous. (Bug
* Deleting routine groups from the EER Diagram view did not delete
routines. (Bug #56084)
* In the Column tab of the Table Editor, it was possible to set NULL
as the default value for a column that had been specified as NOT
NULL. (Bug #55456)
* In the Table Editor, if a data type was selected for a column, this
was immediately reflected on the EER Diagram view. However, if the
selection was reverted by pressing Control+Z, the EER Diagram was
not updated to reflect this, and continued to display the original
data type. (Bug #55348)
* In the User Defined Data Types Editor, clicking the button to edit
the argument list caused the Argument List Editor dialog to be
drawn beneath the current dialog. As the dialog with focus could
not be accessed, this meant it was not possible to proceed with
editing and MySQL Workbench had to be closed. (Bug #55242)
* The Modified time displayed in the Model Overview was incorrectly
set to the current time. (Bug #55237)
* It was not possible to select and copy messages in the Output
window of MySQL Workbench. When messages were displayed it was no
longer possible to right-click them and select either the Copy
Selected Messages to Clipboard or the Clear Output Windows menu
items. (Bug #54983)
* In the Diagram view switching between tables caused erroneous
carriage returns to be added to the DDL code in the Triggers tab.
(Bug #54411)
* Formatting of view code entered in the View Editor was not retained
after synchronization of the model with the server. (Bug #52004)
* ENUM values entered into the Inserts Editor were not automatically
quoted. (Bug #57399)
* When objects were double-clicked in the Diagram view, the correct
tab was not always switched to in the Object Editor. The
Description Editor did however switch to the correct object. (Bug
* Backups dumped to a project folder (file per table) were restored
in no particular order. This made it difficult to resume a
problematic restore at a specific point. (Bug #56897)
* In the Server Access Management tab of the Administrator no user
accounts were displayed. Further, attempting to create a new
account resulted in an exception. (Bug #57941)
* The error message displayed when the mysqldump version needed
updating was not informative enough. (Bug #54209)
* An error message contained a spelling mistake:
Line 437 of .\backend\wbprivate\workbench\wb_context_ui_home.cpp:
std::string msg = strfmt("Error in sercurityManager module: %s",err.what());
(Bug #57684)
* Clicking the Configuration tab in the Administrator produced this
Error Opening Configuration File
Exception: Internal error. File data passed is not in expected format. This is a
bug, we
would appreciate if you file a bug report at
(Bug #57418)
* In the Administrator, attempting to add an account with a login
name longer than 16 characters resulted in an exception. (Bug
* When the MySQL service was set to manual in MySQL Workbench, the
service was displayed as running in the server status panel, even
though the service had not yet been started. (Bug #56919)
* In the Connections tab of the Administrator, scrolling did not work
correctly with large numbers of connections. (Bug #56144)
* When multiple tabs were open in the Administrator, with each
connected to a different server, and with export of a database was
set up in each, running an export operation resulted in errors.
This occurred because MySQL Workbench attempted to export a
database selected in a tab other than the currently selected one.
(Bug #56113)
* In the Configuration tab of the Administrator it was not possible
to enable or disable the local_infile (LOAD DATA LOCAL) option.
(Bug #55031)
* In the Administrator, system health displayed NO DATA. (Bug #52151)
* In the Administrator, starting or stopping the monitored server
produced this error message:
Could not stop/start server: expected a character buffer object
(Bug #58400)
* In the Administrator, monitoring of a remote server did not work.
(Bug #58586)
* When using the Administrator, the CPU utilization jumped to 50%.
(Bug #50578)
* If a MWB file was double-clicked to open, but MySQL Workbench was
already running, a new instance of MySQL Workbench was launched,
rather than opening the file in a new tab in the currently running
instance. (Bug #56067)
* After printing, the status message displayed included incorrect
capitalization. âPrint Diagram doneâ should have been displayed as
âPrint diagram doneâ. (Bug #50035)
* The menu option View, Windows, menu item did not appear to have any
useful function. (Bug #49056)
* Autotools were required to be installed locally to build MySQL
Workbench from source. (Bug #58263)
* The MySQL Workbench tarball contained cached Autotools information.
(Bug #58261)
* Typing into the Workbench Scripting Shell resulted in an Unexpected
MySQL Workbench has encountered a problem.
Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that ot
memory is corrupt.
(Bug #58832)
* The MySQL configuration file could not be accessed during MySQL
Workbench installation. (Bug #56987)
* When creating a new server instance, this error occurred when
testing the settings:
Operation failed: File doesn't exist
(Bug #56911)
* Close tab functionality failed intermittently. This occurred for
attempts to close the tab directly or when using the File, Close
tab menu item. (Bug #55901)
* When setting the data type of a column to DOUBLE with precision
specified, the data type reverted to DOUBLE without the desired
precision specifiers. This happened in both the Table Editor and
the SQL Editor. (Bug #57865)
* After the computer woke from the sleep state, MySQL Workbench
attempted to reconnect to a connection that had previously been
closed in the SQL Editor. (Bug #56302)
* In the sidebar of the SQL Editor, when a default schema was
selected, other schemas listed in the sidebar were not displayed.
(Bug #55864)
* The schema editor decreased in size by several pixels each time a
new schema was edited. (Bug #49425)
* If the Table Editor was resized, it returned to the default size
when switching between tables to be edited. (Bug #56314)
* In the EER Diagram view, a copied object could not be pasted, if
the object had previously been pasted and then edited. (Bug #55336)
* The commands to arrange objects were not enabled in the EER Diagram
view. This rendered it impossible to move objects to the back or
bring them to the front. (Bug #57907)
* The SQL Editor did not display the execution times for queries.
(Bug #49390)
* In the SQL Editor, right-clicking a table name and selecting Alter
table did not launch the Alter table dialog as expected. This
happened if the table name utilized mixed case letters. (Bug
* In the SQL Editor tab of the Workbench Preferences dialog, if the
OK button was not clicked centrally, it was possible to
accidentally select or deselect one of the options Treat
BINARY/VARBINARY as nonbinary character string or Enable Data
Changes Commit Wizard. (Bug #57669)
* In the SQL Editor, in the Foreign Key tab of the new-table dialog,
it was not possible to select any of the foreign key check boxes.
(Bug #56024)
* The SQL Editor generated these errors if a query ran longer than 30
Error Code: 2013 Lost connection to MySQL server during query
Error Code: 2006 MySQL server has gone away
(Bug #57449)
* Find and Find and replace did not work in the SQL Query tab. (Bug
* MySQL Workbench crashed when a snippet in the snippet list was
right-clicked. (Bug #56588)
* Selecting a Refresh or Refresh all button or menu item caused the
list of tables and views in the sidebar to become empty. (Bug
* In the Columns tab of the Table Editor, double-clicking to edit or
add a new column caused the window to scroll to the top. (Bug
* When saving over a read-only file, MySQL Workbench changed the file
permissions to read/write. (Bug #56403)
* If the relationship editor was already open, it was not possible to
open it for another relationship without closing it first. (Bug
* The forward engineering process generated SQL code that quoted
boolean values, causing incorrect cast values. When a table
contained the logical BOOLEAN type for a field it was converted to
TINYINT(1) as expected. However, the values that were supplied for
any inserts were quoted, as in this example:
INSERT INTO mytable (id,flag) VALUES (NULL,'TRUE');
(Bug #57545)
* In the Administrator, most columns were not sortable. For example,
in the Connections tab, it was not possible to sort connections
based on clicking the columns id, User, Host, DB, Command, Time,
State, Info. (Bug #55813)
* The PYTHONPATH environment variable from other Python installations
interfered with MySQL Workbench. At startup, the error âcannot open
SSH Tunnel Managerâ appeared. Further, it was not possible to use
the MySQL Workbench administrative functions. (Bug #55674)
* On the Select Object page of the Reverse Engineer Database dialog,
the panels displayed when Show Filter was clicked did not resize
correctly when Hide Filter was clicked. (Bug #57376)
* When an EER diagram that was in the background was closed, it was
not possible to reopen it. (Bug #55767)
* Creating a many-to-many relationship between two tables resulted in
only one index being generated. (Bug #56613)
* In the Reverse Engineer SQL Script wizard, on the Input and Options
page, the button to select the SQL script file had the text âBrowâ
instead of âBrowseâ. (Bug #57929)
Version 5.2.30 (2010-11-20):
Functionality Added or Changed:
* MySQL Workbench has been changed so that the Query Editor in the
SQL editor includes an SQL formatter. Code can be highlighted and
formatted using the Edit, Format menu item. (Bug #50822)
* An advanced search and replace dialog has been added to MySQL
Workbench. This can be accessed from the main menu Edit option,
Find and replace or the keyboard shortcut Control+Shift+f. (Bug
Bugs Fixed:
* In the Table Editor of the SQL Editor, on the Foreign Keys tab,
selecting the Referenced Table dropdown for a database containing a
large number of tables caused MySQL Workbench to become
unresponsive while the dropdown was being populated. (Bug #56014)
* The output generated as a result of using the Print and Print
Preview menu items was incorrect. Only the magnified top left
corner of the EER diagram was displayed. (Bug #55139)
* After a query was executed, MySQL Workbench crashed when the Export
button was clicked to export the result set to a file. (Bug #57379)
* For attempts to connect to a server using SSH, MySQL Workbench
produced this error message after the user entered the password:
AttributeError: ServerProfile instance has no attribute 'serverInfo'
(Bug #57695)
* On Linux Fedora 14, MySQL Workbench produced this error at startup:
/usr/bin/mysql-workbench-bin: error while loading shared libraries: libpython2.6
cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
(Bug #56863)
* The implementation of get_local_ip_list() had several problems:
+ It did not have a graceful fallback state in the event of
+ It failed if ifconfig was not on the default user path.
+ It did not handle IPv6 addresses.
(Bug #57537)
* In the SQL Editor, it was not possible to close the last remaining
tab. Closing the last remaining tab should result in a new blank
tab being displayed. (Bug #57137)
* When importing an SQL script using the Reverse Engineer SQL Script
wizard, copying a path from the clipboard to the Select SQL script
file input box resulted in an âinvalid pathâ error. (Bug #57927)
* The default settings for the Export Directory Path in the Workbench
Preferences dialog used mixed file path delimiters (both '/' and
'\'). (Bug #57944)
* In the Create Table dialog of the SQL Editor, if a new column was
created with a synonym data type such as INTEGER, the datatype
would appear blank, both in the interface and in the generated SQL.
This resulted in an error when clicking the Apply SQL button. (Bug
* In the Alter Table dialog of the SQL Editor, attempts to reorder
columns failed. If a column position was changed, and then the
Apply button was clicked, the dialog reported that no changes to
the object were detected. (Bug #54923)
* When a model was forward engineered with File, Export, Forward
Engineer SQL CREATE Script, the generated script contained a
statement that consisted of a single delimiter, ';'. (Bug #57378)
* When a foreign key was created manually, if the referenced table
did not exist, MySQL Workbench crashed. (Bug #57470)
* In the EER diagram view, the table titles were the same color as
the background color, making the table titles illegible. (Bug
* It was not possible to change the name of an EER Diagram. The
facility was missing from the Diagram Properties and Size dialog.
(Bug #56625)
* Foreign keys were not updated when a referenced column was deleted.
(Bug #55219)
* If the SSL option was selected for a standard TCP/IP connection,
there was no facility provided to enter the SSL certificate
details. (Bug #57101)
* The safe updates option on the SQL Editor tab of the Preferences
dialog required a MySQL Workbench restart to take effect. (Bug
* When a new instance was created to connect using SSH with an SSH
certificate file, the location of the certificate file was not
saved. (Bug #52048)
* In SQL Editor, when using the Alter Table facility to set a column
to Auto Increment (AI), the dialog reported that âNo changes to
object were detectedâ. (Bug #50214)
Version 5.2.29 (2010-10-12):
Functionality Added or Changed:
* The Autosave feature was added. (Bug #50044, Bug #11757926)
* An open model that has not been saved is now automatically saved
after a user-settable period. On loading a model file, MySQL
Workbench will notify the user if the file was not previously saved
correctly, due to a crash or power failure. MySQL Workbench can
then attempt to recover the last auto-saved version. Note that for
automatic recovery to be available for a new file, it will have to
have been saved by the user at least once. (Bug #56718)
Bugs Fixed:
* Security Fix: A security bug was fixed. (Bug #57080)
* Scripts could successfully be executed on the MySQL Server failed
to execute in the MySQL Workbench SQL Editor. (Bug #56833)
* In the Model View, MySQL Workbench crashed when the Output tab was
reopened after previously being closed. (Bug #57150)
* Screen areas in the Administrator did not redraw correctly. It was
necessary to move the main window to force a redraw. (Bug #55490)
* If an EER diagram was created and then closed, attempting to reopen
it caused MySQL Workbench to display an unexpected error dialog.
(Bug #57259)
* In the Administrator, clicking the Data Dump tab generated the
error Error updating DB: float division and schemata were not
displayed. (Bug #56658)
* In the SQL Editor, if some table data was edited, and then the
connection to the server was lost, clicking the Apply changes to
data toolbar button caused MySQL Workbench to crash.
Now MySQL Workbench shows an error message in the Output tab when a
connection is lost. Once the connection is back up, clicking Apply
changes to data re-establishes the connection and sends the changes
to the server. (Bug #56170)
* If a foreign key was set to RESTRICT for On Delete and On Update on
the Foreign Keys tab of the Table Editor, MySQL Workbench generated
SQL code to drop and add this key on every subsequent
synchronization attempt. (Bug #55155)
* Clicking the Inserts tab of the Table Editor resulted in the MySQL
Workbench Unexpected Error dialog being displayed. (Bug #57346)
* Changes made to a server instance were not saved. In particular,
changing installation type to âCustomâ was not saved, and changes
to the sudo command were also not saved. (Bug #57026)
* It was only possible to connect to a MySQL server for
administration using an SSH connection. (Bug #56874)
* Attempting to open the Table Editor in the SQL Editor multiple
times for a table that contained no primary key caused MySQL
Workbench to crash. (Bug #57139)
* In the Alter Table dialog of the SQL Editor, attempting to create a
new index in the Index tab was not actioned when the Apply button
was clicked. The dialog reported that âno changes to object were
detectedâ. (Bug #56906)
* When synchronizing a model to a live database, if a database was
deselected in the wizard, a DROP statement for that database was
generated in the SQL code to prevent it from being part of the
synchronization process. This caused that database to be dropped
from the live database, with corresponding loss of all data. (Bug
* When attempting to open an EER Diagram by double-clicking it in the
Model Overview, MySQL Workbench generated this unexpected error:
Cannot access a disposed object.
Object Name: ModelDiagramForm.
(Bug #56963)
* Folding of iteration statement blocks, such as WHILE, REPEAT, and
LOOP, did not work correctly in the SQL Editor. The loop end
constructs such as END WHILE, END REPEAT, and END LOOP were not
recognized as expected. (Bug #55358)
* If a table containing a User Defined Type based on VARCHAR was
forward engineered, the resulting SQL did not correctly quote the
VARCHAR value, resulting in a server error. For example, this code
was generated:
CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `x`.`tabley` (`customstring` VARCHAR(10));
INSERT INTO `x`.`tabley` (`id_customstring`) VALUES (example);
The correct INSERT statement should be:
INSERT INTO `x`.`tabley` (`id_customstring`) VALUES ('example');
(Bug #56710)
Version 5.2.28 (2010-09-19):
Functionality Added or Changed:
* Added the ability to copy column names from result sets to the
clipboard. (Bug #53000, Bug #11760578)
* The following command line options have been added to MySQL
+ --admin instance: Launch MySQL Workbench and load the
specified server instance
+ --query connection: Launch MySQL Workbench and load the
specified connection
+ --model modelfile: Launch MySQL Workbench and load the
specified model
+ --script script: Launch MySQL Workbench and run the specified
+ --run code: Launch MySQL Workbench and run the specified code
+ --quit-when-done: Quit MySQL Workbench after --script or --run
(Bug #46340)
* The SQL Editor now displays the number of rows matched after a
query. (Bug #48772)
Bugs Fixed:
* Added MySQL Server 5.5 support. (Bug #51365, Bug #11759082)
* Running a TRUNCATE statement in the SQL editor with safe updates
enabled resulted in this error:
Error Code: 1175
You are using safe update mode and you tried to update a table without a WHERE t
hat uses
a KEY column
(Bug #56597)
* In the SQL Editor, a crash occurred if User Snippets was selected
after another snippet collection had been selected, and then the
Replace active SQL Editor contents with selected snippet button was
clicked. (Bug #56626)
* In the SQL Editor, a statement containing CREATE DATABASE resulted
in an unexpected error. (Bug #56295)
* The Table tab of the Table Editor contained a typo in the
description for the Name field. Replaced was spelled as âraplacedâ.
(Bug #56518)
* The mydb database was created by default when reverse engineering
from an existing database or script. (Bug #56183)
* When OpenGL rendering was selected, the EER Diagram area was not
redrawn due to faulty OpenGL drivers. The workaround was to launch
MySQL Workbench using the -swrendering command line option. Now
MySQL Workbench includes an option to select software rendering in
the Workbench Preferences dialog. (Bug #55863)
* In the Accounts tab of the Administrator, an Unexpected Error
occurred if a foreign character was used in the Login Name field of
the Server Access Management tab. The same bug also affected the
Schema Privileges tab. (Bug #56534)
* In the View Editor, if the name of a view was changed in the code
editor to the name of a pre-existing view of that name, the
contents of the pre-existing view were replaced by the contents of
the new view, even though the new view was created with a different
name. (Bug #55661)
* Importing an exported file from a network share resulted in this
error due to incorrect escaping of the path:
08:44:00 Restoring \\server\d$\file.sql
Running: mysql.exe --defaults-extra-file="c:\...\tmp3oc8ig" --host=localhost
--user=root --port=3306 --default-character-set=utf8 --comments <
The specified path is invalid.
(Bug #56735)
* On Microsoft Windows, when saving a MySQL configuration file from
within the Administrator, Windows displayed the UAC dialog twice.
MySQL Workbench has been changed so that Windows now only displays
the UAC dialog once. (Bug #49674)
* In MySQL Workbench list controls, when an item was selected and
another item right-clicked, the context-sensitive menu displayed
options related to the first list item selected, rather than the
current list item being right-clicked, and any action selected was
carried out on the first item. (Bug #56077)
* A plugin that used Mforms generated this error at MySQL Workbench
..... line 16, in <module>
import mforms
ImportError: No module named mforms
(Bug #55243)
* It was no longer possible to rename a schema by double-clicking the
schema tab in the Physical Schemata section of the Model View. (Bug
* If an SQL script containing international characters was saved in
the SQL Editor and then restored, the last character in the
restored file was missing. (Bug #56083)
* If a view was created with correct syntax for an existing schema,
and then Model menu, Validate (SQL) was selected, and either
Validate All or Check Syntax was selected, this error message was
generated in the Output window:
Syntax error in view 'view_name'. View code is 'CREATE VIEW ...'
(Bug #54969)
* Attempts to define a foreign key for a table with a composite
primary key caused MySQL Workbench to crash. This happened while
trying to select the fields of the composite primary key to be
associated with the referenced columns. (Bug #56496)
* If a foreign key was about to be renamed, and the corresponding
text field had focus, MySQL Workbench crashed if the model was then
closed. (Bug #56315)
* If a model contained two schemata, and an attempt was made to
forward engineer only one of the schemata by use of the object
filters, data loss could result. This happened because a DROP
statement was generated for both schemata in the model, rather than
just the one being forward engineered. (Bug #55918)
* MySQL Workbench exhibited a variety of crashes if, in the Model
View, EER diagrams were repeatedly created and deleted. MySQL
Workbench also crashed if all objects in the diagram were copied
and pasted to the same diagram several times, and then the diagram
was deleted. Unexpected errors generated included:
+ Object is currently in use elsewhere
+ Index is outside the bounds of the array
+ Index must be within the bounds of the List
(Bug #55304)
* If all objects were selected in the model view, and then the Edit
Selected menu item was selected, MySQL Workbench generated an
unexpected error. (Bug #54695)
* If the MySQL server configuration file was modified using the
Administrator to deactivate InnoDB, the MySQL server failed to
restart, and generated this error in the log:
[ERROR] C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.1\bin\mysqld: Error while
setting value 'FALSE' to 'innodb'
(Bug #55029)
* The Workbench Scripting Shell dialog could be increased in size,
but not subsequently reduced in size. (Bug #56049)
* On Microsoft Windows, MySQL Workbench crashed if the Trebuchet MS
font was missing or corrupted. Now MySQL Workbench falls back to a
secondary font if the Trebuchet MS font is missing or corrupted.
(Bug #54953)
* MySQL Workbench application failed to start on Mac OS X. (Bug
* There were two problems in the new_table dialog of the SQL Editor:
+ When Apply was clicked, in the Apply SQL Script to Database
dialog, if Apply SQL was clicked, the SQL would be applied
without error. However, if the Back button was clicked and the
Apply SQL button clicked again, an error would be generated.
If this process was repeated, each time a slightly different
error would be added to the list of errors displayed.
+ The Cancel and Finish buttons appeared to have the same
functionality, and simply returned the user to the new_table
(Bug #56000)
Version 5.2.27 (2010-09-01):
Functionality Added or Changed:
* Several changes were made to the Synchronize Model With Database
+ The wizard shows all schemata in a model, regardless of
whether they exist in the live database.
+ The wizard shows a list of schemata that exist in the model
but are missing from the live server, with a note recommending
the use of the Forward Engineering wizard.
+ The wizard does not auto-select schemata names that are in the
model but not in the live database.
(Bug #54748)
Bugs Fixed:
* When the Alter Table dialog for an InnoDB table was displayed in an
SQL Editor session, the Foreign Key Options Index showed INVALID
when a foreign key in the Foreign Keys tab was clicked. (Bug
* When an attempt was made to synchronize a model with a live
database, no schemata were listed as available in the Synchronize
Model with Database wizard. This happened when the name of the
schema in the model and the schema on the live server differed only
in lettercase. (Bug #55147)
* At startup, these warnings were generated in the Workbench
Scripting Shell:
Starting Workbench...Registered 147 GRT classes.
WARNING: Could not load wb.mysql.validation.grt.dylib: Invalid module
WARNING: Could not load wb.validation.grt.dylib: Invalid module
(Bug #54929)
* When an attempt was made to synchronize a modified exported script
with the current model, using File, Export, Synchronize with SQL
Create Script, the model was not updated. (Bug #54501)
* After dropping a schema from the list in the Object Browser, the
schema that was dropped remained, but with the name of the schema
that followed it. Refreshing the list of available schemata
produced an unhandled exception:
An unhandled exception has occurred:
Invalid node index
(Bug #55861)
* MySQL Workbench crashed when using the Export recordset to an
external file command button on the result pane of the SQL Editor.
(Bug #55554)
* When using the Edit Table Data wizard (launched from Home screen),
if a database with a single table was connected to, after selecting
the table, the Finish button remained grayed out. (Bug #54942)
* In the SQL Editor, right-clicking a routine name in the Object
Browser caused MySQL Workbench to exit unexpectedly. (Bug #55822)
* If a table was copied in the EER Diagram view, and then the model
was synchronized with the live database, the synchronize
functionality did not recognize the copied table as a new table and
overwrote the original table. (Bug #55566)
* Renaming a column with a foreign key resulted in an invalid script
being generated on forward engineering or synchronization with a
live database. (Bug #55502)
* The second attempt to save a read-only model file produced this
Couldn't backup existing file name-of-the-file.mwb: No such file or directory
(Bug #55439)
* When a table was being edited in the Table Editor, and its name was
changed, the name change was not reflected on the Table Editor's
table tab. (Bug #55338)
* It was not possible to add the LOCK TABLES privilege when assigning
a new role in the Model Overview because that privilege was missing
from the available options. (Bug #55186)
* Selecting the Check Duplicated Identifiers (Additions) operation
from the Validation (SQL) submenu of the Model menu produced this
error message:
Type mismatch: expected object of type db.Schema, but got workbench.physical.Mod
(Bug #54968)
* The schema collation was not saved after being changed in the Table
Editor. (Bug #55152)
* Selecting Validate (SQL) from the Model menu and then selecting the
Validate All option reported no errors. Selecting Forward Engineer
from the Database menu and selecting Run Validations also reported
no errors. However, executing the SQL script resulted in this
ERROR: Error 1005: Can't create table 'xxx' (errno:150)
(Bug #54985)
* MySQL Workbench crashed when using the Partitioning tab of the
Table Editor. (Bug #55761)
* Forward engineering a model to a live database caused MySQL
Workbench to crash. (Bug #56009)
* MySQL Workbench crashed in the foreign key editor. The Microsoft
Visual C++ Runtime Library runtime error generated prior to the
crash was:
- pure virtual function call
(Bug #55910)
* The Dump tab did not display the target folder before the dump was
performed. (Bug #55945)
* Dumping tables or schemata without the LOCK TABLE privilege
produced this error:
mysqldump: Got error: 1044: Access denied for user 'wwroot'@'%' to database db'
(Bug #55019)
* Selecting "Dump views" for a backup produced this error:
Unhandled exception: global name 'views_by_schema' is not defined
It was necessary to restart the Administrator to enable the dump
facility again. (Bug #55833)
* If the sidebar was placed on the right hand side, using the option
in Workbench Preferences, this Unexpected Error was generated when
Add Diagram was double-clicked:
SplitterDistance value is invalid (-52)
(Bug #55902)
* Attempts to restore a backup of selected tables resulted in this
File "C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Workbench 5.2 CE\modules\",
841, in start
logmsg = "Restoring %s (%s)" % (schema, table)
NameError: global name 'schema' is not defined
(Bug #56020)
* MySQL Workbench caused Windows XP to reboot if launched from Start,
Programs, MySQL, MySQL WorkBench 5.2 OSS.
If a MySQL Workbench model file (.mwb) was opened directly, an
error dialog titled Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library was
displayed with the message:
An application has made an attempt to load the C runtime library incorrectly. Pl
contact the application's support team for more information.
The dialog's only option was OK. After clicking OK, two more
instances of the same dialog were displayed. After clicking OK for
all three, MySQL Workbench opened with the model file displayed.
On Windows 7 x64, the same runtime error (R6034) occurred. (Bug
* When using MySQL Workbench to report a bug, it was not possible to
attach a file using the Choose File button because the button had
no effect. (Bug #55112)
* In the SQL Editor, executing statements designed for MySQL Server
5.5 generated syntax or syntax highlighting errors. (Bug #55867,
Bug #55891)
* Opening an SQL Editor connection for a remote server produced this
OverviewBE::get_node:invalid node 0.0.0.
(Bug #52648)
Version 5.2.26 (2010-08-06):
Functionality Added or Changed:
* A validation module (a SE feature only) has been added. It sends an
alert if foreign keys are being used in or to a partitioned table.
Note: partitioned tables do not support foreign keys. (Bug #44273,
Bug #11752933)
* When using the MySQL Workbench table properties to add a foreign
key, the size of a new foreign key field will now update to match
the size of the corresponding primary key. (Bug #55083, Bug
* Added the default value of CURRENT_TIMESTAMP ON UPDATE
CURRENT_TIMESTAMP to context menu of column editor for TIMESTAMP
columns. (Bug #54987)
Bugs Fixed:
* When using su -user instead of sudo, rather than requesting the
password of the user for invoking the su command, MySQL Workbench
requested the root password and attempted to invoke the sudo
command. (Bug #53740)
* In the Administrator, if the MySQL server configuration file was
modified to enable skip-innodb, and the server was restarted,
InnoDB was still active. (Bug #55030)
* On the Snippets tab, the tooltip for the Insert selected snippet to
cursor position in the active SQL editor button contained the
misspelling âselectedâ. (Bug #55026)
* If the Start Server button was clicked twice in MySQL Workbench,
the server would stop. (Bug #49588)
* In the list view of the physical schemata, clicking a list column
heading failed to sort the items by that column. (Bug #38863)
* When connecting to a server, MySQL Workbench prompted for a
password, even if one had not been set for that account. (Bug
* MySQL Workbench crashed when executing LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE as a
query in the SQL Editor. (Bug #49694)
* In the Overview tab of the SQL Editor, if there was a large number
of schemata, using the arrow buttons in the interface to scroll
through them caused MySQL Workbench to crash, usually on the last
schema in the list. (Bug #54891)
* MySQL Workbench crashed if minimized while loading a model. (Bug
* In the Synchronize Model with Database wizard, the list of schemata
was not drawn correctly on the Select Schemata page, if Back was
clicked from the Fetch Object Info page. (Bug #55174)
* Importing a DBDesigner model caused MySQL Workbench to crash. (Bug
* After creating a server instance and double-clicking it on the Home
screen, the Administrator took an excessively long time to load
(over 10 minutes). (Bug #52530)
* When a model was synchronized with a live database, CHAR(N) columns
were always synchronized as CHAR(1). (Bug #55334)
* Complex queries with multiple newlines did not fit well in the
Action column of the Output tab of the SQL Editor. This prevented
any query error messages from being read. (Bug #55117)
* When using the SQL Editor and issuing a query containing
SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS and a subsequent FOUND_ROWS() query,
FOUND_ROWS() returned zero instead of the number of matching rows
without a LIMIT applied. (Bug #54868)
* Multi-statement syntax did not work in the SQL Editor. If the
delimiter was set to a character other than the default semicolon,
the SQL Editor should still have recognized semicolon as a valid
delimiter for multi-statements, but it did not. (Bug #54831)
* In the SQL Editor, if a column's comment contained a Chinese word,
then in the Object Browser, if the context-sensitive menu item Send
to SQL Editor, Create Statement was selected, incomplete script
code was sent to the SQL Query tab. (Bug #54822)
* In an EER Diagram, the circles at each end of a relationship line
were drawn in different sizes. (Bug #54663)
* In forward engineering a model to a database, the PRIMARY index was
not reordered correctly when columns were reordered. (Bug #54176)
* When a model was forward engineered to a database, insert
statements associated with binary data were not present in the
generated code. As a result, binary data was not forwarded to the
database. (Bug #54680)
* In the Reverse Engineer Database wizard, using a pattern mask to
filter tables being imported caused a subsequent MySQL Workbench
crash. (Bug #55076)
* The Configuration section of the MySQL Workbench Administrator did
not copy configuration variables from the my.cnf file that
contained an underscore character. (Bug #54933)
* MySQL Workbench would not compile on RHEL 5. This was due to the
calls to the function set_opacity in
library/form/gtk/src/lf_utilities.cpp (line 661) and
library/forms/gtk/src/lf_popup.cpp (line 64). The set_opacity
function was not available in GTK 2.10. (Bug #54844)
* When forward engineering an SQL ALTER script, the generated code
attempted to recreate all foreign keys. (Bug #54363)
* On the Home screen, the saved connections previously listed in the
Workspace were no longer visible. (Bug #55484)
* When zooming in and out of the EER Diagram view, MySQL Workbench
generated an unknown error. (Bug #52829, Bug #55390)
Version 5.2.25 (2010-06-30, General Availability):
Functionality Added or Changed:
* MySQL Workbench now prompts the user for a password for attempts to
connect using a âTCP over SSHâ connection type, if a password was
not previously provided during configuration of the connection.
(Bug #47892)
Bugs Fixed:
* MySQL Workbench displayed instability after an SSH connection to
the server was closed, resulting in hanging or crashing behavior.
(Bug #50554)
* MySQL Workbench generated excessive diagnostic messages at startup.
Now MySQL Workbench does not display diagnostic messages by default
on Linux, unless activated by starting MySQL Workbench with the
--verbose option. (Bug #54021)
* Compiling MySQL Workbench from source failed with this error while
building library/grt/src/grtpp_grt.cpp:
Could not find file cairo_features.h
(included from cairo.h, which is included from
library/base/src/string_utilities.h, which is included in grtpp_grt.cpp)
(Bug #54833)
* When a .dbquery file created with MySQL Query Browser was opened in
the SQL Editor, the Byte Order Mark (BOM) was not removed. This led
to an erroneous character being prepended to the first statement,
making it illegal. (Bug #54322)
* If the Alter Routine dialog was maximized in the SQL Editor, the
dialog buttons were no longer visible. (Bug #53734)
* When a table was copied in the EER Diagram view, it was found that
the paste menu option was visible but disabled when an attempt was
made to paste the table into a new diagram. (Bug #38432)
* In the Inserts editor, the underscores in column headings were
incorrectly displayed as accelerator/shortcut keys. (Bug #48831)
* For the Manage DB Connections dialog, labels such as user name and
password were hidden when the dialog was opened at its default
size. (Bug #47890)
* In the Modeler, when opening a new object such as a table, the
currently open tab was reused, rather than a new tab being opened.
This made it difficult to compare objects such as tables and
routines. (Bug #45557)
* On exit, MySQL Workbench prompted the user to save changes for
every query tab that had been opened in the SQL Editor, even where
a table had simply been viewed, and no script code had been written
by the user. (Bug #54754)
* In the SQL Editor, if a query was executed and MySQL Workbench was
minimized, the Results tab window area was not correctly redrawn on
maximizing the application. (Bug #51991)
* In the Columns tab of the Table Editor, column ordering handling
had numerous problems. For example, dragging and dropping a column
did not locate the column as expected. (Bug #53749)
* When synchronizing a model that contained triggers, MySQL Workbench
generated erroneous DROP TRIGGER and CREATE TRIGGER statements,
even when the triggers had not been changed. (Bug #51929)
* When creating a table containing columns with a BOOLEAN data type,
the model then failed to validate, even though BOOLEAN is offered
on the list of types available for columns. (Bug #49538)
* When synchronizing a model with the live database, the generated
SQL included erroneous DROP COLUMN and ADD COLUMN operations, and
also erroneous ADD INDEX and DROP INDEX operations. (Bug #54740)
* Inserts data did not appear to be preserved between MySQL Workbench
A model was created with MySQL Workbench 5.1.18 and data inserted
using the Insert tab. If the model was then saved and loaded into
MySQL Workbench 5.2.22, and the model forward engineered to an SQL
script, the generated script contained INSERT statements that
inserted NULL instead of the data originally entered. (Bug #54639)
* In the Data Dump section of the Administrator, using the Export to
Backup Project Folder option resulted in triggers being exported to
both the table files and the routines files. Attempting to import
the exported files produced an error due to the duplicated
triggers. (Bug #54426)
* In the Configuration tab of the Administrator, the parameter
innodb_support_xa on the InnoDB Parameters tab has a corresponding
check box. If this was selected and changes applied, the
confirmation dialog indicated these changes were made:
Added: [mysqld] innodb_support_xa = True
However, what was added to the my.cnf file was âinnodb_support_xaâ.
This meant there was no way to set this parameter (which defaults
to True) to False using MySQL Workbench. (Bug #53449)
* When forward engineering to a live database, the generated SQL
statements contained an erroneous additional carriage return at the
end of each line. This manifested in two ways. In the first case,
in the Forward Engineer to Database wizard, if Save to File was
selected, a carriage-return character was appended to each line. In
the second case, if Copy to Clipboard was selected, and the content
subsequently pasted from the clipboard to an editor, the extra
carriage return characters was attached only to the DDL statements
inside Create View and Create Trigger. (Bug #54272, Bug #54244)
* In the Create Routine dialog of the SQL Editor, the text label
associated with the Name textbox mentioned âviewâ, rather than
âroutineâ. (Bug #54566)
* Minimizing MySQL Workbench after a connection with a server was
established produced this error:
SplitterDistance must be between Panel1MinSize and (Width - Panel2MinSize)
(Bug #54482)
* Printing or previewing an EER Diagram in Landscape/Tabloid produced
blank output. (Bug #54240, Bug #54601)
Version 5.2.24 (2010-06-21):
Functionality Added or Changed:
* A Kill Query button has been added to the Connections tab of the
Administrator. (Bug #54409)
Bugs Fixed:
* The Connections tab in the Administrator did not feature automatic
refresh. This had to be manually triggered using the Refresh
button. Further, the Kill Connection button was sometimes
incorrectly disabled. (Bug #53703)
* In the Configuration tab of the Administrator, this error resulted
when changes were applied:
Could not Save Configuration File
There was an error saving the configurationfile: exec_cmd() takes at least 3 arg
uments (2
This happened while connecting to a FreeBSD 7.1 server over an SSH
connection. (Bug #54647)
* In the SQL Editor, there was a space between the Execute and Stop
toolbar buttons. Hovering the mouse cursor over this space resulted
in the tooltip âExplain selected SQLâ being displayed, which
appeared to indicate a missing icon. (Bug #49316)
* In the SQL Editor, entering a space into the SQL Query tab,
selecting an external tab (such as the Overview tab or Output tab),
and then selecting File, Close Tab caused MySQL Workbench to crash.
Further, the Add Table dialog had numerous issues, including
inability to select PK and other check boxes, failure to validate
input, inability to apply changes, and deletion of user data in
certain cases. (Bug #54124)
* If a foreign key relationship was created, and its modelOnly
property set, the relationship was correctly excluded when the
model was synchronized with a live database. However, the DDL code
for the foreign key indexes was still generated in the
synchronization script. (Bug #53420)
* Synchronizing a model with a live database generated ALTER
statements, even when there appeared to be no difference between
the database and the model. (Bug #50938)
Version 5.2.23 (Internal release only):
Functionality Added or Changed:
* In the SQL Editor, when more result tabs were generated than could
fit into the current panel, it was not obvious how to navigate to
those result sets that could not currently be displayed. This could
be achieved using the left and right arrow keys, but MySQL
Workbench now also includes a spin control to navigate the
available tabs. (Bug #52998)
* The Overview tab in the SQL Editor now supports scrolling of
content using the mouse wheel. (Bug #50782)
Bugs Fixed:
* Changing the name of a stored procedure in the modeler and saving
changes caused an erroneous ';' character to be added to the SQL
code sent to the database. That resulted in this error:
ERROR 1064: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that
corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use
near ';
USE `911datashop`' at line 1
SQL Statement:
USE `911datashop`
(Bug #54258, Bug #11761738)
* In the SQL Editor, for result set exports to a tab-delimited file,
MySQL Workbench added a .CSV file name extension. (Bug #54302)
* In the SQL Editor, exporting a record set failed if the target path
contained an international character. (Bug #54479)
* In the SQL Editor, if a table in the Overview tab was
double-clicked, the query generated replaced code already entered
into the SQL Query tab, resulting in the loss of that code. (Bug
* In the SQL Query tab of SQL Editor, tooltip error messages were
still displayed, even after switching to another tab. (Bug #53634)
* In the SQL Editor, attempting to execute a selection in the SQL
Query tab caused all text to be executed, not just the selected
text. (Bug #54536)
* MySQL Workbench crashed if a pinned result tab was refreshed in the
SQL Editor. (Bug #54114)
* After a foreign key was created, and the referenced table or column
was changed, the change was not reflected in the foreign key,
resulting in errors. (Bug #54134)
* In the Inserts tab of the Table Editor, adding a new row and
applying changes had no effect. (Bug #54456)
* The Document Properties dialog was displayed across two screens in
a multiple-screen setup. (Bug #53262)
* Clicking external links in the embedded browser launched Internet
Explorer rather than the default browser. (Bug #54192)
* Select All (Control+A) did not work when editing comments for a
table or column. (Bug #54154)
* In the General tab of Configuration in the Administrator, when the
Temp directory option was selected, and a directory was selected
using the file browser, MySQL Workbench inserted backslashes rather
than forward slashes. If backslashes were used in this location in
the configuration file, the server crashed at startup. (Bug #54445)
* Synchronizing a model with a live database produced incorrect SQL
ALTER TABLE `mydb`.`table1` AUTO_INCREMENT = ;
(Bug #54319)
* Keyboard shortcuts such as Command+C, Command+V, and Command+Z were
not useable consistently in all parts of MySQL Workbench. (Bug
* Clicking a table caused MySQL Workbench to produce this error
MySQL Workbench has encountered a problem
Cannot access a disposed object
Object name: 'DockedWindowPlugin'.
(Bug #54498)
* When entering binary data into the Inserts tab for a table, the
data was truncated at the first null byte (\0). (Bug #54156)
* Clicking the Edit Table Data action item from the Home screen
caused MySQL Workbench to crash. (Bug #54230)
* Columns defined as BIT appeared as requiring synchronization, even
if no changes had been made. (Bug #53747)
* In the SQL Editor, selecting Alter Table from the context-sensitive
menu had no effect. (Bug #54283)
* In the SQL Editor, editing a table with a row highlighted,
right-clicking a BLOB column and loading a value from a file
resulted in this error:
An external component has triggered an exception
(Bug #54266)
* When synchronizing with a live database, MySQL Workbench did not
interpret whitespace in ENUMs correctly. For example, ENUM('image',
'video', 'swf') was seen as different from
ENUM('image','video','swf'), causing the live server and model to
appear unsynchronized. (Bug #49182)
* In the Alter Routine dialog of the SQL Editor, if the Find and
Replace dialog was invoked with Control+F, and Control+V was used
to paste in some search text, the text was actually pasted into the
routine code area. (Bug #53735)
* In the Layer Tree panel, if a layer was given a blank name, MySQL
Workbench subsequently crashed, rather than warning about the of a
blank name. (Bug #53807)
* The forward engineering Omit Schema Qualifier in Object Names
option was not correctly applied to some statements in Trigger
code. In these cases, the schema name remained in place. (Bug
* An EER Diagram appeared to contain hidden tables. Although the
diagram contained 12 tables, when a 'select all' was performed the
user was informed that 14 tables were selected. It seemed that
certain tables had been resized to be so small as to no longer be
visible in the diagram. (Bug #53885)
* MySQL Workbench failed to build from source on Debian Linux. This
error was generated:
libtool: compile: g++ -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I./src -I./src -pthread -DNDEBUG -Wa
-Wwrite-strings -Woverloaded-virtual -Wno-sign-compare -g -O2 -Wextra -Wall -Wno
-Wno-deprecated -c src/ -fPIC -DPIC -o .libs/libctemplate_wb_la-temp
In file included from ./src/ctemplate/per_expand_data.h:48,
from ./src/ctemplate/template_modifiers.h:69,
from src/template_modifiers_internal.h:53,
from src/
./src/ctemplate/template_string.h:88: error: ISO C++ forbids declaration of 'Tem
with no type
./src/ctemplate/template_string.h: In member function 'size_t
ctemplate::TemplateIdHasher::operator()(ctemplate::TemplateId) const':
./src/ctemplate/template_string.h:234: warning: right shift count >= width of ty
./src/ctemplate/template_string.h: At global scope:
./src/ctemplate/template_string.h:344: warning: overflow in implicit constant co
src/ In static member function 'static void
src/ warning: comparison between signed and unsigned integer
make[5]: *** [libctemplate_wb_la-template.lo] Error 1
(Bug #53668)
* In the Alter Table dialog of the SQL Editor, if an attempt was made
to set the NN flag for a column that did not have it set, an error
was generated when the changes are applied. (Bug #53918)
* When carrying out an Alter Routine operation in the SQL Editor, if
a routine was modified, and a statement used that, although
syntactically correct, was not permitted in a routine, all
modifications were lost when changes were applied. (Bug #53887)
* In the SQL Editor, attempting to create a new schema using Create
Schema with a server collation of utf8 - default collation produced
SQL that resulted in an error when applied. (Bug #54097)
* Performing an undo operation in SQL Editor actually resulted in an
undo operation in the Modeler. (Bug #54091)
* In the EER Diagram view, it was not possible to delete a
relationship by right-clicking the relationship, then selecting
Delete from the context-sensitive menu. (Bug #53659)
* In the Diagram Size dialog, displayed using Model, Diagram
Properties and Size, it was possible to set the size to 100 pages
by 100 pages, but then click outside this area. This caused a MySQL
Workbench Unexpected Error. (Bug #53559)
* When editing a column in the table editor, pressing Control+Z to
undo the edit resulted in a previous operation being undone
instead. (Bug #46286)
* After a default primary key name was set in the Workbench
Preferences dialog, the PK flag was not selected as expected in the
Table Editor and the column flags could not be selected. (Bug
* Database export failed due to a faulty path in the command line:
15:42:52 Dumping rma3 (etat_produit)
Running: "mysqldump.exe" --defaults-extra-file=c:\docume~1\user\local
settings\temp\tmp9ypdhd --no-create-info=FALSE --order-by-primary=FALSE --force
--no-data=FALSE --tz-utc=TRUE --flush-privileges=FALSE --compress=FALSE --replac
--host= --insert-ignore=FALSE --extended-insert=TRUE --user=root
--quote-names=TRUE --hex-blob=FALSE --complete-insert=FALSE --add-locks=TRUE --p
--disable-keys=TRUE --delayed-insert=FALSE --delete-master-logs=FALSE --comments
--default-character-set=utf8 --flush-logs=FALSE --dump-date=TRUE --allow-keyword
--create-options=TRUE --events=FALSE "rma3" "etat_produit"
Could not open required defaults file: c:\docume~1\user\local
Fatal error in defaults handling. Program aborted
mysqldump: Got error: 1045: Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using pas
NO) when trying to connect
Operation failed with exitcode 2
(Bug #54067)
* The integrated docs web server listened on a fixed port (8811), and
was not able to handle the situation where this port may be used by
another service, such as another MySQL Workbench instance. (Bug
* MySQL Workbench suffered user interface issues when used on a
KDE-based system using a dark theme. (Bug #54083)
* The HTTP server thread started by MySQL Workbench to provide
documentation to the local web browser listened on all IP
interfaces, even though it is intended only for local use. (Bug
Version 5.2.22 (2010-06-02):
Functionality Added or Changed:
* MySQL Workbench now supports creating a new tab in tabbed
interfaces by using Control+T on Windows and Command+T on Mac OS X.
(Bug #48798)
* The SQL Editor now includes a new Set as Default Schema context
menu item. This is applicable to schema nodes in the Object Browser
and the Overview panel of the Query Editor. Previously the only way
to change the default schema was to select the schema from the
schema selector list located at the top of the Object Browser. (Bug
* On Linux, MySQL Workbench automatically added a .sql extension,
where an extension was not specified, to any script file saved from
the SQL Editor. MySQL Workbench now does not automatically add a
.sql extension on Linux. However, on Windows, the file extension is
added if one is not specified. (Bug #53731)
* MySQL Workbench now supports entering of expressions such as
DEFAULT or CURRENT_TIMESTAMP into the inserts editor. The
expression needs to be preceded by \func. See Live Editing
Tabsheets. (Bug #36206)
* MySQL Workbench now indicates that changes need to be saved using
only an asterisk in the Model Overview tab, rather than this being
reflected on individual EER Diagrams. (Bug #53042)
Bugs Fixed:
* MySQL Workbench did not size its application window correctly on
screen sizes with a 16/9 aspect ratio. (Bug #53984, Bug #11761483)
* If a Workbench model file was double-clicked, MySQL Workbench
crashed on launch. However, if MySQL Workbench was started using
its application icon, and then the same model file was loaded from
within MySQL Workbench, no problems were encountered. (Bug #49941)
* The Gnome keyring package was a dependency of MySQL Workbench. It
was undesirable to require its installation on KDE-based systems.
(Bug #54010)
* When scrolling in an EER Diagram, MySQL Workbench repeatedly
displayed an error dialog containing the message âOpenGL error:
invalid valueâ. (Bug #52840)
* MySQL Workbench crashed on selection of the Model, Create Diagram
from Catalog Objects menu item. (Bug #53454)
* On the Model Overview page, when a new user object was created with
Add User in the Schema privileges section, it was not possible to
change any of the user object's attributes. For example, if the
name of the object was changed, it would then change back to its
original setting. (Bug #53946)
* If a property value was changed in the Workbench Preferences
dialog, and OK was clicked, or a new tab was clicked before the
cursor was moved away from the value being changed, the change was
silently reverted. (Bug #54060)
* In the SQL Editor, performing a query on a remote server returned
BLOB values for columns that were not of type BLOB.
Because binary byte strings tend to contain null bytes in their
values, for safety reasons they were not displayed in the results
grid. They could only be viewed or edited by means of the BLOB
editor to avoid data truncation.
MySQL Workbench now includes a new global option that has been
added to the SQL Editor tab of the Workbench Preferences dialog.
The option is Treat BINARY/VARBINARY as non-binary character
string. By default, it is not selected. (Bug #53920)
* In the SQL Editor, the toolbar items on the Snippets tab to replace
and insert snippets had no effect when clicked. (Bug #53610)
* In the EER Diagram view, when the diagram was displayed over
multiple pages, the gray line dividing pages in the Navigator was
not visible in the diagram itself. (Bug #50243)
* Zooming out from a diagram in EER Diagram view resulted in severe
flicker. (Bug #50240)
* In the EER Diagram view, heavy flicker resulted if the cursor was
hovered over relationship lines or tables. (Bug #53941)
* Attempts to forward engineer a project that contained a view failed
with this error:
ERROR: Error 1046: No database selected
(Bug #51091)
* In the Data Dump section of the Administrator, when a schema was
dumped to multiple files, the stored routines were not exported.
(Bug #52798)
* In the Data Dump section of the Administrator, this error occurred
when an export was generated:
mysqldump: Error 2020: Got packet bigger than 'max_allowed_packet' bytes when du
table 'xxx' at row: 1
This happened only for larger tables. (Bug #53599)
* If the Manage Server Instances dialog was launched, and either the
New or Delete button was clicked, and then the dialog was closed,
MySQL Workbench crashed if the New Server Instance action item was
then clicked on the Home screen. (Bug #54028)
* When a table containing triggers was loaded into the Alter Table
dialog of SQL Editor, clicking the Triggers tab showed an empty
trigger, rather than the correct trigger code. (Bug #53940)
* In the SQL Editor, if code was entered into the SQL Query tab, and
then the application exited, MySQL Workbench did not prompt the
user regarding unsaved changes, so they were lost. (Bug #53848)
* In the Data Dump tab of the Administrator, the Options panel was
not rendered correctly. (Bug #53681)
* Specifying a new font for the SQL Editor's SQL Query tab contents
had no affect on appearance. (Bug #53605)
* In the Alter Table dialog of the SQL Editor, entering a column
comment in the Comments tab and applying the changes did not save
the comment. (Bug #52893)
* With multiple tabs open in the SQL Editor, if the script in each
tab was saved to a file in turn, the script was actually saved over
the previously saved script, resulting in the loss of that script.
(Bug #53733)
* If multiple SQL Query tabs were opened in the SQL Editor, when a
snippet was saved to the snippet list, the snippet saved would
always be from the last opened SQL Query tab (the furthest to the
right), rather than the currently selected tab. (Bug #53713)
* In the Create Schema dialog of the SQL Editor, when a new schema
name was entered, and changes applied, the schema name appeared to
revert to the default name new_schema, rather than being changed to
the newly specified name. This only happened on Mac OS X. (Bug
* In the SQL Editor, carrying out a SELECT on a table containing more
than 1000 columns resulted in the error Too many SQL variables.
(Bug #50952)
* In the SQL Editor, if two procedures were defined in a script, each
proceded with a suitable DROP statement, then when the script was
executed and the procedures already existed, a âprocedure already
definedâ error occurred. It appeared that the second DROP statement
was being ignored. This problem happened if the line preceding the
second DROP statement was terminated with a space. (Bug #53760)
* When a model containing a stored procedure was forward engineered
to a script, the script contained invalid SQL code. This happened
when the DROP Objects Before Each CREATE Statement and Export MySQL
Routine Objects options were selected. Problems with the SQL code
included a delimiter being used before its definition and also DROP
statements not being terminated. (Bug #53467)
* In the Triggers tab of the Table Editor, if a trigger was written
that contained a DROP TRIGGER statement, the statement was
automatically removed. (Bug #53023)
* When synchronizing to a live database, triggers showed as requiring
updating, even when the model and live database were identical.
(Bug #51409)
* Inserts added to a model and saved on Windows were not visible when
that model was loaded on Mac OS X. (Bug #51029)
* Attempting to copy objects from an existing diagram to a new
diagram resulted in this error:
OverviewBE::get_node: invalid node
(Bug #53914)
* In the Create New Server Instance Profile wizard, on the Operating
System page the MySQL Installation Type list was not populated
correctly. Although all items were initially correctly displayed,
if the Back button was clicked, and then Next clicked to return to
the page, all the items in the list were duplicated. Each time this
process was repeated the original list items would again be
duplicated. (Bug #53649)
* In the SSH Shell Connection panel of the Manage Server Instances
dialog, if any port other than 22 was specified, it was
subsequently ignored. (Bug #53623)
* When MySQL Workbench was launched, an overlay was displayed. In the
application bar, the dialog prompting for the keyring password was
waiting for input, but it was not possible to enter the password
because the overlay hid the dialog. (Bug #53974)
* Compiling MySQL Workbench from source failed with these errors:
-I../../library/dbc/src -I../../library/vsqlite++/include -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2
-fno-strict-aliasing -fwrapv -march=x86-64 -gdwarf-2 -g2 -Wextra -Wall -Wno-unu
-Wno-deprecated -ggdb3 -DENABLE_DEBUG -MT canvas_floater.o -MD -MP -MF
.deps/canvas_floater.Tpo -c -o canvas_floater.o `test -f 'model/canvas_floater.c
pp' ||
echo './'`model/canvas_floater.cpp
model/canvas_floater.cpp: In constructor 'wb::Floater::Floater(mdc::Layer*, cons
model/canvas_floater.cpp:65:59: error: cannot call constructor 'mdc::Color::Colo
model/canvas_floater.cpp:65:59: error: for a function-style cast, remove the r
make[3]: *** [canvas_floater.o] Error 1
make[3]: Leaving directory
make[2]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
make[2]: Leaving directory
make[1]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/users/Arvenil/rpm/BUILD/mysql-workbench-oss-5.
make: *** [all] Error 2
(Bug #53687)
* On the Home screen, the MySQL Team Blog and Workbench Team Blog
icons linked to the same page. Further, the MySQL News Letter icon
linked to the MySQL Developer forum. (Bug #53628)
* In the Manage DB Connections dialog, selecting Use ANSI quote to
quote identifiers had no effect with respect to subsequent queries
using that connection. (Bug #53160)
* In the Connections tab of the Administrator, queries containing a
comment did not always display correctly in the Info column. (Bug
* In the SQL Editor, when attempting to change an index from INDEX to
UNIQUE using the Alter Table dialog, no changes were applied, and
this error message was generated:
No changes to object were detected
(Bug #53787)
* Setting WB_NO_GNOME_KEYRING=1 on Kubuntu did not appear to disable
the Gnome keyring. It was therefore impossible to connect without
an active keyring daemon. (Bug #52866)
* It was not possible to set ON UPDATE CURRENT_TIMESTAMP as the
default value for a column. (Bug #52350)
* In the SQL Editor, the context-sensitive menu options Copy to
Clipboard and Send to SQL Editor both failed to work. This applied
to both copying in the Object Browser and in the Overview tab. (Bug
* In the SQL Editor, when renaming views or routines using the live
editor, the generated ALTER script contained only DROP statements
and not CREATE statements. (Bug #53847)
* In the EER Diagram view, when zoomed out, a layer could be placed
beyond the diagram's perimeter at the bottom right. Further, if a
layer was placed beyond the perimeter at the top left, it snapped
back within confines of the diagram correctly, but the navigator
view was not updated accordingly. (Bug #50242)
* When forward engineering a schema to a database with the DROP
Objects Before Each CREATE Object option selected, the DROP
statement used a delimiter before it had been declared. (Bug
* In the SQL Editor, deleting a snippet from the snippet list using
the toolbar button caused the first snippet to be deleted,
regardless of which snippet was selected. (Bug #53860)
* In the Columns tab of the Table Editor, automatic data type
completion did not occur if the type was entered in lowercase.
MySQL Workbench now completes the data type regardless of
lettercase. (Bug #53710)
* In the EER Diagram view, it was not possible to paste a copied
layer. The paste menu item was disabled in the context-sensitive
menu and main menu, and pressing Control+V had no effect. (Bug
* When using Create EER Model from SQL Script from the Home screen,
the specified engine type was not present in the resulting EER
model. (Bug #49568)
* Output did not scale correctly for print sizes other than A4. (Bug
* In the Connections tab of the Administrator facility, host names
that contained a '-' character were sometimes not displayed
correctly. (Bug #51119)
* In the SQL Editor, if the Add Table facility was used to create a
new table with the same name as an existing table, then after
changes were applied, the content of both tables was the same as
the existing table, and changes unique to the second table were
lost. (Bug #51107)
* In the SQL Editor, if a query was executed and then interrupted,
MySQL Workbench hung. (Bug #53652)
* Delimiters were erroneously added to trigger code if the currently
selected schema was changed. (Bug #53151)
* If a table was dragged from the catalog tree on to the EER Diagram,
the catalog tree collapsed. (Bug #51862)
* When a model containing a table using a 1:n relationship was
synchronized with a live database, the relationship then failed to
render in the EER Diagram. (Bug #53252)
* Loading a large script was loaded into the SQL Editor resulted in
an out of memory exception. Memory exhaustion was caused by
inefficient end of line conversion. The SQL Editor now supports
custom end of line formats and preserves the original line endings
used in the file. End of line conversion is no longer used and
large files load faster and more efficiently. (Bug #53190)
* It was not possible to edit schema properties in the schema editor,
such as name and default collation. (Bug #53438)
* MySQL Workbench generated an exception when an attempt was made to
change the configuration file in the System Profile tab of the
Manage Server Instances dialog. (Bug #52947)
* If a query was entered in the SQL Query tab, and then Command+Enter
was immediately pressed to execute the query, the query failed.
This only happened on Mac OS X. (Bug #53650)
* MySQL Workbench crashed when attempting to connect to a Linux
server using an SSH connection. (Bug #53476)
* If an SQL file saved in Windows file format was loaded into the SQL
Editor, it was displayed with additional line breaks, and the SQL
code was not interpreted correctly. Further, if code written in the
SQL editor was saved to a file and then opened in an editor on
Windows, it contained additional line breaks. (Bug #51308)
* The MySQL configuration file was corrupted by the Administrator
when changes were applied, if the configuration file was not
terminated with a new line. (Bug #53620)
* In the Model Overview page, when small icons view was selected, if
table names were truncated, there were no tooltips to enable
visibility of the full names. The tooltips, however, were present
for the large icons view, and the details view. (Bug #50739)
* MySQL Workbench reported a server as not running, even if it was.
The MySQL Server concerned was running on 64-bit Windows 7. (Bug
Version 5.2.21 (2010-05-12, Release Candidate):
Functionality Added or Changed:
* MySQL Workbench now includes the following menu items and keyboard
+ Execute Current Statement, Control+Enter
+ Execute (All or Selection), Control+Shift+Enter
+ Explain Current Statement, Control+Alt+Enter
+ Explain (All or Selection), Control+Alt+Shift+Enter
The Stop toolbar button and menu item now are automatically enabled
and disabled. (Bug #50911)
* MySQL Workbench now features a check that compares the mysqldump
version on the client and server machines. (Bug #52689)
Bugs Fixed:
* On Mac OS X, the overlay text for NULL and BLOB fields was missing
from the results grid in the SQL editor. This meant that those
fields appeared empty if a query was executed that returned a BLOB,
such as SELECT SHA1('hello');. (Bug #53335)
* In the SQL Editor, if a BLOB field containing an image was loaded
into the Viewer, the image was not displayed. (Bug #53245)
* It was not possible to delete a trigger from the Triggers tab in
the Alter Table dialog. Even though the trigger code was selected
and deleted, and then Apply clicked, the code that was generated
did not drop the deleted trigger as expected. (Bug #52955)
* It was not possible to increase the font size of text in the SQL
Editor. MySQL Workbench has been changed so that fonts set in the
Workbench Preferences dialog now also affect the SQL Editor. (Bug
* In the SQL Editor the Find and Replace facility did not appear to
function. (Bug #52251)
* When editing table data in the SQL Editor, the table would refresh
after data was edited in the first column. This meant it was
necessary to then scroll to the bottom of the table data to
continue editing the record. (Bug #51965)
* In the Alter Table dialog of the SQL Editor, there was no effective
way of altering a foreign key. Also, the Column and Referenced
Column were not updated when a foreign key was created in the
Foreign Keys tab. (Bug #51124, Bug #51262)
* If the name of a table was changed in the Alter Table dialog and
Apply was clicked, the message âno changes to object were detectedâ
was received, even though a change had been made. (Bug #50894)
* When forward engineering a model to a database, not all tables were
created on the live database. (Bug #53506)
* Proceeding through the Edit Table Data wizard (launched by the Edit
Table Data action item on the Home screen) and clicking Finish to
complete the wizard caused MySQL Workbench to crash. (Bug #53511)
* In the Alter Table dialog of the SQL Editor, if two triggers were
created, the second with a bad command, and the error corrected,
then when changes were applied, the generated code was incorrect,
dropping both triggers. (Bug #52997)
* When the SQL Editor was launched, MySQL Workbench became
overloaded, due to a large number of tables (10,000+) in the
schema. MySQL Workbench now includes two new options in the
Workbench Preferences dialog: Disable Live Schema Overview and Show
Schema Names Only in Catalog List. This enables the application to
be configured to handle schemata with large numbers of tables. (Bug
* In the SQL Editor, if multiple Query tabs were opened so that they
used more than the available screen width, it was not possible to
move to the tabs that were not visible. MySQL Workbench now
includes scroll buttons should the number of tabs exceed the screen
width. The scroll buttons make it possible to access non-visible
tabs. (Bug #53070)
* In the SQL Editor, if some script text was highlighted, when
Control+S was pressed to save the script to a file, only the
highlighted text was saved. (Bug #53275)
* Russian characters were not displayed correctly in the SQL Query
tab of the SQL Editor. (Bug #53408)
* MySQL Workbench crashed after using the Edit SQL Script action item
from the Home screen. In the Edit SQL Script wizard, a connection
was chosen that did not use a stored password, and then a script
selected and the Finish button clicked to exit the wizard. MySQL
Workbench subsequently crashed when the requested password was
entered into the dialog and the OK clicked. (Bug #53247)
* It was not possible to give the index name and foreign key name of
a column different names. Now renaming an index in MySQL Workbench
does not automatically rename a corresponding foreign key. Renaming
a foreign key automatically renames the associated index only if
the names still match at the time the foreign key is renamed. (Bug
* If a model was saved using a file name that contained non-English
characters, it could not be reopened from the list of existing
models on the Home screen. (Bug #53110)
* If a model was forward engineered to a database, renamed, and then
forward engineered again, the SQL that was generated was erroneous.
(Bug #53068)
* Changes to EER Diagram page size using File, Page Setup were not
reflected in the model navigator. (Bug #52077)
* Any columns that contained a comment were marked for change when
synchronizing the model with the live database. (Bug #51765)
* In trigger code, triggers using the alias new were correctly
colored by the syntax highlighter, but triggers using the alias old
were not. (Bug #51061)
* When an EER Diagram layout was set to span multiple pages and then
printed, the diagram was printed so small as to be illegible. (Bug
* When MySQL Workbench was maximized, it did not fit correctly onto
the screen and the title bar was not displayed. (Bug #50975)
* The Relationship and Layer editors did not close if the object they
were editing was deleted. MySQL Workbench now supports auto-closing
of all open editors, should the object being edited be deleted.
(Bug #50681)
* MySQL Workbench permitted setting the auto-increment check box for
multiple columns in the Table Editor. (Bug #49278)
* In the Select Changes to Apply page of the Synchronize Model with
Database wizard, if a schema was selected and then any of the
Update Model, Ignore, or Update Source buttons was clicked, this
change was not applied to child objects of the schema. (Bug #45454)
* MySQL Workbench permitted the creation of invalid foreign keys that
referenced a column that did not use a PRIMARY KEY or UNIQUE key
declaration. MySQL Workbench now filters the list of columns
permitted for a referenced foreign key, so that only primary key
and indexed columns are listed. (Bug #53136)
* Find was always enabled, even in contexts where it had no useful
functionality. (Bug #49293)
* If a socket/pipe connection method was used, and the password was
stored in the keychain, MySQL Workbench could not connect to the
server. (Bug #53355)
* Selecting Plugins, Utilities, Test filters produced an unexpected
Error calling WbAdmin.openFilterDebugger
The Filters Debugger facility can now be accessed in the Manage
Server Instances dialog. It is located on the Server Stats sub-tab
of the Server Profile tab. (Bug #52655)
* Diagram names containing an ampersand were not displayed correctly
in the Model Overview. (Bug #51617)
* If a PDF is generated of the EER Diagram and the resulting PDF file
is viewed in Acrobat Reader, MySQL Workbench crashed if an attempt
was made to reprint the diagram (overwriting the file that was
currently opened in Acrobat Reader). (Bug #50408)
* Using the Compare and Report Differences in Catalogs wizard caused
MySQL Workbench to crash. (Bug #49561)
* In the Inserts tab of the Table Editor, if characters were entered
into an integer column, MySQL Workbench crashed when a new column
was selected. (Bug #53066)
* In the EER Diagram view, changing the page orientation to landscape
using File, Page Setup caused multiple problems in MySQL Workbench.
The Navigator orientation did not change, the diagram did not print
at the correct size, and MySQL Workbench eventually crashed. (Bug
* In the User Defined Types dialog (launched using the main menu item
Model, User Defined Types), selection of the UNSIGNED or ZEROFILL
check boxes was not reflected in SQL code generated by the Forward
Engineer SQL Script wizard. (Bug #50323)
* Synchronize to live database failed when the model contained
triggers. (Bug #52939)
* If some changes were made in the Table Editor, and the editor was
still in edit mode, the active changes in the Table Editor were not
saved when the model was saved. (Bug #50006)
* The default Export Directory Path in the Workbench Preferences
dialog was given as DriveLetter:\MyDocumentsPath/dumps. This mixed
the '/' and '\' directory separators.
Further, the preferred Export Directory Path set in the Workbench
Preferences dialog was not reflected in the Export to Disk section
of the Data Dump facility in the Administrator. (Bug #51519)
* An error was generated when a server was selected from the
Import/Export MySQL Data dialog, displayed after clicking the
Manage Import/Export action item on the Home screen. (Bug #53271)
* The Edit SQL Script action item on the Home screen failed to load
and execute the script. (Bug #53359)
* Changing the fonts in the Workbench Preferences dialog had no
effect on the appearance of MySQL Workbench. (Bug #53321, Bug
* In the Alter Table dialog of the SQL Editor, it was not possible to
create new Foreign Keys. (Bug #53134)
* In the SQL Editor, if the table data was edited, attempts to apply
the changes did nothing. (Bug #52705)
* In the SQL Editor, when the Alter Table context-sensitive menu
option was used on a table and changes were made, it was not
possible to save them because the dialog reported that no changes
to the object had been detected. (Bug #52786)
* In the modeler, if a table was double-clicked to open it in the
Table Editor, and then, without closing the Table Editor, another
table was double-clicked to open it, the Table Editor was rendered
as a blank panel. (Bug #53250, Bug #53347)
* If a table was copied in the modeler, the copy of the table was
renamed. However, foreign key relationships contained within the
table were not renamed. (Bug #53020)
* In the Administrator tab of the Workbench Preferences dialog, the
description to the right of the text field Path to mysql Tool was
incorrect. (Bug #53201)
Version 5.2.20 (2010-04-27):
Functionality Added or Changed:
* The SQL Statements tab and the record set data editor tab now
indicate when they have unsaved data by displaying an asterisk
character. (Bug #52799)
* If MySQL Workbench was used on an external monitor as part of an
extended desktop, then when the computer was started without the
external monitor, MySQL Workbench was not displayed on the primary
display, and was therefore invisible. MySQL Workbench now checks
for this condition and locates half of the application window on
the primary desktop where it can be dragged and resized as
required. (Bug #52703)
* The foreign key/index mapping implementation has been changed so
that indexes created for foreign keys no longer need be marked as
FOREIGN. They now are created with type INDEX and can be changed to
UNIQUE or other types.
Although the artificial FOREIGN index type has been removed, MySQL
Workbench still automatically creates and maintains indexes for
each foreign key by naming them after the keyname and keeping the
names (FK to IDX) synchronized. (Bug #48728)
Bugs Fixed:
* In the SQL Editor, when a new tab was created, the focus was on the
Object Explorer, rather than in the SQL Statements area. This meant
that the user had to press the Tab key, or click within the SQL
Statements area before they could start typing SQL code. (Bug
* In the Snippets tab of the SQL Editor, there appeared to be a third
column, with no heading or data, in the snippets list. MySQL
Workbench now expands the second column to fill the available
space. (Bug #52559)
* In the SQL Editor, when commands were entered into the SQL
Statements area, and executed, they appeared on the Output tab.
However, when the number of statements appearing in the Output tab
exceeded the number that could be displayed in the default area, a
vertical scrollbar did not appear. This meant any further
statements that were executed were effectively hidden because it
was not possible to scroll vertically to display them. (Bug #53156)
* In the SQL Editor, field data of type VARBINARY viewed using the
Open Value in Viewer context-sensitive menu item was displayed only
up to the first null byte (\0). (Bug #52954)
* Script editors, such as the editor in the SQL Editor, that used the
Scintilla component, did not have full integration with the Edit
menu. Short cuts and menu commands for operations such as copy,
paste, select all, and find were not implemented. (Bug #52834, Bug
* In the Variables tab of the Administrator, variables with long
descriptions were not displayed correctly. They appeared wrapped to
a new line, and clipped by the height of the Description row. (Bug
* Each time an Admin tab was started an instance of cscript.exe was
executed. However, when the Admin tab was closed the corresponding
cscript.exe process was not terminated. This resulted in ever
increasing numbers of cscript.exe processes, which consumed
resources unnecessarily, and constituted a resource leak. (Bug
* In the Export to Disk tab of the Administrator's Data Dump
facility, selecting multiple schemata for export to a
self-contained file resulted in this exception:
unhandled exception: local variable
'tables' referenced before assignment.
(Bug #52981)
* If an SQL statement was selected in the SQL Statements area of the
SQL Editor, and copied to the snippets list using the Save SQL to
Snippets List toolbar button, then the statement was only partially
saved, the beginning of the statement being missing. This only
happened for lines after the first line. Also, the further down the
copied statement was located, the less text was successfully copied
to the snippets list. This resulted in statements further down the
code being heavily truncated, with only the latter portion of the
statement being saved. (Bug #51474)
* If a snippet was deleted from the Snippets tab in the SQL Editor,
after MySQL Workbench was restarted the deleted snippet would
reappear as if it had never been deleted. (Bug #51335, Bug #52558)
* SQL Editor syntax highlighting did not correctly recognize escaping
of the single quote character ('). Queries such as SELECT '\'' FROM
DUAL; were therefore not highlighted correctly. (Bug #50324)
* If multiple SQL Editor tabs were opened, closing the last one
caused MySQL Workbench to crash. (Bug #53061)
* Selecting multiple tables at the same time in the Overview tab of
the SQL Editor caused MySQL Workbench to crash. (Bug #52922)
* On Windows, if SQL Editor was using a named pipe connection, and
the SQL Editor tab was closed, MySQL Workbench stopped responding
to user input and had to be killed using the Task Manager. (Bug
* When switching between Model Overview Page, and EER Diagram View,
MySQL Workbench incorrectly rendered the EER Diagram View inside
the Table Editor panel. (Bug #52778)
* The View Editor deleted text pasted into the editor by the user.
This happened if, for example, a view was copied from the editor, a
new view created and the copied text pasted into the new view. At
this point the pasted text would be deleted by the auto-parsing
facility of the View Editor. (Bug #52433)
* In the Columns tab of the Table Editor, if a comment was added to a
column, or a column with a comment was selected, then when another
table was double-clicked to load it into the Table Editor, the
comment for the column previously selected was still displayed in
the inactive Comments area. (Bug #51495)
* When using the Forward Engineer SQL Script wizard, if an existing
script file was selected to be overwritten, the wizard would not
continue, the file had to be deleted first. (Bug #46920)
* If a schema was opened and an object editor, such as the Table
Editor was opened, MySQL Workbench crashed if the schema was closed
and immediately reopened. (Bug #53027)
* When an EER Diagram was displayed, the Properties tab was empty.
Also, if a table in the EER Diagram was selected, the Properties
tab remained empty. (Bug #52971)
* The MySQL Workbench make targets, with the exception of make all,
were broken by the file ext/ctemplate/Makefile. (Bug #51024)
* The MySQL Workbench configure script contained a
construct incompatible with NetBSD. The script used test == instead
of test =. (Bug #53175)
* While MySQL Workbench was starting up, if the Windows screensaver
activated, this led to unpredictable behavior of MySQL Workbench.
For example, the application could freeze, fail to redraw its main
window, or display artifacts. On other occasions the application
was not able to accept keyboard input, and had to be terminated
using the Task Manager. (Bug #52780)
* In the results editor of the SQL Editor, deleting more than two
hundred records resulted in this error:
Attempting to Read or Write protected memory. This is often an indication that o