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Plugins are implemented as special modules, with an additional
DLL/shared library loaded directly by the application.
This DLL usually contains GUI code.


SQL Import, Export and Sync plugins

Exported Module: 
	MySQLDbModule (plugin info only)

Exported Plugins:
  db.plugin.database.rev_eng  Reverse engineer data from DBMS
  db.plugin.database.frw_eng  Forward engineer data to DBMS
  db.mysql.plugin.sql_export.catalog Catalog export Wizard (GUI)
  script.mysql.sync.catalog Catalog sync Wizard (GUI)


Editors for generic model objects (non db related).

Exported Module: 
	WBEditorsModule (plugin info only)

Exported Plugins:
	wb.plugin.edit.note			model.Note Object/Figure Editor (GUI)
	wb.plugin.edit.image		model.Image Object/Figure Editor (GUI)
	wb.plugin.edit.stored_note	GrtStoredNote Object Editor (GUI)
	wb.plugin.edit.sqlscrip		db.Script Object Editor (GUI)


Support for printing model in multiple pages.

Exported Module:
	WBPrinting (plugin info only)

Exported Plugins:
	wb.print.printToPDFFile		Print to PDF file
	wb.print.printToPSFile		Print to PS file
	wb.print.print				Native Print Dialog (GUI)