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- Fixed problems with preg_position
- Documentation improvements
- Fixed crashes when caused by pcre recursion exceeding stack limits
- Changed to MIT license from LGPL
- Improved error reporting
Fixed potential garbage results due to uninitialized argument to pcre_exec
Return NULL in most cases when NULL is passed in as an argument
Fixed problem where PREG_CAPTURE didn't return NULL if occurrence was out of bounds
Fixed autoconf with pcre on Snow Leaopard by upgrading to new pcre.m4
Install correctly into plugin directory for 5.1 versions of mysql
Fixed problem causing mysqltest to crash
Added PCRE_CHECK function to test if string is a valid pcre
Improved configure script to check some standard locations for pcre library
Fixed preg_capture and preg_position tests so orders are deterministic
Ported to Windows usiong MinGW
Added option for configure --with-mysqlinclude instead of mysql_config instead
of relying on mysql_config
Fixed some documentation generation problems
Made group argument of preg_capture optional
Changed preg_offset to preg_position since it does not return an offset
Added documentation for preg_position
Modified documentation of preg_capture to include occurence argument
Autogenerate more of the documentation
Added preg_offset function
Added preg_capture argument that specifies the match occurence to capture from
Repository checkpoint to overcome the missing 0.6.5 tag
Fixed possible overflow bug in preg_replace
Fixed problem with older pcre annd undefined PCRE_EXTRA_MATCH_LIMIT_RECURSION
Modified ax_mysql_bin.m4 macros to use path if available
Modified ax_mysql_bin.m4 to work without -p if not needed
Fixed ax_mysql_bin.m4 MYSQLBIN_PATH error due to extra spaces before =
Fixed preg_replace bug - longblobs columns could caused crash
Fixed preg_capture bug - handling error return from pregCreateOffsetsVector
Added maintainer-diff target to for diffing with svn tag
Incorporated Arnold's ax_mysql_bin.m4 macros
Fixed overflow bug that could cause crash in preg_capture.
Fixed bug in preg_capture that caused initid->max_length to be sent incorrectly
Fixed memory leaks in preg_capture by reorganizing alloc for string returns
Removed arbitrary limit on requested capture group number in preg_capture
Added preg_replace function
Made fixes to autotools set up and added config directory
Separated tests into separate set for each UDF.
Added appropriate --disable_warnings to tests when dropping tables & dbs
Added to test subdirectory and added target to create results
Changed names from libmysql_udf_... to lib_mysqludf_...
Removed 'gh' prefix from SQL functions names and other places
Changed pcre_ prefix to preg_ for all functions so as to collision with libpcre
Fixed so that PACKAGE_ veriables are correctly set
Enhanced documentation
Removed some of the less useful doxgen generated files from the distribution
Fixed file naming problems and README
First public release
Almost the initial public release
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