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@@ -76,8 +76,7 @@ The short instructions are:
Getting libmysql_udf_preg
Please visit the github repository at:
-The latest released code is available on the 'master' branch, and the latest development version is available on the dev-1.2 branch. This development branch is mostly stable so please use it and report any problems you encounter.
+The latest released code is available on the master branch. Please help test by trying out the latest dev and rc branches too.
Reporting Bugs & Feedback
@@ -89,12 +88,13 @@
Known Issues & Caveats
+- Version 1.2 respects mysqld stack limitations. This should reduce crashing, but you might need to set the thread_stack mysqld variable in order to accommodate some recursion intensive patterns.
- Version 1.1 changes the way NULLs are handled. To restore the legacy NULL handling, use configure --enable-legacy-nulls
- pcre_study should be used (but isn't) for constant patterns;
- there is no localization or locale support
- there is no multi-byte character set support
- some program locations that should be set in autoconf are not
-- It would be nice if there were a persistend cache of compiled regexes
+- It would be nice if there were a persistent cache of compiled regexes
- It would also be nice if there were a peresistent cache of regex matches.
This would allow for a more efficient way of retrieving multiple matches than
repeated called with different 'occurence' arguments.
@@ -157,3 +157,6 @@ that enables creation of XML - written by Arthur Daniels
Much of the documentation was generated using Doxygen, at , which was written
by Dimitri van Heesch.
+lib_mysqludf_preg bug fixes & improvements have been contributed by Dan Kozlowski, Serkan Serttop, Travers Carter, employees of the NY State Senate, and some other folks :>). If that includes you and you'd like to be listed here, please send me an email.

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