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Version 1.0.0
Put headers in mysqludf.h
Put helper functions in own source file
Don't declare ntargs[args->length] as array, but malloc instead
Make mrproper also cleans test directory
Set the libdir to the mysql plugin dir by default (can stil be changed with --libdir=)
Considering the library stable (Jeuhhhh)
Version 0.9.7
Autoconf fixes
Version 0.9.6
Test dir, SQL files and API file waren't included in tar.gz. Changed
Use strlen instead of strnlen.
Don't delete tar.gz files when running `make mrproper`
Change `make tests` to `make test`
Version 0.9.5
API CHANGE: Only `xql:raw` can be used for raw XML (as it was before v0.9.1), other `xml:%` will trigger an error.
Added xql directive `xql:cdata` for xql_element and `xql:cdata:%` for xql_forest and xql_agg
Fixed bug: Crash when using xql_element with only 1 argument, eg; xql_element("book")
Fixed bug: Use copied attribute names instead in xql_elements. This could cause crash and did not properly escape backquotes and only use name after dot.
Use RETURN_ERR macro in %_init functions
Check if memory could be allocated everywhere (was missing at a few spots)
Use autotools for build process
Get info for lib_mysqludf_xql_info from build process
Added unit tests
Don't allow xql_forest, xql_concat and xql_agg to have 0 arguments
Fixed bug: xql_ should not seen as raw, only xql_%()
Fixed bug: AS `x`, AS `xq` and AS `xql` caused strange behaviour. Other short attribute names could cause strange chars or behaviour.
Many other border case (strange data as arg) bugfixes
Version 0.9.4
Properly escape backquotes and only use name after dot
Version 0.9.3
Solved segmentation faults and incorrect behaviour by buffer overflows
Version 0.9.2
Use charinstr instead of strinstr in xql_agg_init
File 'LICENCE' contained GPL instead of LGPL
Version 0.9.1
Insert raw XML for all arguments starting with `xql:` instead of only `xql:raw`.
Trim backquotes from attribute names. They may appear when no alias is specified, like xql_forest(`description`).
Makefile should have a rule named 'clean', not 'clear'.
Copy attribute names (arguments) to make them 0 terminated to prevent buffer overflow.
Still do the buffer overflow to make attribute values 0 terminated, but restore the buffer before exiting the function.
Version 0.9.0
First release