Custom Fonts

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Go to Options > Text Encoding -> Manage Button (on the right).

Add a new game font

Click on the "+" button on the left. Set the name of the font ("Foo" for example), and the filename ("foo" for example, some files will be created in the same directory of Deling.exe).

The latin font is duplicated and you can edit it (see "Edit a game font" section). Every changes are saved automatically.

Edit a game font

Once you have selected the font on the list, there is an editor on the right panel. Select a character on the left, and edit it on the right. Every changes are saved automatically.

Basically your cursor is a brush, select your color on the palette below the character editor, and click on a pixel in the character editor to paint.

The red line delimit the width of the character, including right space. To move it, click and hold this line and move your mouse to left or right.

The text input below the palette is the correspondence character of what you drew.

Use the game font in Deling

Go back to the configuration window (In the main window > Options menu), and change the current text encoding.

Use the game font in FF8

Export your font as a tdw file AND a tex file. Name these files sysfnt.tdw and sysfnt.tex and open main.fs from the Data directory of FF8 with Deling. Replace c:\ff8\data\{lang}\sysfnt.tdw by your tdw file (make backups if needed). Then open menu.fs with Deling and replace c:\ff8\data\{lang}\menu\sysfnt.tex by your tex file. As I know, replacing the tdw file in menu.fs is not needed. The tdw file is used by the game for character widths and spaces, and the tex file is used as a texture image.

Warning: the exported tex file seems broken on Deling 0.9b.

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