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** Néo-Midgar Final Fantasy VII French Retranslation
** Copyright (C) 2009-2012 Arzel Jérôme <>
** This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
** it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
** the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
** (at your option) any later version.
** This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
** but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
** GNU General Public License for more details.
** You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
** along with this program. If not, see <>.
#ifndef BSXFILE_H
#define BSXFILE_H
#include <QtCore>
#include "../IO.h"
#include "FieldModelFilePS.h"
#include "FieldModelTextureRefPS.h"
#include "CaFile.h"
#define MODEL_SCALE_PS 4096.0f //31.0f
#define COLORRGB_2_QRGB(c) qRgb(,,
struct BsxModelsHeader {
quint32 psxMemory;
quint32 numModels;
quint32 texturePointer;
quint32 bufferSize;
struct ColorRGB {
quint8 red, green, blue;
struct BsxModelHeader {
quint16 modelId; // ID of the model
quint16 scale;
quint32 offsetSkeleton; // Offset to the parts, bones and animations of the model
ColorRGB globalColor;
quint8 unknown;
qint16 colorADir1;
qint16 colorADir2;
qint16 colorADir3;
quint8 indexBonesStart;
quint8 indexBonesEnd;
ColorRGB colorA;
quint8 numBones; // Number of bones in the model's skeleton
qint16 colorBDir1;
qint16 colorBDir2;
qint16 colorBDir3;
quint8 indexMeshStart;
quint8 indexMeshEnd;
ColorRGB colorB;
quint8 numParts; // Number of parts in the model's skeleton
qint16 colorCDir1;
qint16 colorCDir2;
qint16 colorCDir3;
quint8 indexAnimationsStart;
quint8 indexAnimationsEnd;
ColorRGB colorC;
quint8 numAnimations; // Number of animations
struct FieldModelPartPSHeader {
quint8 unknown; // 0 - not calculate stage lighting and color. 1 - calculate.
qint8 boneIndex; // bone to which this part attached to.
quint8 numVertices; // Number of vertices
quint8 numTexCs; // Number of Texture coord
quint8 numQuadColorTex; // number of textured quads (Gourad Shading)
quint8 numTriColorTex; // number of textured triangles (Gourad Shading)
quint8 numQuadMonoTex; // number of textured quads (Flat Shading)
quint8 numTriMonoTex; // number of textured triangles (Flat Shading)
quint8 numTriMono; // number of monochrome triangles
quint8 numQuadMono; // number of monochrome quads
quint8 numTriColor; // number of gradated triangles
quint8 numQuadColor; // number of gradated quads
quint8 numFlags; // number of data in block 4 (flags).
quint8 numControl; // number of data in block 5 (control).
quint16 offsetPoly; // Relative offset to ?
quint16 offsetTexcoord; // Relative offset to ?
quint16 offsetFlags; // Relative offset to texture settings. Indexed by 5th block data (control).
quint16 offsetControl; // Relative offset to one byte stream for every packet with texture.
quint16 bufferSize; // Relative offset to ?
quint32 offsetVertex; // Offset to skeleton data section
quint32 offsetPrec; // Offset to ?
struct FieldModelAnimationPSHeader {
quint16 numFrames; // Number of frames
quint8 numBones; // Number of bones
quint8 numFramesTranslation; // Number of translation frames
quint8 numStaticTranslation; // Number of static translation frames
quint8 numFramesRotation; // Number of rotation frames
quint16 offsetFramesTranslation; // Relative offset to translation frames
quint16 offsetStaticTranslation; // Relative offset to statis translation frames
quint16 offsetFramesRotation; // Relative offset to rotation frames
quint32 offsetData; // Offset to animation data section
struct FrameTranslation {
quint8 flag;
quint8 rx, ry, rz;
quint8 tx, ty, tz;
quint8 padding;
struct FieldModelBonePS {
qint16 length;
qint8 parent;
quint8 unknown;
struct FieldModelVertexPS {
Vertex_s v;
quint16 padding;
struct ColorRGBA {
quint8 red, green, blue, alpha;
struct TexturedQuad {
quint8 vertexIndex[4];
ColorRGBA color[4];
quint8 texCoordId[4];
struct TexturedTriangle {
quint8 vertexIndex[3];
quint8 padding1;
ColorRGBA color[3];
quint8 texCoordId[3];
quint8 padding2;
struct MonochromeTexturedQuad {
quint8 vertexIndex[4];
ColorRGBA color;
quint8 texCoordId[4];
struct MonochromeTexturedTriangle {
quint8 vertexIndex[3];
quint8 padding1;
ColorRGBA color;
quint8 texCoordId[3];
quint8 padding2;
struct MonochromeTriangle {
quint8 vertexIndex[3];
quint8 padding;
ColorRGBA color;
struct MonochromeQuad {
quint8 vertexIndex[4];
ColorRGBA color;
struct ColorTriangle {
quint8 vertexIndex[3];
quint8 padding;
ColorRGBA color[3];
struct ColorQuad {
quint8 vertexIndex[4];
ColorRGBA color[4];
struct BsxTexturesHeader {
quint32 textureSectionSize;
quint32 numTextures;
struct BsxTextureHeader {
quint16 width, height;
quint16 vramX, vramY;
quint32 offsetData;
class BsxFile : public IO
explicit BsxFile(QIODevice *io);
virtual ~BsxFile() {}
virtual bool read(QList<FieldModelFilePS *> &models);
virtual bool read(FieldModelFilePS *model) const;
virtual bool readTextures(FieldModelTexturesPS *textures) const;
virtual bool seek(quint32 modelId);
virtual bool seekModels();
virtual bool seekTextures();
virtual bool write(const QList<FieldModelFilePS> &models) const;
bool readHeader();
bool readModelsHeader();
bool readModel(quint8 numBones, quint8 numParts, quint8 numAnimations, FieldModelFilePS *model) const;
bool readSkeleton(quint8 numBones, FieldModelSkeleton &skeleton) const;
bool readPartsHeaders(quint8 numParts, QList<FieldModelPartPSHeader> &partsHeaders) const;
bool readAnimationsHeaders(quint8 numAnimations, QList<FieldModelAnimationPSHeader> &animationsHeaders) const;
bool readMesh(const QList<FieldModelPartPSHeader> &partsHeaders, FieldModelSkeleton &skeleton) const;
bool readPart(const FieldModelPartPSHeader &partHeader, FieldModelPart *part) const;
static bool addTexturedPolygonToGroup(quint8 control, Poly *polygon, QList<FieldModelGroup *> &groups);
bool readAnimations(const QList<FieldModelAnimationPSHeader> &animationHeaders, QList<FieldModelAnimation> &animations) const;
bool readAnimation(const FieldModelAnimationPSHeader &header, FieldModelAnimation &animation) const;
bool readTexturesHeaders(quint8 numTextures, QList<BsxTextureHeader> &headers) const;
bool readTexturesData(const QList<BsxTextureHeader> &headers, QList<QByteArray> &dataList) const;
qint64 _offsetModels;
quint32 _numModels, _offsetTextures;
#endif // BSXFILE_H
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