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NSError's Dotfiles

Largely pilfered from skwp and holman's dotfiles. In fact, the whole rakefile is holman's.

These are my dotfiles. I do not maintain these at a high enough level of standard to support other people trying to use this. You're welcome to grab whatever you want, but it's not a full-stack. Any documentation is actually notes to myself - because we all want docs when we're unboxing that shiny new computer and thinking "this is nice and all, but where's my vim plugins?"

Step 1: Prereqs

In no specific order, yet some kind of forethought has been taken in the order anyway:

  • Xcode
  • OS X GCC installer (if you plan on using any version of ruby before 1.9.3 - otherwise this can be skipped).
  • Xcode CLI tools
  • Homebrew
    • Install macvim
    • Install autoenv
    • Install rbenv, rbenv-bundler, and ruby-build
    • If still behind that freakin annoying work firewall, install corkscrew
  • Set default shell to ZSH
  • Install my SSH keys (they should be floating around Dropbox somewhere...)
  • SSH to some server to put the auth in Keychain (for no more annoying 'type the password for id_rsa)


Step 2: Clone me!

Clone this here repo to ~/.dotfiles or somewhere nice and quiet.

Remember to add --recursive and --recursive-submodules or you'll have to thunk around with Janus a lot more than should be necessary.

git clone --recursive ~/.dotfiles

Step 3: Secrets

Add a ~/.secrets file for user-specific information. It should look something like this:

export GITHUB_USER='NSError'
export GITHUB_TOKEN=wtf was this?

Step 4: Vim!

My Vim config has finally left the era of Janus. I'm now rocking a custom setup which is something of a hybrid between Janus and spf13's vim setup. This has created a very nice situation where I don't have a (lot) of stuff I don't use, and I'm not constantly hitting keys and finding it doing things I'm not familiar with.

Install the right bundles by simply telling Vim (and Vundle) to do so:

vim +BundleInstall +qall

Next, install the patched powerline font; I used the Menlo font found at here (though it is included in the repo for the sake of laziness; just cd ~/.dotfiles; open . in order to get at it in OS X):

Pick one that works on the platform you're using; consider writing some conditionals in .vimrc to handle that, too.

Step 5: ???

Step 6: Profit!


Install iTerm2. In Preferences > General under the Preferences sub-heading, check "Load preferences from a user-defined folder or URL:" and then set that folder or URL to:


Obviously you'll want to mangle that based on the local username. Reload iTerm2, and everything should be exactly as it should be. Fun, no?

If the theme doesn't come on over, try installing Liquid Carbon.