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More betterer documentation.

Actually, I just made it so that the docs don't lie.

EDIT: They don't lie as much as they used to.
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@@ -45,6 +45,8 @@ Clone this here repo to `~/.dotfiles` or somewhere nice and quiet.
Remember to add `--recursive` and `--recursive-submodules` or you'll
have to thunk around with Janus a lot more than should be necessary.
+ git clone --recursive ~/.dotfiles
# Step 3: Secrets
Add a `~/.secrets` file for user-specific information. It should look
@@ -57,10 +59,19 @@ something like this:
export GITHUB_USER='NSError'
export GITHUB_TOKEN=wtf was this?
-# Step 4: Janus
+# Step 4: Vim!
+ vim +BundleInstall +qall
+My Vim config has finally left the era of Janus. I'm now rocking a
+custom setup which is something of a hybrid between Janus and spf13's
+vim setup. This has created a very nice situation where I don't have a
+(lot) of stuff I don't use, and I'm not constantly hitting keys and
+finding it doing things I'm not familiar with.
+# Step 5: ???
- cd ~/.vim
- rake
+# Step 6: Profit!

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