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Calculus Equation Sheet

Because literally every equation sheet I got in college sucked, I made a better one.

  • Clean, concise layout. If you're not familiar with the mathematics, this won't make a lick of sense - and it's not supposed to.
  • Trig fits on just one page.
  • Calc 101A fits on just one page (101B material forthcoming... when I finally take that course!)

That's all nice, but...

  • I'm aware that it's rather incomplete
  • I'll accept pull-requests to complete or correct it

But it's in this ancient format!

Latex is not ancient! OK, so it is. How to get around this?

  • All you need is a working LaTeX distribution! So, MacTex (with TeXLive) or some equivalent. Specifically:
    • latex to convert LaTeX to dvi. I'm not exactly sure what dvi is, but it's an intermediate step and I'm sticking with it.
    • dvips to convert div to post-script. You could theoretically take that post-script and load it into any PS-compatible printer (most of the good ones are). But I'm a GUI-spoiled child, and I love my portable document files - so the other two steps are for that.
    • ps2pdf to convert the post-script to a PDF!
  • If you're inherently lazy (like me), then you'll want working Ruby 1.8.7 or better with the Rake command.
    • Just run rake to build the PDF!
    • Run rake clean to get rid of the intermediates!

In the future...

  • I'm planning to write some funny pre-processors to generate the diagrams with controllable inputs. That'd be super-cool.
  • I'm planning on continuing my education, at which point this little resource will get updated and expanded.


Licensed FDOSL 0.1. Use for good and not evil, please!