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Ember.ListView is now an addon as of #203. Great job, @taras, for contributing the change.

Please discontinue using this repo. This was only intended to be useful until the main project became addon-ified. Thanks for using, forking, starring, etc.

Ember List View for Ember CLI

This is an npm package that contains the Ember.ListView base library packaged as an Ember CLI Addon.


ember-cli-list-view equires at least Ember CLI 0.0.44.

To install simply run

npm install --save-dev ember-cli-list-view
ember generate ember-cli-list-view

in your Ember CLI project's root.


The ember-list-view-component repo is the actual location of the list-view[.min].js files are maintained for this repo, which is simply the Bower/npm wrapper.

New versions of Ember.ListView are inevitable. If you need a new verion of Ember.ListView, please fork the ember-list-view-component repo here and submit a pull request.


Licensed under the MIT License

Ember.ListView is also maintained under the MIT License