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Ember.ListView is now an addon as of #203. Great job, @taras, for contributing the change.

Please discontinue using this repo. This was only intended to be useful until the main project became addon-ified. Thanks for using, forking, starring, etc.


This is a shim repository that keeps the Ember.ListView component for Bower.


The purpose of this repository is to support easy installation/generation from within and Ember CLI. Please see the ember-cli-list-view repo for installation instructions.

As a quick note for ember-cli users, you can just add this to your project's package.json file:

  "dependencies": {
    "ember-cli-list-view": "0.0.4"

... or just run:

npm install ember-cli-list-view --save-dev && ember generate ember-cli-list-view

Again, see ember-cli-list-view for further information.


Ember CLI is good for you[r Ember project]. This repo may eventually disappear depending on how the Add-on strategy evolves. For now, this repo is at for the benefit of Ember.ListView users.


Licensed under the MIT License

Ember.ListView is also maintained under the MIT License