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@mysticatea mysticatea released this 05 Sep 02:57
· 37 commits to master since this release

This release supports BigInt and Dynamic Imports if you are using ESLint 6.2.0 or later.

💥 Breaking Changes

  • 9ea67c9 updated node/no-unsupported-features/es-syntax rule to recognize BigInt literals and import().
  • b91b48d updated node/no-unsupported-features/es-builtins rule to recognize BigInt, BigInt64Array, BigUint64Array, and Promise.allSettled.
  • b57a4f9 updated node/file-extension-in-import, node/no-extraneous-import, node/no-missing-import, and node/no-unpublished-import rules to recognize import().
  • 4b9c4d7 updated node/no-deprecated-api rule to recognize module.createRequireFromPath.
  • 9c574ba updated plugin:node/recommended and the other configs.
    • It added node/no-exports-assign rule.
    • It changed exports global variable writable.
    • It enabled node/*-import rules in CommonJS mode as well.

New rules

  • a0f0ee1 added node/no-exports-assign rule that disallows exports = {}.