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ReverseMarkdown.Net is a Html to Markdown converter library in C#. Conversion is very reliable since HtmlAgilityPack (HAP) library is used for traversing the Html DOM
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janis-veinbergs Handle P and Div tags within table cell by removing leading and trail…
…ing newlines. (#64)

* Fix Issue #61: Html from Outlook 2016 not being converted to Markdown

Excess comment removal removed closing style tag. Fix comment removal logic.

* Fix prev commit test irrelevant comments

* Remove comments using HtmlAgilityPack rather than regex.

WhenRemovedCommentsIsEnabled_CommentsAreRemoved is failing, because HAP can identify & remove incomplete comments. We will see if maintainer is OK with this version or Regex.

Message: Assert.Equal() Failure
                      ↓ (pos 12)
Expected: Hello there <!-- This wont be removed because it is i···
Actual:   Hello there
                      ↑ (pos 12)

* Handle P and Div tags within table cell by removing leading and trailing newlines.

Additionally ignore markup whitespace (newlines) infiltrating into resulting markdown for tables.

* Additionally not only white space, but an empty string may be First/Last element within Td.

* Null conditional operator not required within Td.{FirstNodeWithinCell,LastNodeWithinCell}, as it is guaranteed that parentnode contains children.

* Adjust WhenRemovedCommentsIsEnabled_CommentsAreRemoved test - Given RemoveComments is true, unclosed comments should also be removed.

Same as browser behavior.
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Meet ReverseMarkdown

Windows Build status Windows Build status NuGet Version

ReverseMarkdown is a Html to Markdown ( converter library in C#. Conversion is very reliable since HtmlAgilityPack (HAP) library is used for traversing the Html DOM.

Note that the library implementation is based on the Ruby based Html to Markdown converter xijo/reverse_markdown.


You can install the package from NuGet using Install-Package ReverseMarkdown or clone the repository and built it yourself.

var converter = new ReverseMarkdown.Converter();

string html = "This a sample <strong>paragraph</strong> from <a href=\"\">my site</a>";

string result = converter.Convert(html);

//result This a sample **paragraph** from [my site](
// with config
var config = new ReverseMarkdown.Config
    UnknownTags = Config.UnknownTagsOption.PassThrough, // Include the unknown tag completely in the result (default as well)
    GithubFlavored = true, // generate GitHub flavoured markdown, supported for BR, PRE and table tags
    RemoveComments = true, // will ignore all comments
    SmartHrefHandling = true // remove markdown output for links where appropriate

var converter = new ReverseMarkdown.Converter(config);

Configuration options

  • GithubFlavored - Github style markdown for br, pre and table. Default is false

  • RemoveComments - Remove comment tags with text. Default is false

  • SmartHrefHandling - how to handle <a> tag href attribute

    • false - Outputs [{name}]({href}{title}) even if name and href is identical. This is the default option.

    • true - If name and href equals, outputs just the name. Note that if Uri is not well formed as per Uri.IsWellFormedUriString (i.e string is not correctly escaped like name.docx) then markdown syntax will be used anyway.

      If href contains http/https protocol, and name doesn't but otherwise are the same, output href only

      If tel: or mailto: scheme, but afterwards identical with name, output name only.

  • UnknownTags - handle unknown tags.

    • UnknownTagsOption.PassThrough - Include the unknown tag completely into the result. That is, the tag along with the text will be left in output. This is the default
    • UnknownTagsOption.Drop - Drop the unknown tag and its content
    • UnknownTagsOption.Bypass - Ignore the unknown tag but try to convert its content
    • UnknownTagsOption.Raise - Raise an error to let you know
  • WhitelistUriSchemes - Specify which schemes (without trailing colon) are to be allowed for <a> and <img> tags. Others will be bypassed (output text or nothing). By default allows everything.

    If string.Empty provided and when href or src schema coudn't be determined - whitelists

    Schema is determined by Uri class, with exception when url begins with / (file schema) and // (http schema)

  • TableWithoutHeaderRowHandling - handle table without header rows

    • TableWithoutHeaderRowHandlingOption.Default - First row will be used as header row (default)
    • TableWithoutHeaderRowHandlingOption.EmptyRow - An empty row will be added as the header row

Note that UnknownTags config has been changed to an enumeration in v2.0.0 (breaking change)


  • Supports all the established html tags like h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, p, em, strong, i, b, blockquote, code, img, a, hr, li, ol, ul, table, tr, th, td, br
  • Can deal with nested lists
  • Github Flavoured Markdown conversion supported for br, pre and table. Use var config = new ReverseMarkdown.Config(githubFlavoured:true);. By default table will always be converted to Github flavored markdown immaterial of this flag.


Copyright © 2019 Babu Annamalai


ReverseMarkdown is licensed under MIT. Refer to License file for more information.

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