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Full containerized Alerta installation (including Mongo) based on Alpine Linux.
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Alerta monitoring tool for consolidated view of alerts complete with MongoDB linked.


The container as such is not available via Dockerhub. Please build it yourself via:

git clone
cd docker-alpine-alerta
docker build --rm -t alpine-alerta .

Starting the containers

The repo provides a docker-compose.yml file which can be used to start the whole stack.


To allow users to login using Google OAuth, go to the Google Developer Console and create a new client ID for a web application. Then set the CLIENT_ID and CLIENT_SECRET environment variables in the docker-compose.yml

Also enter one or more admin users in the`

Command-line Tool

A command-line tool for alerta is available. To install it run:

$ pip install alerta

Configuration file $HOME/.alerta.conf:

endpoint = http://<docker>:<port>/api

If authentication is enabled (ie. AUTH_REQUIRED is True), then create a new API key in the alerta console and add the key to the configuration file. For example:

endpoint = ...
key = 4nHAAslsGjLQ9P0QxmAlKIapLTSDfEfMDSy8BT+0

Further Reading

More information about alerta can be found at

Thank You

Nick Satterly for the original container