Code, PCB, and case design for a trackball
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Mytchel's Trackball

A trackball



  • a 52.5mm snooker ball
  • Three 8mm bearing ball rollers
  • ADNS 9800 laser mouse sensor.
  • Adafruit ItsyBitsy 32u4 3V
  • Some capacitors and transistors for the board.
  • Four Cherry MX keyboard switches as buttons.
  • A 3D printed cradle
  • And the PCB.

The schematics for the PCB are under board/ and were created in GEDA. The cradle was designed using OpenSCAD and is at cradle/mouse.scad. I think cradle/mouse3.stl is the file I had printed. And the code is under src and is based off the mouse example for the Teensy.

Under case/ is the beginnings of the design for a case, though I think the PCB needs some changes before this progresses much. Currently the case is a piece of 3mm acrylic with cutouts for the switches, then heated and bent into shape. In future I will move away from the keyboard keys to micro switches. Keys are not meant to be used like buttons on a mouse and pretending they are will cause pain. It does for me at least.