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Hook script for the dehydrated Let's Encrypt client to use Mythic Beasts DNS API
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These are hook scripts for the dehydrated client for verifying Let's Encrypt SSL certificates using DNS validation with the Mythic Beasts DNS API.

A step-by-step guide to using this script can be found on the Mythic Beasts website.

The script was originally written by David Earl.


To use these scripts you will need to set a DNS API password for your domains using the Mythic Beasts control panel

Then create the file /etc/dehydrated/dnsapi.config.txt containing your domain name and password. You can add multiple domains, one per line: myS3cretPassword myOtherS3cretPassword

To tell dehydrated to use the hook script, provide its path via the -k option. You will also need -t dns-01 to use DNS-01 validation:

dehydrated -c -t dns-01 -k .../path/to/

Or you can set the HOOK and CHALLENGETYPE configuration variables, by creating the file /etc/dehydrated/conf.d/ with this content:


If you need to combine this hook with others, take a look at dehydrated-code-rack. Link to the scripts something like this:

for d in common clean-challenge deploy-challenge; do
    mkdir -p /etc/dehydrated/hooks/$d
    ln -s $d/mythic-dns01 /etc/dehydrated/hooks/$d
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