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An AVR assembly choose-your-own-adventure engine and story.
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A game engine for a choose-your-own-adventure game, with a story.

The game is quite simple. It displays a series of 'screens' on a 16x2 character LCD. Each screen has two next-states. If the user presses a left button, the left option is chosen. If the user presses a right button, the right option is chosen. The program then reads the page chosen by the user, displays it on the screen, and waits for input. To make a 'story' next, that doesn't offer any choices, the left and right options are simply set to the same page.

The program is designed to run on an OSU mega128.3 dev board, based on the AVR Atmega128 and, designed for the EECS program at Oregon State University.

The code is written in AVR-dos assembly, compatible with the avra assembler. Some support scripts to generate data for assembly are written in Python.

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