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Fix whitespace in ssh guide.

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@@ -75,7 +75,7 @@ it, living on its own in its own box, all grown up. Just a moment ago, it was a
tad little file. But we miss it so much, let's get it back.
To transfer a file _from_ another box
~$ scp [username]@[remote host]:[file path] [destination path]
Time to get our little boy back.
@@ -107,12 +107,12 @@ private key.
To generate a key pair (public and private key), navigate to your .ssh
directory if you have one or create one with mkdir if you don't.
- ~$ cd ~/.ssh
+ ~$ cd ~/.ssh
~$ mkdir ~/.ssh
Then we generate the keys:
- ~$ ssh-keygen -t dsa
+ ~$ ssh-keygen -t dsa
It will prompt you to do stuff. Simply press RETURN over and over until it
stops bugging you.

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