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import os
import sys
from copy import deepcopy
import yaml
def load():
with open('hamper.conf') as config_file:
config = yaml.load(config_file)
except IOError:
config = {}
config = replace_env_vars(config)
# Fill in data from the env:
for k, v in os.environ.items():
config[k] = yaml.load(v)
except yaml.error.YAMLError:
config[k] = v
# Special case: database
if 'DATABASE_URL' in os.environ:
config['db'] = os.environ['DATABASE_URL']
for key in ['server', 'port', 'nickname', 'channels']:
if (key not in config) or (not config[key]):
print('You need to define {0} in the config file.'.format(key))
return config
def replace_env_vars(conf):
"""Fill `conf` with environment variables, where appropriate.
Any value of the from $VAR will be replaced with the environment variable
VAR. If there are sub dictionaries, this function will recurse.
This will preserve the original dictionary, and return a copy.
d = deepcopy(conf)
for key, value in d.items():
if type(value) == dict:
d[key] = replace_env_vars(value)
elif type(value) == str:
if value[0] == '$':
var_name = value[1:]
d[key] = os.environ[var_name]
return d