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import logging
import re
from zope.interface import implements, Interface, Attribute
from zope.interface.exceptions import DoesNotImplement
from zope.interface.declarations import implementedBy
from twisted.plugin import IPlugin
log = logging.getLogger('hamper.interfaces')
class BaseInterface(Interface):
"""Interface for a plugin.."""
name = Attribute('Human readable name for the plugin.')
def setup(factory):
"""Called when the factory loads the plugin."""
class Plugin(object):
name = "genericplugin"
def __init__(self):
self.commands = []
def setup(self, factory):
class IChatPlugin(BaseInterface):
"""Interface for a chat plugin."""
priority = Attribute('Priority of plugins. High numbers are called first')
def message(bot, comm):
Called when a message comes in to the bot.
Return `True` if execution of plugins should stop after this. A return
value of `False` or no return value (implicit `None`) will cause the
next plugin to be called.
class ChatPlugin(Plugin):
"""Base class for a chat plugin."""
priority = 0
def message(self, bot, comm):
class ChatCommandPlugin(ChatPlugin):
Helper class for a ChatCommand plugin
If any of a classes children are Command classes, automatically call out to
def setup(self, *args, **kwargs):
super(ChatCommandPlugin, self).setup(*args, **kwargs)
for name in dir(self):
cls = getattr(self, name)
if ICommand in implementedBy(cls):"Loading command {0}".format(cls))
except (DoesNotImplement, TypeError, AttributeError):
def message(self, bot, comm):
super(ChatCommandPlugin, self).message(bot, comm)
for cmd in self.commands:
stop = cmd.message(bot, comm)
if stop:
return stop
class ICommand(BaseInterface):
"""Interface for a command."""
name = Attribute('The name of the command, for code purposes.')
regex = Attribute('The regex to trigger this command for.')
caseSensitive = Attribute("The case sensitivity of the trigger regex.")
onlyDirected = Attribute("Only respond to command directed at the bot.")
def message(bot, comm):
"""Chooses whether or not to trigger the command."""
def command(bot, comm, groups):
"""This function gets called when the command is triggered."""
class Command(object):
A convenience wrapper to implement a single command.
To use it, define a clas that inherits from Command inside a Plugin.
implements(IPlugin, ICommand)
caseSensitive = False
onlyDirected = True
def __init__(self, plugin):
self.plugin = plugin
if type(self.regex) == str:
opts = 0 if self.caseSensitive else re.I
self.regex = re.compile(self.regex, opts)
def message(self, bot, comm):
if self.onlyDirected and not comm['directed']:
match = self.regex.match(comm['message'])
if match:
self.command(bot, comm, match.groups())
return True
class IPresencePlugin(BaseInterface):
"""A plugin that gets events about the bot joining and leaving channels."""
def joined(bot, channel):
Called when I finish joining a channel.
Channel has the starting character (# or &) intact.
def left(bot, channel):
Called when I have left a channel.
Channel has the starting character (# or &) intact.
def signedOn(bot):
"""Called after successfully signing on to the server."""
class PresencePlugin(Plugin):
def joined(self, bot, channel):
def left(self, bot, channel):
def signedOn(self, bot):
class IPopulationPlugin(BaseInterface):
"""A plugin that recieves events about the population of channels."""
def userJoined(bot, user, channel):
"""Called when I see another user joinging a channel."""
def userLeft(bot, user, channe):
"""Called when I see another user leaving a channel."""
def userQuit(bot, user, quitMessage):
"""Called when I see another user disconnect from the network."""
def userKicked(bot, kickee, channel, kicker, message):
"""Called when I see someone else being kicked from a channel."""
def namesReply(bot, prefix, params):
"""Called when the server responds to a names request"""
def namesEnd(bot, prefix, params):
"""Called when the server finishes responding to a names request"""
class PopulationPlugin(Plugin):
def userJoined(self, bot, user, channel):
def userLeft(self, bot, user, channe):
def userQuit(self, bot, user, quitMessage):
def userKicked(self, bot, kickee, channel, kicker, message):
def namesReply(self, bot, prefix, params):
def namesEnd(self, bot, prefix, params):