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@@ -2,29 +2,62 @@ Hamper is an IRC bot to amuse us.
-As of right now, you can't install hamper, unless you are clever.
+You can install the latest official version of hamper from the [Python Package
+Index][pypi]. I suggest using `pip`, but I am told `easy_install` will work as
+ sudo pip install hamper
+If you want the git version of hamper, then checkout out the develop branch,
+and run
+ sudo python install
+These dependencies will be taken care of automatically if you install with
+`pip`. They are only a concern if you install from git.
+- Twisted
+- SQLAlchemy
+- PyYaml
+- The plugin loader of [Bravo][bravo] (included)
+- Exocet (included)
-Make a file named `hamper.conf`. This should be a YAML file containing these,
-hopefully self-explanatory, fields:
+Make a file named `hamper.conf`. This should be a YAML file containing these
- `nickname`
- `channel`
- `server`
- `port`
+- `db` - A database URL as described [here][dburl]
For an example check out `hamper.conf.dist`.
-Then, with `hamper.conf` in your current directory and hamper on your python
-path, run ``. I like to use this command
+Run hamper from a directory containing `hamper.conf`. If you installed it with
+pip, you can just say `hamper`, but if you are running from git, you need to
+make sure that hamper is on your python path. I like to use this command:
- PYTHONPATH="~/git/hamper" python2 ~/git/hamper/hamper/
+ PYTHONPATH="~/git/hamper" python2 ~/git/hamper/hamper/scripts/hamper
+Code and design:
+- Mike Cooper <>
+Ideas, but no code yet:
- Daniel Thornton <>
- Jordan Evans <>
-- Mike Cooper <>
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
nickname: cool_bot
-channel: #awesome-channel
+channel: "#awesome-channel"
port: 6667
db: "sqlite:///hamper.db"
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
description='Yet another IRC bot',
- install_requires=['pyyaml', 'Twisted'],
+ install_requires=['pyyaml', 'Twisted', 'SQLAlchemy'],
author='Mike Cooper',

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