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Installing Jig

Installing Jig is mostly very simple, with one temporary complication.


First you'll want to clone the repo, or otherwise get the source:

$ git clone
$ cd jig

Run npm install . to pull in the dependencies:

$ npm install .

That should do it!


Before you can run Jig, you'll need to configure it. I know, it stinks. But there were too many options for pure CLI config.

Copy example.config.ini, maybe to config.ini, and edit it. There are comments inline to help.


Ah, the easy part! Once you have a config.ini file:

$ node jig.js

If your config file isn't called config.ini or is in another location, you can do:

$ node jig.js --config=/path/to/config/file.ini

I recommend setting it up to run with supervisor, or configuring Jig to daemonize itself. Running in a detached screen session works, too.