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Github has an post-commit hooks for both IRC and HTTP, so why on earth would I write another one?

  1. Github's hooks cannot be filtered by branch. e.g., if I only want pushes to master to trigger builds in CI, I'm SOL there. (Jenkins/Hudson doesn't do this either: any branch will trigger the build, even if the branch built didn't change.)
  2. Jenkins really wants you to make GET requests to trigger builds, and Github (correctly) wants to make POSTs.

So Jig is my little tool to run an HTTP server, accept Github's post-receive data, filter by branch, push the relevant info to IRC, then trigger a build in Jenkins.

In the spirit of open-source, and because other people may find it useful, I'm sharing Jig here. I'd like to expand on what sort of project reporting it does in the future, too.

Jig is designed to support one repo per instance. You probably don't want to send post-commit hooks from multiple repos to it.