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Let projects specify css media default in settings

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1 parent 5eb7f73 commit 1a8be028582538bc77c59fa5523d024677de49c2 @gkoberger gkoberger committed Dec 28, 2011
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5 jingo_minify/
@@ -52,11 +52,14 @@ def js(bundle, debug=settings.TEMPLATE_DEBUG, defer=False, async=False):
-def css(bundle, media="screen,projection,tv", debug=settings.TEMPLATE_DEBUG):
+def css(bundle, media=False, debug=settings.TEMPLATE_DEBUG):
If we are in debug mode, just output a single script tag for each css file.
If we are not in debug mode, return a script that points at bundle-min.css.
+ if not media:
+ media = getattr(settings, 'CSS_MEDIA_DEFAULT', "screen,projection,tv")
if debug:
items = []
for item in settings.MINIFY_BUNDLES['css'][bundle]:

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