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# The test system uses this to override settings in and
# with settings appropriate for testing.
# Make sure the doctypes (the keys) match the doctypes in ES_INDEXES
# in and
ES_INDEXES = {'default': 'sumo_test'}
# This makes sure we only turn on ES stuff when we're testing ES
# stuff.
# Make sure we use port 6383 db 2 redis for tests. That's db 2 of the
# redis test config. That shouldn't collide with anything else.
'default': 'redis://localhost:6383?socket_timeout=0.5&db=2',
'karma': 'redis://localhost:6383?socket_timeout=0.5&db=2',
'helpfulvotes': 'redis://localhost:6383?socket_timeout=0.5&db=2',
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