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Commits on Jan 20, 2011
  1. @rlr
  2. @pcraciunoiu
Commits on Jan 18, 2011
  1. @rlr

    Fixed clearing float on home page sections to take into account hidde…

    rlr committed
    …n sections due to showfor. [bug 614068]
Commits on Jan 13, 2011
  1. @pcraciunoiu
  2. @erikrose
  3. @erikrose

    [bug 624541] [bug 618808] Add Most-Visited Articles readout to L10n a…

    erikrose committed
    …nd Contributor Dashboards, and link row labels in Overview readout properly.
    Chowse and I decided to forgo the All link since the original intent was to link to in-page anchors and there isn't an All readout. Most-Visited serves that purpose, and there's no point linking to it twice. (We considered linking "All" to the detail view but decided against it.)
  4. @pcraciunoiu
  5. @rlr
  6. Add /services/monitor to track the site infrastructure. [bug 604083]

    James Socol committed
    Both human-readable and machine-readable:
    * Returns 200 OK if everything looks OK.
    * Returns 500 ISE if anything is wrong.
    * Memcache servers.
    * Library installations.
    * File system permissions.
    * Ping Celery.
  7. @rlr
  8. @rlr

    A start to the great refactor:

    rlr committed
    * Liberated lots of CSS from wiki.css to main.css
    * Liberated some wiki modules to top-level /templates/includes
    * Refactored to one top-level base.html that brings in the new sub-header
      and common sidebar modules from the new theme
    * Tweaked all the templates in the apps to deal with new base.html
    [bug 623900, bug 623898, bug 622323]
  9. @pcraciunoiu
  10. @pcraciunoiu

    [bug 617206] Revamped profile. One column layout, box for contact info.

    pcraciunoiu committed
    * Add sidebar tabs to users app, for My profile/Edit my profile (for me) or display name (for other users)
    * Fix sidebar tab shadow when active tab is a link (hopefully with no regressions).
Commits on Jan 12, 2011
  1. @pcraciunoiu

    [bug 622944] Notify user of existing questions, upon account confirma…

    pcraciunoiu committed
    * Also avoid double sending emails for registration confirmation.
    * Return bad request (status_code=400) when type not in ('login', 'register') on AAQ
  2. Add OpenSearch suggestions [bug 616153]

    James Socol committed
  3. Move the OpenSearch plugin into Django. [bug 616149]

    James Socol committed
    Plugin is locale- and site-aware now. Plugins for and are different.
    Previously used Accept-Language and always pointed to
  4. @pcraciunoiu

    [bug 584776] Lazy load jqueryui JS.

    pcraciunoiu committed
    * Include generic function to lazy load scripts and stylesheets.
    * Add TODO for removing dependency on jqueryui CSS.
    TODO: (future, if needed)
    Lazy load jquery ui everywhere, and use a callback to resume running JS code that depends on it. (AMO is already doing this.)
  5. @pcraciunoiu
  6. @erikrose

    Uncomment WEBTRENDS_* settings so tests pass even if they aren't defi…

    erikrose committed
    …ned in
  7. @erikrose
  8. @erikrose
  9. @erikrose

    [bug 610527] Display WebTrends graphs all L10n and Contributor Dashbo…

    erikrose committed
    …ard readouts. Implement Most-Viewed Articles row in Overview readout. Also...
    * number() Jinja function now tolerates None (and prints nothing).
    * valign a few forgotten things middle so rows with wrapped titles look good.
    * render() now computes percents itself (and consequently calls rows() itself) due to scaling that longest onscreen bar to 100%. (Chowse, Kadir, and I all think this is the most informative presentation.)
  10. @erikrose

    [bug 610527] Implement very tolerant fetching and storing of WebTrend…

    erikrose committed
    …s stats. Expose a cron job for refreshing them. Also...
    * Valign table headers to the bottom and table data to the middle.
    * Add a test for number() Jinja function.
  11. Unicode in, unicode out, of BuildExcerpts [bug 622502]

    James Socol committed
  12. @rlr
Commits on Jan 11, 2011
  1. @pcraciunoiu
  2. Merge branch 'match-mode-607306'

    James Socol committed
  3. Refactor some of the search app.

    James Socol committed
  4. Make RANK mode explicit. [bug 616569]

    James Socol committed
  5. Sanitize query to prevent syntax errors.

    James Socol committed
  6. Use SPH_MATCH_EXTENDED2. [bug 607306]

    James Socol committed
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