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Commits on Mar 29, 2011
  1. Disable the task from doing anything.

    James Socol authored
  2. Fugly disabling cache_top_contributors.

    James Socol authored
Commits on Mar 13, 2011
  1. Add a missing slash.

    James Socol authored
Commits on Mar 12, 2011
  1. Erik Rose
Commits on Mar 11, 2011
  1. Erik Rose

    [bug 638942] Update Questions app for FF 4 release.

    erikrose authored
    * Implement a one-off {for} switch for alternating between FF3 and FF4 during AAQ.
    * Load in new questions_config.
    We don't update the question_config product keys ("desktop" -> "fx36", "beta" -> "fx40") because that has all sorts of Consequences that would take longer than we have to sort out. For example, the ability to edit questions about obsolete products without losing data would require access to nonexistent product keys in order to determine the proper extra_fields. Filed bug 639930 about addressing this.
Commits on Mar 7, 2011
  1. ricky rosario

    Added special cases for SHOWFOR.

    rlr authored
    * Show android/m4 when desktop browser is selected.
    * Show win/fx4 when mobile browser is selected.
    [Warning: this is pretty ugly and hard to maintain.]
    [bug 638127]
Commits on Mar 4, 2011
  1. ricky rosario

    Added landing pages for Sync and Firefox Home. Includes some refactor…

    rlr authored
    …ings for DRYness. [bug 637334, bug 607988]
  2. Erik Rose

    Merge [bug 634646].

    erikrose authored
  3. Erik Rose
  4. Erik Rose

    Add badges to status column of Most Visited L10n Dash.

    erikrose authored
    These make it faster to pick out and prioritize the untranslated articles.
  5. Erik Rose

    When an untranslated article appears in the Most Visited L10n readout…

    erikrose authored
    …, show Translation Needed in the status column.
    Link the new text to the translate view.
  6. Erik Rose

    Include untranslated articles in the Most Visited L10n readout. Show …

    erikrose authored
    …top 20 most visited articles rather than top 10.
  7. ricky rosario

    Made warning and note style apply to home page. [bug 638575]

    rlr authored
    * To have the warning appear above the division we have to rethink how the page is structured. Perhaps we can just make the content be only one wiki document that is composed of the other two and the warning could be added there?
  8. ricky rosario

    Fixed some styling issues.

    rlr authored
    * Overlap of "...your question has been posted..." message
    * Style of the question notifications pages for anonymous uesrs
    [bug 637918]
  9. ricky rosario
Commits on Mar 3, 2011
  1. Add a background to #related-articles. [bug 634944]

    James Socol authored
  2. Fix migration numbers.

    James Socol authored
  3. Create a PostCrash API for Socorro. [bug 631341]

    James Socol authored
    The API is available at /postcrash. There is one required GET parameter: s.
    A request without an `s` parameter is a 400.
    A request with an `s` parameter that does not return a result is a 404.
    A request with an `s` parameter that returns a result is a 200. (Or 304.)
    All responses are cached for 24 hours and have Content-type: text/plain.
    If an article matching a crash signature is found, its URL isreturned without
    a locale. This will cause SUMO to use our Accept-Language localization
    fallback when a user visits the URL.
  4. Add a Signature model for postcrash. [bug 631341]

    James Socol authored
  5. Create a permission to delete attachments to answers. [bug 600176]

    James Socol authored
    Adds the default permissions for upload.imageattachment and switches the
    views to check for the correct permission. Also ensures that del_image_async
    returns JSON and improves test coverage of that view.
  6. ricky rosario

    Delete redirects when the document they redirect to is deleted. Happe…

    rlr authored
    …ns in rebuild_kb() task. [bug 635183]
Commits on Mar 2, 2011
  1. Erik Rose

    [bug 626799] Update the question reply email. They're now slightly di…

    erikrose authored
    …fferent ("personalized") for each user. Send a different mail to the original asker.
    In test_answer_notification, change the person who posts the reply to someone other than the asker so an email gets sent to the asker so we can test it.
  2. Erik Rose
  3. Erik Rose

    Make EmailUser.is_anonymous() return True, and use it rather than isi…

    erikrose authored
    …nstance() tests to determine user anonymity.
    I have no idea why we had it returning False before.
  4. Erik Rose
  5. ricky rosario

    Pass CSRF Token in XHR headers

    rlr authored
  6. Paul Craciunoiu ricky rosario

    [bug 634345] Upgrade Django to 1.2.5, fix backwards incompatible chan…

    pcraciunoiu authored rlr committed
    …ges, and flag some AJAX POSTs for update.
    * Update to vendor lib required for django and django-taggit.
    * Add a note on the auto_delete_files decorator explaining why it's necessary.
  7. Show the answer and solution counts on questions. [bug 635747]

    James Socol authored
    Put the number of solutions, and number of answers, below the avatar and name
    of the person answering a question.
    Not the prettiest thing ever but it does the job until we can get some love
    and time from UX.
  8. ricky rosario

    Added option for using a different email template/subject during regi…

    rlr authored
    …stration. Using the option for AAQ. [bug 627914]
  9. Paul Craciunoiu

    [bug 630686] Re-open reply modal after signing in to tweet.

    pcraciunoiu authored
    This was broken when we switched from using JS ints to strings for twitter IDs.
  10. Paul Craciunoiu
  11. Update build script for hudson slave.

    James Socol authored
Commits on Mar 1, 2011
  1. Push.txt.

    James Socol authored
  2. Update to use vendor as a submodule.

    James Socol authored
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