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        Railroad :: Graphing front-end for Nagcat/Nagios and RRDtool


    Railroad is a web frontend for Nagcat which allows you to view graphs of
    live and historical trend data. This is done via the Nagcat coil
    configurations and the RRDs generated by Nagcat.


    Requirement         Version         Notes

    * python            >= 2.5          untested on earlier versions/3.x
    * apache            >= 2.0          requires wsgi support
    * django            >= 1.1
    * mod_wsgi
    * python-json
    * Nagcat
    * rrdtool                           Python bindings needed

    To install Railroad on Apache, follow the steps below:

    0. Make sure all of the dependencies are installed. They *will* silently
       break things. If you realize you didn't install something after
       following these instructions, make sure you install it and restart

    1. Copy the source files to the directory of your choice (normally done as
       part of the Nagcat installation).

    2. Edit the configuration files. Samples are present in the samples

       * Edit the Apache mod_wsgi configuration files 
         <install path>/sample/django.wsgi and
         <install path>/sample/railroad.conf, set the correct paths.

       * Edit the Django configuration file <install path>/sample/
         to reflect the correct paths for templates, data (status.dat and
         objects.cache), and rra. You may optionally change the timezone,
         language, and other Django settings as you prefer.

    3. Copy your to <install path>/railroad/

    4. Navigate to your Apache configuration directory. In Fedora, this is

    5. There are two roads you could take here:
       * If you are doing development on the project, we suggest soft linking
         the railroad.conf file:

         ln -s <install path>/sample/railroad.conf railroad.conf

       * If this is a long term install, we suggest cp'ing it:

         cp <install path>/sample/railroad.conf railroad.conf

    6. Make sure you either have the following line in your apache config, or
       in a file in your conf.d (ie, wsgi.conf):

           LoadModule wsgi_module modules/

       This is often added by your distribution's package manager, but it's a
       good idea to double check.

       Also make sure the Apache configuration you loaded has the correct path
       to django.wsgi.

    7. ***Restart apache.***

    8. Open your favorite web browser and navigate to (assuming localhost):

    9. Congratulations! You've installed Railroad. If it seems broken, make
       sure you installed all dependencies. If you still have problems,
       contact the developers/maintainers included at the bottom of this


    Mike Cooper (
    Jordan Evans (
    Eric Harmon (
    Ryan Clough (
    Michael Marineau (
    Jonathan Yu (