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Puppet Labs Standard Library module. Please submit issues at and not using the issue tracker on Github. Pull requests, however, are encouraged. =)

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Puppet Labs Standard Library

This module provides a "standard library" of resources for developing Puppet Modules. This modules will include the following additions to Puppet

  • Stages
  • Facts
  • Functions
  • Defined resource types
  • Types
  • Providers

This module is officially curated and provided by Puppet Labs. The modules Puppet Labs writes and distributes will make heavy use of this standard library.


This module is designed to work with Puppet version 2.6 and later. It may be forked if Puppet 2.7 specific features are added. There are currently no plans for a Puppet 0.25 standard library module.


Please see puppet doc -r function for documentation on each function. The current list of functions is:

  • getvar
  • has_key
  • loadyaml
  • merge.rb
  • validate_array
  • validate_bool
  • validate_hash
  • validate_re
  • validate_string


$somehash = { 'one' => 'two' }


This function aims to look up variables in user-defined namespaces within puppet. Note, if the namespace is a class, it should already be evaluated before the function is used.

$namespace = 'site::data'
include "${namespace}"
$myvar = getvar("${namespace}::myvar")
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