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import re
from unicodedata import normalize
from datetime import date, time, datetime, timedelta
def chunk(li, n):
"""Yield succesive n-size chunks from l."""
for i in xrange(0, len(li), n):
yield li[i:i+n]
def date_and_times(meta):
date_part = None
time_part = None
if 'date' in meta:
date_part = meta['date']
if 'time' in meta:
time_part = meta['time']
if 'datetime' in meta:
if date_part is None:
if isinstance(meta['datetime'], datetime):
date_part = meta['datetime'].date()
elif isinstance(meta['datetime'], date):
date_part = meta['datetime']
if time_part is None and isinstance(meta['datetime'], datetime):
time_part = meta['datetime'].time()
if isinstance(time_part, int):
seconds = time_part % 60
minutes = (time_part / 60) % 60
hours = (time_part / 3600)
time_part = time(hours, minutes, seconds)
meta['date'] = date_part
meta['time'] = time_part
if date_part is not None and time_part is not None:
meta['datetime'] = datetime(date_part.year, date_part.month,, time_part.hour, time_part.minute,
time_part.second, time_part.microsecond, time_part.tzinfo)
elif date_part is not None:
meta['datetime'] = datetime(date_part.year, date_part.month,
meta['datetime'] = None