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import re
from unicodedata import normalize
# From
_punct_re = re.compile(r'[\t !"#$%&\'()*\-/<=>?@\[\\\]^_`{|},.]+')
def slugify(text, delim=u'-'):
Generates a slug that will only use ASCII, be all lowercase, have no
spaces, and otherwise be nice for filenames, identifiers, and urls.
result = []
for word in _punct_re.split(text.lower()):
word = normalize('NFKD', unicode(word)).encode('ascii', 'ignore')
if word:
return unicode(delim.join(result))
def chunk(li, n):
"""Yield succesive n-size chunks from l."""
for i in xrange(0, len(li), n):
yield li[i:i+n]
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