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Version 0.7


  • Define tags and authors as YAML lists, instead of CSV.
  • File format independence. Non-html files can now be generated.
  • The options menu is a little more user friendly now. [robatron]


  • Pages without a YAML header won't break things now.
  • Fixed date/time handling.


  • The old way of doing comma seperated tags and authors will continue to work, but will be removed in 0.8.

Version 0.6.3


  • Somehow date handling got broken. Make it better.

Version 0.6.2


  • Authors can now be a list of users.
  • If the current directory doesn't appear to be a wok site, wok will refuse to run.
  • Change some logging message.


  • A pagination page that only has one page won't crash anymore.

Version 0.6.1


  • Added and page.time template variables.


  • Make custom variables in pages not propogate to later pages.
  • Make orphan pages only print an error, not throw an exception.

Version 0.6


  • Pagination


  • Now using Python's built in logging module.

Version 0.5.1


  • Fix a bug related to optionally depending on pygments.
  • Fix some output formatting.

Version 0.5


  • The structure of the generated files is now user configurable.
  • New config option: author. See docs for more info.
  • Markdown, Pygments, and Docutils dependencies are now optional.
  • Output from wok will now wrap to terminal windows.


  • The readme now references some sample sites.
  • Added a license. wok is now officially open source!
  • Tweaked output formats.
  • Page metadata is now stored in a more consistent way. Sure, you don't care, but I do. :)

Version 0.4


  • Added a built in testing server, to easily test absolute links on the site.
  • Add --version option.
  • Added site.pages, a flat list of the pages of the site.
  • Added site.categories, a dictionary: {top level categories : immediate children of that category}.
  • Added page.url field, settable in a page's header and accessible from templates.
  • Started adding unit tests.


  • Fix to actually parse author strings right.

Version 0.3

  • Add optional syntax highlighting using Pygments.
  • Add tags for pages.
  • Add --verbose (-v) and --quiet (-q) options to the script.

Version 0.2.2

  • Improve the sample site.
  • Enable syntax hilighting for Markdown.
  • Fix requirements for PyPI/pip

Version 0.2.1

  • Add a sample site.
  • Actually enable ReST support.
  • Don't try to parse hidden files.
  • Fix datetime handling.
  • Media directory is now optional.
  • Make output files in a tree structure based on category.

Version 0.2

  • Initial support for reStructuredText.
  • Installable package.
  • Bug fixes based on user feedback.

Version 0.1

  • First release.
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