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data viewer for GNU R
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ess-R-data-view is data viewer for GNU R. It shows dataframe and matrix on table view.


Put caret on a word that indicate dataframe or matrix, and M-x ess-R-dv-ctable or M-x ess-R-dv-pprint. So, it popups other buffer containing table.

If its word is not dataframe or matrix, popup error message.


ess-R-dv-ctable and ess-R-dv-pprint have different features.

The first, ess-R-dv-ctable shows table in other buffer. It includes border, and header is fixed.


The second, ess-R-dv-pprint shows pretty-printed text in other buffer. It shows huge text smoothly.



ess-R-data-view uses other buffer, so it influences window layout. If you keep windows layout, you had better install window manager. popwin.el and e2wm.el is useful.

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