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org-wunderlist offers

  • Fetch Wunderlist task
  • Post/edit org element
  • Edit task order on Org-mode side.
  • Download files from Wunderlist server side.



  1. Go to My Apps page
  2. Click on CREATE APP
  3. Put any URL on App Url and Auth Callback URL.
  4. Click on SAVE
  5. Record the Client ID and Client secret for setup.

Retrieving the OAuth token to access your wunderlist from emacs

In order to access wunderlist from emacs, you need to authorize the client and generate an OAuth token.

  1. Point your browser to (replace APP_CLIENT_ID with your own value)
  2. The browser will log you into your wunderlist account, where you have to authorize the request.
  3. After authorization, you will be redirected with a “code” parameter in the querystring. Use this value to replace the CODE value in the next curl request. All values written in CAPS should be replaced with your own values
    curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST -d '{"client_id":"APP_CLIENT_ID","client_secret":"APP_CLIENT_SECRET","code":"CODE"}'
  4. The response from the curl request is a JSON “access_token” value. This token is your OAuth token, to insert as the org-wunderlist-token value in your emacs settings

NB: These steps are generally explained in the Wunderlist API documentation

Setting example

(require 'org-wunderlist)
(setq org-wunderlist-client-id "your-client-id"
      org-wunderlist-token "your-token"
      org-wunderlist-file  "~/.emacs.d/"
      org-wunderlist-dir "~/.emacs.d/org-wunderlist/")



Fetch Wunderlist tasks and populate org-wunderlist-dir locations.


Post/edit org block at point to Wunderlist.


Post/edit all tasks to Wunderlist. (this command is unstable)


Edit task order on Org-mode side.

App Url Auth Callback URL