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Chrome App Bootstrap (with AngularJS, Material Design, Gulp)
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Chromestrap – Chrome App Bootstrap

A quick start template for Chrome App development.


👻 Gulp Commands

👾 Angular Material

🐼 Google Login

Development Requirements

Dependency OS X Installation
node.js brew install nodejs
gulp npm install -g gulp
bower npm install -g bower

Useful Tools:



git clone
cd chromestrap
npm install
bower install

Launching as Chrome App

gulp launch

Live Reload

gulp serve


  • dev-app – app is executed as a Chrome App, Chrome APIs are available.
  • dev-browser – app is executed as a web app, Chrome APIs are mocked/not available.

Using Google Login

In order to allow users to authenticate with their Google Account app should be published to Chrome Web Store and registered with the API console. The app/manifest.json file should be populated with the appropriate key and oauth2.client_id values.

See for more info.

Available Gulp Tasks

Command Desc
gulp cleanup Remove build files
gulp jshint Run jshint
gulp launch Launch as a Chrome App
gulp serve (default) Launch as a web page with live reload
gulp build:dev-app Build for the dev-app environment
gulp build:dev-browser Build for the dev-browser environment
gulp set-env:dev-app Set environment to dev-app
gulp set-env:dev-app Set environment to dev-browser
gulp update-build Update build number *
gulp list List available commands

* Build number is stored in /build and copied to relevant files to be accessible in stylesheets, js, etc.



Mikhail Yurasov <>.

Web & Mobile Solutions Architect, Technical Lead, Hacker.



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